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Collection Management and E-Resources Standing Committee#1Collection Management and E-Resources Standing CommitteeCharge:Recommend which eresources will be licensed for all college and university libraries.

Correlate available dollars with the ability to maintain subscriptions, and prioritize if funds will be insufficient to maintain current subscriptions.

Recommend more permanent committees and task forces necessary to analyze and build joint FCS/SUS library collections.

Coordinate with relevant FLVC staff and other committees and report to the Executive Committee.#2Valerie Boulos - Co-chair - Committee Term: 2013-2016Florida International University

Rebecca Donlan - Committee Term: 2013-2016Florida Gulf Coast University

Cheryl McCoy - Committee Term: 2013-2015University of South Florida

Robb Waltner - Committee Term: 2013-2015University of North Florida

Roy A. Ziegler - Committee Term: 2013-2015Florida State University

Judith C. Russell - Liaison for Members CouncilUniversity of Florida

Shelly Schmucker - Co-chair - Committee Term: 2013-2016Tallahassee Community College

Judy Born - Committee Term: 2013-2015State College of Florida, ManateeSarasota

Estrella Iglesias - Committee Term: 2013-2015Miami Dade College

Cheryl Kohen - Committee Term: 2013-2015Daytona State College

Rhonda Trueman - Committee Term: 2013-2016Northwest Florida State College

Claire Dygert - FLVC Staff Representative

Scott Schmucker - FLVC Staff Representative

Amanda Yesilbas - FLVC Staff Representative

Current Committee Members andFuture Opportunities#3Shared E-Resources A Brief HistoryLegislation: For purposes of licensing electronic library resources from funds appropriated to theComplete Florida Plus Program, those resources licensed for 4-year degree-seekingstudents shall be made available to all 4-year degree-seeking students in the FloridaCollege System and the State University System.

December 2013: MCLS recommended pursuing the addition of Academic Source Complete for all FLVC libraries (FCS and SUS).June 2014: MCLS approved a shared e-resource collection as presented by the CMESC. July 2014: Don Muccino announced that the 2015 collection would remain status quo. Due to pricing increases a few resources were cut.Sept 2014: MCLS approved looking at a 2016 e-resource collection where 60% of FLVC funds are used towards a shared collection.Dec 2014: CMESC presented recommendations for a 60/40 split e-resource collection for 2016. Don clarified that FLVC is moving forward with planning and negotiation for a collection where the majority of FLVC e-resource funds be allocated on a common postsecondary portfolio.

#2016 Shared E-ResourcesAssumptions (and these are big):A 60/40 split will be acceptable to legislative staffBudget remains the sameE-Resource costs remain the same Budget (based on last years numbers):60% equals $4,110,655 This leaves $2,740,437 to be split for individual FCS and SUS collections#2016 Recommended CollectionIncludes a large EBSCO bundle with several upgrades (for all).Includes Gale Literature Resource Center (for all).Updates/expands old Wilson content to new EBSCO Source products (for all).Excludes a lot of other vendor e-resources currently purchased with statewide funds.#Other ConsiderationsFlorida College System News Content Should we stick with Americas News or switch over to ProQuests National News Core and Newsbanks Florida Collection?E-Books A shared e-book collection would be an economical solution for increasing collections statewide and decrease local cost for ILL activities.STEM Additional funding sources are needed for STEM e-resources.

#Other Issues/ProjectsStatisticsReviewing methodology of gathering and using statistical data.Shared E-BooksFCS E-Book Deselection Task Force charged with updating evaluation guidelines and recommending specific shared e-book titles for deselection.



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