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  1. 1. Collaborations Agency Advertising Pitch April 2015
  2. 2. Overview Who we are Hudsons coffee; the consumer Current marketing strategy Issues and problems with current strategy Proposed recommendations What is in it for you?
  3. 3. Collaborations Agency: Who we are Established for over ten years Clients trust us with their brand equity Our team is filled with the best in the business Collaborations is known for putting its clients needs first
  4. 4. Hudsons coffee: The consumer Time poor, on the go, business professionals Hudsons stores are strategically placed in high built up areas They have the convenience of a chain but the quality of an independent cafe
  5. 5. Current communication tools Forms of communication tools include: Digital marketing (Facebook & Instagram) Promotional advertising ( loyalty program that has 150,000 members, in-store signage/ posters) Outdoor advertising (billboards) Media relations (Public relations releases) Personal selling channels ( exceptional customer service)
  6. 6. Current marketing strategy: Market Research Market research conducted by Hoyne in 2012 Results showed: Hudsons customer patronage was declining at an alarming rate Customers viewed Hudsons as lack lusture and generic (Melbourne design awards, 2012)
  7. 7. Current market strategy: Rebrand & Results Hoyne Design rebranded with: New packaging New logo New slogan a little love, in every drop Melbourne airport was used as pilot store After market research showed: Sales doubled in growth Customer Satisfaction rose to 98%
  8. 8. Current market strategy: Issues Successful rebrand not rolled out Australia wide Little advertising and promotion of the campaign occurred: No public relations release Little outdoor advertising Insufficient digital media updates Current campaign lacks a clear, coherent and strategic marketing campaign
  9. 9. Recommendations Roll out the rebrand new look nationwide Implement a consistent and strategic advertising campaign that promotes the new rebrand and slogan... a little love in every drop Target coffee drinkers as close to their purchasing decision as possible
  10. 10. How we propose to do this The best way to advertise to on the go professionals via: - Transit press advertising, billboard advertising, transport station advertising - Print advertisements in newspapers and in-flight magazines - Increase in digital marketing (Facebook, Instagram) Collaborations Agency to create a Smartphone App, features to include: Access to rewards club/ loyalty program Advertisments of promotional offers of food and beverages Ordering system ( first of its kind in Australia)
  11. 11. What our campaign could achieve Creation of the Smartphone APP will put Hudsons above its competitors With a consistent and targeted advertising campaign Customer patronage would grow The after market research results of 98% customer satisfaction and double sales growth, would be replicated nationwide Collaborations Agency believes your vision of breaking into the international market is possible
  12. 12. Thankyou