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  • cocktai l s & dr inks menu

  • Index1. Sparkling, Champagne & Cocktails

    2. Residence classics long/straight up

    3. Bartenders favourites

    3. Martinis

    3. Residence classic short

    4. Mojitos / Shots

    5. Bottled beers, Cider & Draught

    6/7 Spirits

    8. Hot beverages

    9. Cigars

    Inside information

    Residence has been making the best cocktails for over 6 years now andwe pride ourselves on freshly squeezed lemon & lime juices, premiumbrands, homemade cordials and syrups and a cracking range of drinks.

    We hope you came here because you wanted the 'Residence experience' try something new and enjoy it! There are a great range of drinks herefor all tastes and palates. If you have a preference for a particular spirit,for sweet things, sour or creamy then let us suggest something for you!

    We like you to keep an even keel if we think youre going under wellserve you some water; dont be offended, were just thinking of tomorrowmorning.

    Know your round if you have a big round reel it off for us ASAP, wecan cope (most times) and we can fix it quicker than you probably realise;if theres a Guinness in there or a hot drink get it ordered first. Quicker forus - means quicker for you!!

    Want something thats not on the menu? Don't be shy- Just ask! and welldo our best to fix something up for you

    Above all else - enjoy!

  • Residence House Champagne Gls 6.75A great start to any Btl 35.95Champagne list!Made by one of Champagnes largestproducers and is fresh, lively andgreat value.

    Residence House Prosecco Gls 5.50Lightly sparkling, soft, clean fizz Btl 25.95hints of sherbert and balanced acidity

    Veuve Cliquot yellow label brut NV 60.00Founded in 1772 byPhillippe Clicquot-Muiron

    Residence Pink Champagne Gls 8.50Sophisticated rose with luscious Btl 42.95flavours of red berries

    Bellini 7.25The handywork of legendary barmanHarry Cipriani from Harrys Bar in Venice.creme de peche and prosecco

    Strawberry Bellini 7.25Fraise liquer, strawberry and prosecco

    Classic Champagne cocktail 7.95Unchanged since 1862Bitters soaked sugar cube, cognacand chilled champagne

    Bianca Gls 7.25Fraise, apricot, orange juice& prosecco

    French 75 7.25Bombay gin, lemon juice and prosecco

    Polish Spring Punch 7.95Vodka, raspberries, cassis, framboisesugar and prosecco

    Residence Spritz 7.95Aperol, lime, peach, prosecco

    Residence Royale 7.25Chambord, secret ingredientand chilled prosecco


    Sparkling, Champagne & Cocktails

    Classic Cosmopolitan 6.25Vodka, orange bitters, triple sec,fresh lime, cranberry juice and orange zest

    Raspberry Cosmo 6.50Vodka, chambord, raspberry, fresh limeand cranberry juice

    Blackberry Cosmo 6.50Vodka, creme de mur, chambordand cranberry juice

    Vanilla & Raspberry Cosmo 6.50Cariel, chambord, fresh lime,cranberry juice and orange zest

    Passionfruit Cosmo 6.50Passionfruit vodka & syrup, triple secand cranberry juice

    Grapefruit Cosmo 6.50Grapefruit, Vodka, pamplemousse rose,cranberry juice


  • 2

    Apple Breeze 6.25Zubrowka Vodka, grapefruit& apple juicee

    Singapore Sling 6.50The original recipe from Raffles hotelSingapore, gin, cherry brandy, benedictine,lime and pineapple juice

    Dune Bug 6.25Malibu, midori, banana liquer,pineapple juice and sours

    Sloe Gin Fizz 5.95Sloe Gin, lemon juice, gomme,angostura bitters and soda

    Mixed Berry Julep 6.95Bourbon, brandy, fresh raspberry blackberry, gomme

    Peach Melba Cooler 6.50Vodka, crme de peche, chambord and topped with lemonade

    Tom Collins 5.95Old tom gin, lemon, sugar & toppedwith soda

    Forbidden Fruits 6.75Fresh fruits, gordons, chambord, lime,gomme and topped with ginger beer

    The Lagerita (Shake) 6.95Tequila Silva, Agave syrup, Lime Juicetopped with Estrella

    Paradise Passion 6.50Passoa, malibu, orangeand cranberry juice

    Pimms No.1 6.25Pimms, mint leaves, lemonade, ginger ale,lemon, lime, orange & strawberry

    Blacksmith 6.50Blackcurrant jam, Vodka,apple lemon and soda

    Lynchburg Lemonade 6.50Bourbon, cointreau, lemon juice,gomme, dash of angostura and toppedwith lemonade

    Residence Iced Tea 7.25Tequila, rum, gin, Vodka, triple sec,sours topped with coke or cranberry juice

    Apple Grass 6.50Vodka, ginger, lemon, vanillaand apple

    Hurricane 6.75Rum, pineapple, orange, passionfruit, galliano and bitters

    Tuscan Mule 6.25Tuaca, lime squeeze and toppedwith ginger beer

    Melnyk Flip 6.25Martini Rosso, Turkey Honey, Agavesyrup topped with Estrella


    Classic Daiquiri - FROZEN/STRAIGHT UP 6.25Please choose your choice of flavourRaspberry, blackberry, strawberry& bannana

    Classic Margarita - FROZEN/STRAIGHT UP 6.25Please choose your choice of flavourRaspberry, blackberry, strawberry& bannana

    Manhatten - STRAIGHT UP 7.25Rye whiskey, martini rosso,angustora bitters

    Brandy Alexander - STRAIGHT UP 6.50Brandy, crme de cocao, cream anda hint of nutmeg

    Grasshopper - STRAIGHT UP 5.95Crme de menthe, white cocoa, creamand chocolate dusting

    Chocolorita - STRAIGHT UP 6.25Tequila, cacoa brown, rubis wine,lime & gomme

    Nuts & Berries - STRAIGHT UP 5.95Frangelico, chambord, half &half topped with chocolate powder

    White Lady - STRAIGHT UP 6.50Gin, triple sec and lemon juice


  • 3

    MARTINISall our martinis are perfectedstirred but can be shaken

    Classic Martini 6.25Vodka or gin, dash of chilledvermouth, olives or twist

    French Martini 6.75Vodka, chambord, pineapple juiceand fresh blackberry

    U.S Martini 6.50Brandy, galliano, pineapple

    Breakfast Martini 6.75Gin, cointreau, lemon, gomme,orange marmalade

    Appletini 6.50Vodka, apple schnapps,lemon juice, apple puree and juice

    Espresso Martini 6.75Vodka, gomme and a fresh espresso

    Gin Garden 6.75Gin, apple juice, elderflowerand cucumber

    Sours 5.95All our sours are freshly made thetraditional way with lemon, egg whitesand sugar syrup, choose a spirit of yourpreference and leave the rest to us!

    Bramble 6.25Gin, lemon juice, creme de mare,blackberries and gomme

    Caipirinhia 5.95Sagatiba, lime wedges and gomme

    Old Fashioned 8.75Woodford Reserve bourbon, brown sugar,bitters and a big lick of orange

    Margoux 7.25Gin, bananna, galliano, lime& pineapple

    Mai Tai 6.25Rums, triple sec, orgeat, lime, juice

    Rye & Dry 6.25Rye Whiskey, bitters and ginger ale

    Southside Fizz 5.95Gin, lime, sugar and mint

    Rum old fashioned 6.75Bacardi 8yo, bittersand big lick of orange

    Port Cobbler 6.50Port, sugar, orange, lemon, curacao


    Bartenders FavouritesSpring Jack 6.50Vodka, chambord, St.Germain, lemon,raspberry & cranberry

    Peanut butter bourbon 6.75Peanut bourbon, lemon, gomme, egg white

    El Diablo 6.75Cachaca, cassi, lime wedges,ginger beer, raisins topped

    Raspberry Cream 7.25Rum, chambord, cocoa de blanc, half & half

    Like A Sunrise 6.75Bourbon, lemon, gomme toppedwith ginger beer

    Cucumber Collins 6.75Gin, vodka, lemon, gomme,cucumber slices topped with lemonade

  • 4

    SHOTS - 3.00B52Kahlua, baileys, grand marnier

    Slippery NippleSambuca, baileys

    Rusty NailWhiskey & drambue

    Brain hemorrhageArchers, baileys & grenadine

    Jaffa CakeCointreau, cacao brown, cream

    Ferrero Rocher Cacao white, frangelico, cream

    Jammy Donut Chambord, sugar rim, cream

    Lemon DropVanilla vodka, lemoncello, sugar rim,

    After 8Creme de menthe, creme de cocao whiteand brown

    ALCOHOL FREE - 2.95Shirley TempleGrenadine, orange and ginger ale

    Summer Crush - FROZEN/STRAIGHT UPOrange, raspberry and passion fruit

    Bloody Shame Fresh tomato juice, fresh lemon juice,horseradish, hint of dry sherry,worcestershire sauce, tabasco,celery salt & pepper

    Virgin Mojito - FROZEN/STRAIGHT UPApple juice, mint, lime, gomme & ginger beer

    Refresherlemon, apple, passionfruit, syrup and soda

    MOJITOSClassic Mojito 6.00Rum, gomme, mint leaves, limestopped with soda

    Fruit Mojito 6.50A classic mojito with a choice of raspberry,blackberry or strawberry

    Lychee Mojito 6.25Kwai feh liquer, mint leaves, limes,gomme and soda

    Passion Fruit Mojito 6.25Passoa, mint leaves, limes, gommepassion fruit, soda

    Residence Mojito 7.25Rum, mint leaves, gomme, raspberries,lime then topped with prosecco

    Kraken Mojito 7.25Black spiced rum, apricot brandy, lime,sugar, mint and soda

    Ginger Mojito 7.25Dark rum, mint, sugar, limetopped with ginger beer

    Spiced Pineapple Mojito 7.25Spiced rum, orange liquer, mint, lemon, pineapple juice


    Traditional milkshake made from milk andice cream.

    Please choose a flavour from the list below.




  • Bottled beers & ciders from around the worldCorona Mexico ABV 5% - 3.50 - First brewed in 1925 by Cerveceria Modelo on the 10thanniversary of the Brewery it is a classic pilsner.

    Peroni Italy ABV 5% - 3.50 - Peroni Nastro Azzuro is an intensely crisp and refreshing lagerbrewed in Italy to an original recipe from 1963.

    Budweiser Budvar Czech - ABV 5% - 3.75 - Produced from finest Saaz Aroma Hops, carefullyselected Moravian malt and water drawn from 300 metre well. A 700 year brewing tradition .

    Damm Lemon Spanish ABV 3.2% - 3.50 - Simply produced from 6 partes de cerveza to 4partes de limon. A great refreshing drink on a hot summers day.

    Jeremiah Weed USA ABV 4% - 3.95 - A ginger brew from Kentucky with fruit alcohol spirit& flavourings served from a 500ml bottle

    Becks Blue Germany ABV 4.4% - 2.95 - Just like the real thing but without the hangover!

    CidersMagners Original Ireland ABV 4.5% - 4.95Quintessentially Irish,This cider provides the ultimate in summer - quenching refreshment.

    Magners Pear Ireland ABV 4.5% - 4.95A fresh and flavoursome cider made from 100% premium quality pears.

    Magners Berry Ireland ABV 4.5% - 4.95A combination of raspberries and blackcurrants with apple cider to produce a truly unique,fruity taste.

    Draught BeersBecks Vier Germany ABV 4% - 3.80Beck & Co. has always been a strong exporter, and the beer thus has a taste more akin to otherinternationally marketed brands than to mainstream German beers. The Vier brand, whose Germanname translates as four, is positioned at the top end of the standard lager sector.

    Guinness Ireland ABV 4.1% - 3.90Guinness stout is made from water, barley malt, hops, and brewers yeast. A portion of the barley isflaked (i.e. steamed and rolled) and roasted to give Guinness its dark-ruby colour and characteristictaste. Despite its reputation as a meal in a glass, Guinness only contains 198 calories.

    Kirin Ichiban Japanese ABV 5% - 4.20#1 selling beer in Japan, classic pilsner, full flavoured hops and biscuity malt, crisp, well balanced andhigh quality beer.

    Erdinger Weissbier Germany ABV 5.3% - 4.50Worlds #1 Wheat Beer - uses Keg fermentation, fresh and fruity with apple and banana, light biscuitygrains, hints of cloves, full flavoured. Matches perfectly with food.

    Bombardier British ABV 4.1% - 3.40Smooth keg bitter - Copper to the eye with smooth and sweet bitter tones, delicious with red meatsand chocolate!

    Estrella damm Spain ABV 4.6% - 4.35Imported to the UK from Barcelona, fresh grainy malt, subtle fruit, peppery bitterness and aclean finish.


  • 6

    SELECTED SPIRITSPlease find a selection of our back bar. We endeavour to give a wide selection within the respectedcatorgorys. If there is a product you would like to go on the menu we will be more than happy to testit and will to put it on there if it hits the mark. We have highlighted some of our staffs favouritetipples below.

    Enjoy tasting....

    RUMRum is a distelled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane by products such as molasses, or directlyfrom sugarcane juice, by a process of fermentation and distillation. The distillate, a clear liquid, isthen usually aged in oak barrels.

    Havanna Blanco 2.85

    Red Leg Spiced Rum 2.95

    Goslings Blackseal 3.10

    Mount Gay Eclipse 3.20

    Angustora 1919 3.20

    Kraken Rum 3.30

    Bacardi 8yrs 3.40

    Diplomatica Reserva 3.90

    GINSGin s a spirit which derives its predominant flavour from juniper berries (Juniperus communis).From its earliest beginnings in the Middle Ages, gin has evolved over the course of a millennium froma herbal medicine to an object of commerce in the spirits industry.

    Gordon Sloe Gin 2.75

    Greenhalls London Dry 2.85

    Bombay Sapphire 2.85

    Jensen Old Tom 2.95

    Portebello Road 3.00

    Tanqueray 3.15

    Hendricks 3.30

    Hunters Cheshire 3.90

    Saffron 3.90

    Tanqueray 10 4.00

    BRANDYBrandy (from brandywine, derived from Dutch brandewijn"burnt wine") is a spirit produced bydistilling wine. Brandy generally contains 3560% alcohol by volume (70120 US proof) and istypically taken as an after-dinner drink.

    Martell V.S 2.85

    H by Hine - VSOP 3.70

    Baron De Sigognac (armagnac) 3.75

    Remy Martin VSOP 3.95

    Remy Martin XO 11.50

    Hennessy Paradis 28.95

  • 7

    MALTSSingle malts are typically associated with Scotland, though they are also produced in various othercountries. Under the Scotch Whisky Regulations, a "Single Malt Scotch Whisky" must be madeexclusively from malted barley (although the addition of E150A caramel colouring is allowed), mustbe distilled using a pot still, and must be aged for at least three years in oak casks of a capacity notexceeding 700 litres.

    Glenmorangie 4.20

    Talisker 10 year 5.20

    Bourbon, Sour Mash, RyeBourbon is a type of American whiskey a barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn.

    Sour mash is a process in the distilling industry that uses material from an older batch of mash tostart fermentation in the batch currently being made, analogous to the making of sourdough bread.

    Rye whiskey can refer to either of two types of whiskey: 1) American rye whiskey, which must bedistilled from at least 51 percent rye; 2) Canadian whisky, which is often referred to (and labelled as)rye whisky for historical reasons, although it may or may not actually include any rye in itsproduction process.

    Jack Daniels 2.85

    Wild Turkey 81 2.85

    Makers Mark 3.40

    Wild Turkey 101 3.75

    Sazerac Rye 3.80

    Jack Daniels Single Barrell 4.20

    Wooford Reserve 4.20

    WHISKEYWhisky or whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash.Different grains are used for different varieties, including barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye,wheat, and corn. Whisky is typically aged in wooden casks, made generally of charred white oak.

    J & B Rare 2.75

    Johnny Walker Black Label 3.20

    Jamesons Irish 3.20

    Chivas Regal 4.20

    Johnny Walker Blue Label 19.60


    COFFEESAll our coffee is roasted locally by Has Bean they are the number one supplier choice for most of theBarista champions from around the world.

    Americano - Single shot of espresso topped with hot water 1.95

    Cappuccino - A classic frothy coffee with a Cadbury's 2.50

    chocolate sprinkle

    Espresso - Strong short and black, the true Italian way 2.00

    Macchiato - A single espresso shot topped with a milk froth 2.00

    Cafe Latte - Layered hot milk, coffee and froth 2.50

    Flat White - A classic single espresso with folded milk 2.50

    LIQUER COFFEESCalypso (Tia Maria) 4.95

    Irish Cream (Baileys) 4.95

    French (Martell Cognac) 4.95

    Irish (Jamesons) 4.95

    HOT CHOCOLATEHot Chocolate - Espresso, milk & Cadbury's hot chocolate 2.95

    La Mumba - Favourite in Spain - Brandy and hot chocolate 4.95

    TEA'S We are proud to be serving fresh loose leaf tea from 'Tea from the...


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