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DESCRIPTION and Ever wanted to find a solid way to share your love for code with your children? We did too. So we launched Coding Goûter: a monthly event where kids and parents play with a variety of programming tools and languages. And eat cakes and candies :-) Coding Goûter is not a class, is not a lesson, and has no teachers: Kids and adults discover and learn together, from each others. We have organized 10 Coding Goûters as of december 2012, most of them with a wide range of kid’s age – 5 to 14 – and constantly slightly more girls than boys. Coding Goûter is a (mostly) monthly event where kids and parents play with a variety of programming tools, algorithmic games and puzzles, development environments, and languages. 'Goûter' is French for a child’s afternoon snack or party, so we eat cakes and candies too! We love code. We do it for pleasure, we do it for money, we do it all the time or just… very occasionnally :-) We are many to have learned to code when we were kids, or teenagers, or later, but in all cases we *enjoyed* it. For some of us it’s now their job! How do we share the marvel and creativity of code with our children? It’s hard. We don’t really have time at home, because there’s always something else to do. And school? Well, it’s mostly not good. At best, there is *some* computer classes. But you know what? Classes are no fun. And it’s probably not even the best way to discover programming (Did you discover drawing in a formal class? I guess not.) Something is missing, a time for kids and parents that feels like a hackathon or a coding retreat, where you can explore, meet, fail, start over. So let’s have fun together! Coding Goûter is not school-oriented, and there's no designated teacher: * When we were young, we learned by copying code, hacking around. We draw from these experiences to recreate an environment where learning happens organically. * Letting the kids give the creative direction allows for surprises and inclusiveness. * Kids demo to others, because it beats points or badges as a reward. * We take our time, a Coding Goûter last more than 3 hours. * We are not our kids’ teachers, so we just forgo the all lets-build-a-curriculum obsession :-)


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2. As par ents, its hardto findtime to share what code is about with o ur kids, so we launched 3. A monthly eventfor kids an d parents to code together. W ith cakes and candies :-) 4. ( Goter is french fora kid party inv olving snacks.For example, abirthday party is a gote r danniversaire ) 5. so we bring computers andcakes, and code for 3 hours 6. An activ ity for the kidsa nd their parents 7. a new kind of family time,like going to the museum 8. a wide range of age, 5 to 14 years old,and interestingly constantly slightlymore girls than boys 9. Not a lessons, no teacher 10. kids cant hat wayther kidsteach o dults! or a 11. and also, we can test andexplore m any different toolsand langa ges, depending onwhat the kids want to do 12. Demo is much m ore rewardingthan poi nts and badges 13. os "shows",w e call the dem r 3 of themandthere is 2 o goter. durin g a Coding 14. The creative di rection comes from the kids 15. because no t every kid want to do the oh-so classic e"lets buil d a shooter gam with aliens" 16. stay in touchhttp:// codinggouter.org /codinggouter juliendorra@ or send me an email!