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<ol><li> 1. Dave Garcia-Gomez College of Education Technology </li><li> 2. Prerequisites To demo some of the apps during this presentation, use the following links to access the tools with login credentials, and a copy of the presentation: Presentation: Tools List: </li><li> 3. Overview Cloud: Pros and Cons File Sharing and Storage Document Applications Notes Web and Social Media Tools Google Apps Additional Tools Agenda </li><li> 4. Purpose of this training is to demonstrate powerful tools that you can leverage for day to day tasks. Demo of just a small subset of tools of what is available. Goal is to expose you to existing tool, and you choose what you like to use. Overview </li><li> 5. Cloud services live on the net Some tools interface with applications on your computer Deciding whether to use the cloud for a service depends on many factors Cloud Services </li><li> 6. Availability Free Services Updates Maintenance Free Cloud Services Pros and Cons Privacy Data Sensitivity Security Protection PROS CONS </li><li> 7. Online Storage Drives </li><li> 8. 2+ GB Free Available on Web Sync with Computer Clients available on Mac, PC, Linux, and Mobile Drives Dropbox </li><li> 9. 15 GB Free Available on Web Files available for Office for Web Drives Microsoft OneDrive </li><li> 10. 15 GB Free Available on Web Files available for Google Docs Drives Google Drive </li><li> 11. 5 GB Free Available on Web for PC Files directly available on Ipad, Ipod, Iphone and Mac Drives Apple iCloud </li><li> 12. 25+ GB Free Available on Web Files directly available on Mac, PC, Linux and Mobile Drives COE Cloud </li><li> 13. App for Mac and Windows Quickly Share Files by Dragging and Dropping Creates Short Links Drives Apps CloudApp App for Mac and Windows Quickly Share Files by Dragging and Dropping Creates Short Links Droplr </li><li> 14. Office Document Applications </li><li> 15. Microsoft Office Suite on Web Limited Functionality Requires a Live ID Connects to OneDrive Office Applications Office for Web </li><li> 16. Similar to Microsoft Office Suite Limited Functionality Requires a Google ID Connects to Google Drive Office Applications Google Docs </li><li> 17. Compatible with Microsoft Office Suite Internal Storage Drive Task Manager Office Applications Zoho Docs </li><li> 18. Notes Management </li><li> 19. Online Notes Management Mobile apps available Notes Evernote </li><li> 20. Online Notes Management Windows application can connect to web Must use web for storage to be able to use the web application. Notes Microsoft OneNote for Web </li><li> 21. Online Notes Management Board Structure Collaborate with Multiple Users Share Notes through Web Links Notes Trellio </li><li> 22. Online Notes Management Similar Board Structure New Application / Limited Functionality Notes Google Keep </li><li> 23. Web and Social Media Tools </li><li> 24. Create and Share Online Public or Private Must Have Facebook Account Most Popular Social Media Site in US Web and Social Media Tools Facebook Groups </li><li> 25. Create and Share Online Public or Private Must Have Google Account Integrates with other Google Products Web and Social Media Tools Google Plus Communities </li><li> 26. Simultaneously Post all your Social Media Posts Schedule Post Anytime Integrates with Social Media Accounts Web and Social Media Tools Buffer </li><li> 27. Twitter Analysis Analyze and Build Reports on Followers Search Tweets and Bios for Relevant Terms Web and Social Media Tools Followerwonk </li><li> 28. News Stream Customize Multiple News Sources into One Stream Connectivity with Mobile App Web and Social Media Tools Feedly </li><li> 29. Google Applications </li><li> 30. Skype Style Application No Client Needed Full Functionality Google Applications Google Hangouts </li><li> 31. Quickly Make Forms Dump to Google Sheets or Keep in Forms Share via Email or Embed in Website Google Applications Google Forms </li><li> 32. Manage Calendars Online Event Reminders via Email Embed Calendars in Websites Integrate with Mail Clients and Mobile Google Applications Google Calendars </li><li> 33. Moodle Equivalent Example of Good Design Google Applications (Optional) Google Classroom </li><li> 34. Other Stuff and Things (Honorable Mentions) </li><li> 35. LastPass - Password management tool Skitch - Screenshot and annotation tool Quicksilvers - Productivity tool for Mac Stuff </li><li> 36. Survey Monkey - High function online survey builder and data collection tool Dark Room - Full screen, distraction free writing tool. TextExpander Productivity tool and Things </li></ol>