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  • Collections of the Genealogical Society of PennsylvaniaSource: The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 32, No. 1 (1908), pp. 58-62Published by: The Historical Society of PennsylvaniaStable URL: .Accessed: 19/05/2014 01:56

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  • 58 Genealogical Society Collections.


    The Genealogical Society was organized in 1892, as an

    auxiliary to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and its

    founders announced the objects of the Society to be: The

    promotion of genealogical research; the collection and pres ervation of registers of births, marriages, and deaths, kept

    by religious societies or individuals, or making transcripts

    thereof; as well as transcripts or abstracts of all kinds of

    official records affording genealogical information.

    That the Genealogical Society has produced results worthy

    of, and justifying its existence, is fully demonstrated by the

    list of its manuscripts given below. These manuscripts form

    the most valuable collection of the kind in the country, and

    they are all housed in the spacious fire-proof rooms of the

    Historical Society of Pennsylvania, where they are daily con

    sulted by genealogical inquirers from near and from far.

    While the material already gathered from fast-perishing records is vast in extent, it is only a small fraction of the like

    material yet to be preserved. To continue the work of rescuing from oblivion such rec

    ords,?now constantly subject to the risk of loss by fire, and

    the tooth of time,?the Genealogical Society asks for the

    assistance of all of the members of the Historical Society.

    Membership in the former Society is restricted to those in

    good standing in the latter Society. The Genealogical Society has no salaried officers. In

    carrying forward its work it is chiefly dependent upon its

    income derived from the dues of its members, who now com

    pose but about one-eighth of the total membership of the

    Historical Society.

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  • Genealogical Society Collections. 59



    Genealogies. Harlan Family. Harlan Genealogy. Marshall Genealogy. Stedman Genealogy. Thorn Genealogy.

    Court Records.

    Lancaster County (Penna.) Court Papers, 1735-1810.

    Lancaster County (Penna.) Marriage License Bonds, 1757


    New Castle (Del.) Court Records, 1676-1681.

    Pennsylvania Supreme Court Notes.

    Sussex County (Del.) Probate Records, 1683-1695.

    Abstract of Wills.

    Berks County, Penna., 1752-1825.

    Bucks County, Penna., 1685-1825.

    Chester County, Penna., 1714-1825.

    Cumberland County, Penna., 1750-1825.

    Lancaster County, Penna., 1721-1820.

    Philadelphia County, Penna., 1682-1825.

    York County, Penna., 1749-1820.

    Friends Monthly Meeting Records.

    Abington, (Penna.) minutes of 1682-1746. " Abstract of minutes, 1746-1774. "

    Marriages, Births and Deaths.

    Burlington and Mt. Holly, N. J., 1678-1872.

    Darby, Penna., 1682-1891.

    English Friends Records?

    Berks and Oxon,

    Buckingham, London and Middlesex.

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  • 60 Genealogical Society Collections.

    Friends Records, deposited at Sixteenth and Race Streets,

    Philadelphia, Penna., index to.

    Friends Records, Locality list.

    Gwynedd, Penna., abstract of minutes, 1714-1801.

    Hopewell, Frederick County, Virginia, 1758-1869.

    Londongrove, Penna., 1792-1867.

    Middletown, Bucks County, Penna., 1683-1800.

    Radnor and Merion, Penna., 1706-1812.

    Wilmington, Delaware, 1750-1905.

    Salem, N.J.?Births, Deaths and Burials, 1686-1886.

    Men's Minutes, 1676-1740.

    Marriages, 1724-1781.

    Church Records?Episcopal.

    Chester, Penna., St. Paul's, 1704-1903.

    Concord, Penna., St. John's.

    Georgetown, Del., St. Paul's, 1840-1905.

    Indian River, Sussex County, Del., St. George's Chapel and Church, 1705-1902.

    Lancaster, Penna., St. James, 1755-1856.

    Marcus Hook, Penna., St. Martin's.

    Morgan, Richard W.; Private Parochial Register of.

    Morlatton,Berks County,Penna.,St. Gabriel's, 1735-1856.

    New Jersey, Old Coles, 1766-1830.

    Philadelphia, Penna., Christ, 1709-1900.

    St. Michael's and Zion, 1745-1771.

    St. Paul's, 1759-1855.

    St. Stephen's, 1823-1865.

    Trinity Oxford, 1713-1855.

    Radnor, Delaware County, Penna., 1706-1861.

    Swedesboro, N. J., 1713-1814.

    Whitemarsh, Montgomery County, Penna., St. Thomas,


    Wilmington, Delaware, Old Swedes, 1697-1773.

    Methodist Episcopal Church.

    Philadelphia, Penna., St. George's, 1785-1856.

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  • Genealogical Society Collections. 61


    Philadelphia, Penna., First, 1743-1855.

    Tombstone Inscriptions.

    Ardmore, Penna., St. Paul's Lutheran.

    Middletown, Penna., Presbyterian. Newtown Square, Penna., Radnor Baptist.

    Philadelphia, Penna., St. Michael's and Zion.

    Strafford, Penna., Baptist Meeting.


    Barren Hill, Montgomery County, Penna., St. Peter's, 1765-1848.

    Germantown, Philadelphia, Penna., St. Michael's, 1741


    Philadelphia, Penna., St. John's, 1806-1856.

    Trappe, Penna., Augustus, 1712-1777.


    Falknor Swamp, Penna., 1748-1848.

    Germantown, Philadelphia, Penna., German Reformed

    Congregation, 1753-1856.

    Great Swamp, Bucks County, Penna., 1726-1822.

    Hunterdon County, N. J., German Reformed, 1763-1802.

    Montgomery County, Penna., Wentz, 1763-1858.

    Philadelphia, Penna., First Reformed, 1748-1860.

    First Reformed Protestant Dutch, 1810-1862.

    Third Reformed, 1837-1888.

    Smithfield, Monroe County, Penna., Dutch Reformed, 1741-1807.

    Trappe, Penna., St. Luke's, 1755-1838.

    Walpack Township, Sussex County, N. J., Old Dutch

    Reformed, 1741-1810.


    Lewes, Indian River and Cool Spring, Delaware, United

    Presbyterian, 1756-1856.

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  • 62 Genealogical Society Collections.

    Philadelphia, Penna., First Presbyterian, 1701-1865.

    Second Presbyterian, 1745-1833.

    Third Presbyterian, 1800-1837.

    Frankford Presbyterian, 1819-1857.

    Scots Presbyterian, 1822-1856.


    Chester County, Penna., Great Valley, 1711-1896.

    Philadelphia, Penna., Pennypack, 1687-1838.

    Providence, Delaware County, Penna., Seventh Day and

    Brandywine, 1694-1848.

    Southampton, Bucks County, Penna., 1704-1843.


    American Daily and General Advertiser, Marriage and

    Death Notices, 1791-1833.

    Burlington County, N. J., Marriages, 1795-1801.

    Darby Township, Penna., Records, 1682-1805.

    Delaware County, Penna., Deaths, 1784-1880.

    Genealogical Notes.

    Harlan Correspondence. Harlan Miscellaneous Notes.

    Marshalton, Penna., Marriages by Moses Marshall, Esq., from his Docket.

    New Jersey, Index of Names in Learning & Spicer's " Grants & Concessions."

    Upper Providence, Delaware County, Penna., Burials in

    Sandy Bank Burial Ground, 1801-1855.

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    Article Contentsp. 58p. 59p. 60p. 61p. 62

    Issue Table of ContentsThe Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 32, No. 1 (1908), pp. i-iv, 1-128Volume InformationBenjamin West's Family. The American President of the Royal Academy of Arts Not a Quaker [pp. 1-33]Diary of Clement Humphreys, of Philadelphia [pp. 34-53]The Battle of Princeton [pp. 54-57]Collections of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania [pp. 58-62]On the Preservation of Old Manuscripts [pp. 63-66]Pennsylvania Gleanings in Ireland [pp. 67-70]Pennsylvania Marriage Licenses, Issued by Governor James Hamilton, 1748-1752 [pp. 71-87]Account of Servants Bound and Assigned before James Hamilton, Mayor of Philadelphia (continued) [pp. 88-103]Notes and Queries [pp. 104-125]Review: Book Notices [pp. 125-128]


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