Coca-Cola Fundraising Sale - ?· Why use Coca-Cola for your next Fundraising Sale? Are you…

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<ul><li><p>Coca-Cola Fundraising Sale</p><p>Brewer High School</p></li><li><p>Why use Coca-Cola for your next Fundraising </p><p>Sale?Are you tired of selling candy, candles and wrapping paper ?</p><p>Are you tired of having to handle and store boxes upon boxes of merchandise ?</p><p>Are your sales goals hard to achieve for your sales staff ?</p><p>Have you ever had a Fund Raiser that you could make a $5.00-$10.00 profit on each and every item you sold ?</p><p>A Coca-Cola Fundraiser can offer you a fresh, exciting and easy way to make money for your organization selling the number one soft drink in the world !!!</p></li><li><p>What is a Coca-Cola Fundraising Sale?</p><p>Coca-Cola would like to offer a special price on selected Coca Cola products for your organization.</p><p>A great way to raise money for Band Boosters, Little Leagues, YMCAs, company supported charities like United Way or March of Dimes, or any other organization needing to raise money.</p><p>Fundraising guidelines: Coca-Cola must have at least 2 weeks notice for delivery </p><p>of products. This will reduce the risk of out of stocks. Product should be pre-ordered prior to the product delivery. Pre sell the product to your customers so that the club will </p><p>know exactly how much product will be needed. The cash will already be collected; therefore, there will be no </p><p>extra cases leftover and immediate profit for your organization. </p><p> Delivery driver will only be able to accept cash or company check.</p><p> No Limit </p></li><li><p>Fundraising sale will Produce a lot of money for your </p><p>organization !</p><p>Your organization must determine the delivery date and time.</p><p>Coca-Cola will deliver the product to the specified location.</p><p>If there are left over drinks that have not been redeemed, the association can either resell the product or save it for one of their special events.</p></li><li><p>Example of a School Fundraiser</p><p>The Henrietta Kiwanis Little League sold 427 cases in the spring of 2016. The group made $2,447 from this fundraiser. All profits received will be used to sponsor league activities. This is a great way for youth groups to make money.</p></li><li><p>Interested??Its SimpleJust give me a call at your convenience and we can discuss in more detail. </p><p>Adam StackBusiness Development Leader</p><p>Fort Worth</p><p>817-475-4365 </p><p>Classified - Internal use</p></li></ul>


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