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Colegio Metropolitano 5 th . Grade Laurel English Miss Janet Calderon WATERMAN’S BAY BY SUSAN SHARPE

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Colegio Metropolitano5th. Grade LaurelEnglishMiss Janet Calderon WATERMANS BAY BY SUSAN SHARPE

GUATEMALA, SEPTEMBER 29, 2014ISABELLA HOFFMANN CHARACTERSBENJAMIN WARRENAn eleven years old boy. He wants to be a waterman.DUKE WARRENBens father. A waterman.MRS. WARRENBens mother. She open a bed-and-breakfast called the Warren House.EDDIE WARRENBens big brother. He is in college.BARBARA WARRENBens older sister.MATTBens best friend.DAVID WATCHMANScientist. He investigates the water of the bay. SETTINGThe Town of Marsh Harbor, Maryland, on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeak Bay.An old town where generations had made their living on the water, fishing crabs in the summer and oysters in the winter.The Main Street parallel to the water, from Marsh at the north end to the dock to the south end. In the south, the Marina where tourists rent boats for fishing.

CREATE A NEW ENDINGWhen Ben graduated from school he decided he liked to be a waterman, but he also want to do something to help the Bay. He wanted to be a scientist and decided to go to college. David Watchman invited to stay in his home during college. He spent his vacations with his parents and helped his father. His mother build more rooms and Warren House became very popular, she had to hired Mrs. Jamison and two more persons to help her. Ben studiedhard and in few years he was a Scientist. He returned to Marsh Harbor where he and David Watchman opened an Investigation Center. His father bought another boat and Ben became a waterman too.

SUMMARYBen was 11 years, lived in Marsh Harbor, Maryland with his parents and his sister Barbara. Her mother opened a bed-and-breakfast called the Warren House. Ben had to help his mother. His father Duke was a waterman and Ben wantedto be a waterman too. His friend Matt lived next door. It was summer and they used to go fishing and play around. Ben knew David Watchman, he was staying at Warren House. He was a scientist, he was taking samples of water to investigate why marine species were dying. Ben and Matt went fishing and found a place completely polluted with oil. They investigate and one night they went to see who was doing that. In the middle of the night they discovered it was people of a new gas station throwing barrels of oil. Ben called David Watchman and he called the police. Police congratulated them for reporting a criminal activity. Their parents were very proud of them. Bens father told him he could be a waterman. Ben told him he will like to be a waterman but decided he should do something to save the Bay from pollution too

LESSON-MESSAGEThe lesson of this story is that people have to be conscientious of how important is not to damage our planet. The waters have become contaminated by pollutants that kill land and water species.We must help the Planet.

DIFFICULT WORDSCLAUKA substance to fill the cracks.TUGGEDPulled, dragged.CRANKYGrounch, bad humor.GASHTo slash, to cut with a knife.STURDYFirm, robust.MUMBLEDTo grumble.CLATTEREDClamorous, noisy.FAINTERSlight, timid, paleFUMINGTo handle, to find words.FISHING BOBBERFloating buoyant, outrigger.SQUALLA violent storm.WATERMANPerson who makes their living on the water.CONTAMINANTA substance that pollutes.OUGHTTo be wise, to be obligated.SHINShin bone (tibia) near knees.CULLERHelper, partner.MARSHWet land.DEBRISTrash or garbage.CLUNGTo hold fast.GEARSBelongings, equipment.COPEPODA kind of hard-shell animal living in fresh or salt water.CULPRITA person guilty of a crime.8. FAVORITE CHARACTER, WHY?Ben is my favorite character. He was a responsible boy who helped his mother. He likes to go fishing with his father and work very hard to help him. Ben and his best friend Matt have fun that summer fishing and going around Marsh Harbor but they helped the scientist David Watchman to find out who were polluting the waters of the bay. Ben was very interested in why the bay is polluted and to make something to help the dying species. He wanted to help because watermen were worried that they will not make their living from fishing. 9. COMMENTI liked very much this book because it was interesting to know what is happening to the water that is being polluted by fertilizers and other chemicals and what is happening to the marine species.Many people live from fishing and they are worried about the future of their families. This book was fun reading what Ben and Matt done for that summer.