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<ul><li> 1. Recap: The origins of Collage and Photomontage What is Combination Printing?What is a Double Exposure? What is the image on the right an example of?</li></ul> <p> 2. What were the Futurists interested in showing? Which art movement used photomontage to create propaganda? What were the intentions of the Surrealist? 3. Post- World War 2Philippe Halsman "Dali Atomicus", 1948 4. Harry Callahan Eleanor, 1951 5. Photomontage rediscovered Cut outs and cut-upsRichard Hamilton (1922 2011) Just what is it that makes todays homes so different, so appealing? 1956The Critic Laughs (scroll down once link is open to clip) 6. Robert Rauschenberg (1925 2008) 7. Robert Rauschenberg (1925 2008) Monogram, 1955-9 8. Peter Blake People We Like 1967Terry Gilliam- Monty Python Animations 9. Gilbert and George Dirty Word Pictures, 1977Jamie Reid God Save the Queen, 1977Gilbert and George Bomb Pictures, 2006 10. Constructed realmsPhotoshop with layers &amp; Web browsers. 1993American McGee 'Alice in Wonderland, (2000) Megapixel digital cameras 1997-1998Daniel Lee Self Portraits, (1997) 11. Michael Harp 12. Eugenio RecuencoAnnie Liebowitz 13. Photomontage today.....</p>