collection directions accul meeting, oclc, march 27 2003 lorcan dempsey, vp research, oclc...

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  • EnvironmentChanging patterns of behavior research, learning, cultural engagementCreating valueFunding envelope?The scholarly and cultural record in a digital environment?Look at:Special collectionsResearch and learningWide open webAll the other stuffBooks, journals, A&I !!

  • Reclaiming the special

  • The Archival Research Center is a direct outgrowth of the belief that primary resource materials should be a major focal point of instruction and research. . However, traditional access to these materials is cumbersome and labor-intensive and most institutions do not allow copying. Digitizing these materials keeps them alive and relevent for modern users (ARL report)

  • The return of the specialThere is growing appreciation among libraries that unique or rare materials are valuable research and learning resourceshave been underutilized. There is a growing interest in digitizing cultural heritage materials as it offers opportunities for releasing their value in new ways as a way of disclosing the memory and identity of communities.

  • The engagement with research and learning

  • Creative knowledge you can put in your pocket

  • Knowledge bank OSU in planningApril 26 2002. A proposal for the development of an OSU knowledge bank

  • Research and learningResearch and learning behavior is increasingly entering the network spaceLibrary resources need to be available at the appropriate stage within the learning or research environmentNew forms of engagement and support.Research and learning outputs will present major management and curatorial issuesInstitutions and faculty are interested in disclosing research and learning materials as part of the scholarly enterprise (OAI)

  • Books, journals, Rich business apparatus. Commodity? Ease of access D2DDiscovery locate request DeliveryNew directory services? Portal utilities.Reduce costsIncreased interest in management information for collection development, collection management, Increased interest in outsourcing?Vanilla Collections? Emphasize service

  • Licensed materialsLike many libraries, the UW Libraries has struggled with how to effectively and efficiently manage its growing licensed resources such as e-journals, A&I databases, and full-text services. We were using a mix of locally developed and maintained files and databases (in file cabinets, on our intranet, etc.) to manage our electronic resources. In a highly distributed workflow and service provision environment, the UW Libraries sought a way to integrate this information with our local system and streamline our processes. Univ. Washington response. ARL survey.

  • Licensed resourcesCommodity?Streamline discovery to delivery processRights and linkingStreamline management of licenses

    Portalization?Visibility and integrationValue

    provider perspectiveuser perspective

  • Bought resourcesProviderReduce cataloging costEnhance recordsStreamline discovery to delivery processResource sharing arrangements; purchaseGet better management information for resource sharing, collection management, collection development, UserRicher access to wider resource

  • Wide open webOngoing interest in mediating access to high-quality Internet resources linked to other resources and interests of usersMultiple local and shared initiatives

  • Collections gridhighlowlowhighstewardshipuniquenessuniqueness

  • Collections gridManage commodity materials and services.Streamline discovery to delivery for print (bought) and digital (licensed) materialsManagement intelligence collection management and analysisPortal utilities (rights, directories)Digital content management/preservationDiverse metadata creation practice (hierarchical description, multiple standards and practices)Harvest of metadata?Extend knowledge organization approaches?

    Motion capture data from Marcel Marceaus residency at OSU April 10, 2001Source:


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