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Cody Volkmann. Ag Leader Scholarship February 17, 2011. Agenda. Background Internship Experiences RTK Guidance Future Plans. Background. Grew up on a small farm Battle Creek, IA 250 acres of corn and soybeans Raised hogs and cattle Iowa State University Ag. Systems Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Cody VolkmannAg Leader ScholarshipFebruary 17, 2011AgendaBackground

Internship Experiences

RTK Guidance

Future Plans

BackgroundGrew up on a small farmBattle Creek, IA250 acres of corn and soybeansRaised hogs and cattleIowa State UniversityAg. Systems TechnologyIndustrial TechnologyInternship ExperienceHultgren ImplementJohn Deere DealershipIda Grove and Storm Lake, IAParticipated for two summersSalesAMS Consultant

SalesConfigure equipment

Place orders

Assist customers

AMS ConsultantCreated farm management portfoliosProduced spreadsheet calculatorsWorked with customers to determine their needsConducted in-field research for Deere & Company

Example Spreadsheet

RTK GuidanceSub-inch accuracyRepeatableNo GPS driftBetter placement of inputsCellular RTKNo line of sight

Future PlansGraduate in May 2011In the process of obtaining a full-time careerEnvironmental Health & Safety in the Ag IndustryPrecision Ag is important for Environmental QualityEventually return to the family farmConclusionThank You!