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MUSIC VIDEO The Codes & Conventio ns of Genre.

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  • 1. *Whatare codesand conventions?* The codes and conventions ofmusic videos are the differenttechniques used to construct themeaning in them.

2. Codes and conventions are a firm set of rules. Can slowly adapt Shouldnt be challenged on too great a levelThe reasons for them:1. It allows the audience to become familiar with a certain genre as they become accustomed to seeing certain things within the music video.2. It ensures that a certain text works well and fits into its genre.3. It provides a structure that the audience can understand.4. To ensure the lyrics of the song fit in with the video, of how wed expect it to be. 3. *TheCodes andConventions*The conventions of a music video vary depending on genre of music. However, the general conventions include:*The Style*The Camera*The Editing Techniques*The Sound*Mis en Scene*Notions of looking 4. Performance Performance This is when the music video consists mainly of the artistsperforming in the video. (For Example, Beyonce Love on Top in this video it consistsof performing as there is no narrative or any other scenes in the video.The costume and lighting is displayed in the performance in a creativeway making it more interesting to watch, however, some target audienceswould no engage with the song or video if it was solely dedicated toperformance. 5. *NarrativeNarrative- is a music video that follows a story line, this can be dividedinto two types of narrative: Linear and Fragmented. Linear has abeginning, middle and end and follows that sequence. Frgamented is onethat doesnt. An example of a narrative music video is Jana Kramer Why Ya Wanna ( 6. *Mixture Mixture this is a combination of performance and narrative, by using this technique makes the video more interesting and enjoyable to watch which will engage its specific target audience. An example of this would be Lawson When She Was Mine ( 7. *Cameo Cameo this is when a band or artist feature in the narrative but does not perform. An example of this would be Katy Perry The One That Got Away ( ) 8. *Animation Some music videos have a mixture involving animation that is edited in and some are solely animation, this creates creativity and entertainment to the video. For example Coldplay Hurts Like Heaven ( ) 9. *Conventions of a music video (Goodwins six points) Genre characteristics Visuals/lyrics Visuals/music Need to sell artist Intersexuality Voyeurism 10. *TheCamera The way the camera is used when filming for a music video is crucial. It can create different effects by the different angles used and the camera movement. In general every music video uses a variety of camera shots, angles and movements to create different techniques to make the music video unique and creative to other music videos. 11. *Camera Shots * Using NicoleScherzinger TryWith Me Music VideoMid-ShotMedium Close-Up Over The Shoulder Wide ShotClose-Up Very Wide Shot Extreme Close-Up 12. *CameraAngles* Using Jessie Js Do It LikeA Dude The way the camera is positioned determines the angle of the shot. For Example: Eye Level This use of camera angle is a very common view and it shows the subjects as we would expect to see them in real life High Angle This shows the subject above as the camera is angled down towards the subject, this sometimes makes them appear less powerful or significant.Low Angle the binary opposite to high angle,this shows the subject from below which givesthe impression of them being more powerful. 13. *CameraAnglesBirds Eye this angle is showing the subjector scene from directly above. It can be anunnatural point of view which can be usedto add dramatic effect or showing differentspatial perspective. It can also show thepositions of different characters andobjects, enabling the viewer to see thingsthe character may not see. 14. Many music videos have certain elements that make them have various vibes torepresent the view of the music tribes, such as: Rnb music videos are similar to hip hop Hip hop music videosvideos as they contain use quite dark colours, simple settings and simple settings and many show women there are portrayals of dressed in revealing women to show their clothes. Also, these sexuality, whichvideos have an appeals to males. Onelement to portray the other hand, the wealth and power majority of hip hop through the use of cars music artists are males and jewellery due to and so, females are the costume and the fans. setting. Pop music videos feature the usage ofbright colours, flashing lights andcreative settings and backdrops. The Rock music videos have dark colourscolours would appeal to mainly throughout and use simple settings. Manyyounger audiences as many pop artistsvideos contain the use of music equipmentare young and express themselves such as drums and guitars, which is why manythrough the lyrics of pop music, asrock musicians do performances in theirwell as their costumes that make the videos. There is a lot of emotion in the videosmusicians look innocent and relatable. through the characters and musicians facial expressions, and normally they do not portray happiness as they relate the lyrics and meaning of the song to the storyline and emotions. 15. *Sound Sound consists of two main forms: diegetic sound which is already present in the film and non-diegetic sound which can be edited in. Sound is absolutely essential in any music video as this is the main reason why people watch and listen to them, to gain a sense of art via different artists. Sound, like footage can be edited to create different effects and variations to the normal vocals that we hear. Sound Parallel sound is when the music matches the mood of the video. An example would be if the song was slow then the video footage would also be slow to fit with each other. Also, if it was a sad song then the video footage would be sad. Some music videos have diegetic sound, where they include sound from the surroundings often at the beginning of a music video, for instance, birds or police sirens depending on the genre which makes it seem more realistic. However, the music itself is non-diegetic sound. 16. *LightingLighting is considered part of the mis en scene, the lighting can create differentviews by the way the scene is lit, it allows the audience to recognize the genre andstyle of the music video. A bright light draws the viewers attention, but a scene canbe lit by using natural lighting from the sun or existing light sources, or by usingartifical lights. Strobe lights and coloured lights you would most likeley see in adance, pop or hip hop music videos, but be very rare in country type music videos.You can see the use of light differ according to the genre in these examples MileyCyrus When I Look At You ( ) andAgnes Release Me ( 17. *Mis en SceneMis en scene is clearly exhibited through the use of lighting in the video LittleMix, - Wings ( ) demonstratedby flashing lights and special effects. 18. *Props In most music videos sometimes props are used to illustrate the narrative and when linking the lyrics with visuals, props are commonly used. The props in a music video add to the entertainment side, and can be used in a fun imaginative way. One music video that uses props to make the video more entertaining is Lady GaGa ft Beyonce Telephone ( 19. *CostumeThe costume is usually used torepresent certain characters indifferent ways. Different artistsalso wear different clothes torepresent what they areportraying in the music video. Anexample of this would be LadyGaga Bad Romance.Another music video that displayscostume well is int he video WhenI Was A Youngster by Rizzle Kicks.Costume can also illustrate thenarrative, and can relate to whatthe song is about. This is shown inthe video where the costumes arereflecting the song and have beenused to create imaginative, funvideos also adding to theentertainment side. 20. *Hair and Make-UpThe way an artists hair is, isdone for a purpose, it can alsoshow a characters personality,or be done as a way of attractingthe audience. Depending on thetarget audience. Hair likemakeup is really just aboutstyle, and fashion and whats in.Its important that theappearance of the actor/artist isof good quality as they will belooked at by the audience. Hairand make-up can be displayed inmany years for many differentreasons. Bold and bright makeupand big hair can be used to showa person is fun and glamorousmaking the artist stand out. 21. *LocationThe location, and scene of a music video cannot only show the audience where theartist is but also can decide on the genre, for instance locations like the beach, in acar or at a party would fit into the pop and dance music genre. Due to the happy andlively feel they give. If the music video was filmed in a street, a modern house aretypical locations used for grime and hip hop music genre. The location influences thegenre, but can be chosen purposely to relate the song. 22. *ColourColours are shown through almost everything in a musicvideo, lighting, costumes, make-up, hair and locations.Colours are used in everyday things and we generally seethe use of colours throughout music videos displayingnormal day life. Colour can also be interoperated thoughto represent a feeling or mood or to signify certain things.For instance, some music videos are in black and whiteshowing no colours, this can be a way of showing a timelapse (flashbacks) suggesting something happened in thepast. An example of this would be Beyonce If I Was A Boy,the video shows relationship between two people, thewhole video is in black and white, this suggests that therelationship may be on and off. If this was shown in colourthe narrative and relationship wouldnt be as significant .