Collaboration Platforms presentation..what are they,how they are used & considerations

Download Collaboration Platforms  presentation..what  are  they,how  they are  used & considerations

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Submitted by Sourabh MalhotraEnrollment no:07716688512Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit.Types Of collaborationSynchronous collaboration such as online meetings and instant messaging. Asynchronous collaboration such as shared workspaces and annotations.A collaboration platform is a category of business software that adds broad social networking capabilities to work processes.Collaborative software or groupware is an application software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve goals. Earlier Known as is 'intentional group processes plus software to support themThe goal of a collaboration software application is to foster innovation by incorporating knowledge management into business processes so employees can share information and solve business problems more efficiently.Effective communication throughout the organisationEvolution to a Paperless WorldReal-Time, Interactive Information Gateway Freeform: no barriers to authorship, i.e. free from a learning curve or restrictions. Network-oriented: all content must be Web-addressable. Social: stresses transparency (to access), diversity (in content and community members) and openness (to structure) Emergence: must provide approaches that detect and leverage the collective wisdom of the community. Pooling of expertise:provides more opportunities for experts to join project groups where their knowledge can be best used, and be complemented with other experts whose knowledge contributes to a common goal.Cost EffectiveTeam building, project planning, company meetings, reduced traveling costs, increasing work efficiency, productivity, have better client interaction etc.Technological limits:Because technology cannot convey important information, such as context and expressions of emotion, teams are limited in their grounding of knowledge and interpersonal relationsReliance on technology:problems that arise with the technology can obstruct a collaborative effort due to complete reliance on technology for communicationAsynchronous and lagged communication:Collaborators that are interdependent on each others information can experience problems due to the lack of synchronization due to technology.Means of exclusion:The method of information transfer in collaboration can allow for team members to choose who does and does not receive information.Microsoft SharePointMicrosoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)Microsoft exchnageMicrosoft LyncCisco WebEx Connect Google AppsMindTouchDrupal1. Thank You


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