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  • Tel: 673 196 455 Torrevieja and local areasTuesday, October 27th 2015 - Edition 570

    There are a number of activitieshappening in Torrevieja's Town Centre inthe run up to Halloween, also with thechance of winning some prizes. Save yourproof of purchase or consumption in anyretail or restaurant and bar that you havepaid for between October 26th and 31styou could exchange your proofs ofpurchase for a share for the draw of 10passes for the SURVIVAL ZOMBIE The drawwill take place on Saturday 31st at the Plazade la Constitucin, in front of the Town Hall.

    There's also a Halloween Parade for theyounger ones starting at 5.30pm on a routestarting at Plaza Constitucin, RamnGallud, Joaqun Chap, Pedro Lorca, Rambla Juan Mateo,Caballero de Rodas and back to the Plaza Constitucin.Terrifying Animation, has nothing to do with cartoonsbut in getting made up in your favourite zombie fashion.Takes place in the main town square, Plaza EncarnacinPuchol (LA MATA) from 11am to 1pm while there willalso be zombie work-shops and face painting aroundthe pedestrian streets in Torrevieja from 6.00pm to7.00pm.

    Want to scare the young ones silly, then there areTerror Tales in the Plaza de la Constitucin Torreviejafrom 7.00pm to 9,00pm while if you want to eat out andenjoy the atmosphere a number of places have specialHalloween Menus including: LA BODEGUILLA DELMULLINS Caballero de Rodas, 211; NIKI LOUNGE PUERTOPuerto Puerto Marina Salinas, Local 3 y 4; RESTAURANTEEL MUELLE calle del Mar, 1;RESTAURANTE RINCN DECAPIS San Gabriel, 5;LA MARISQUERIA DE TORREVIEJA

    Ramn Gallud, 101; RESTURANTE EL PESCADORTorrevejenses ausentes, 5; NAMM GASTRONOMIC Paseode la Libertad, 9

    Kids of all ages can also have fun with the trick or treatcampaign; just drop into any of the participating placesand pcik up some sweets to keep you powered up at:M-Dance Caprichitos

    C/ Caballero de Rodas, 8; Boutique Tobago, C/ CalleAzorn, 5; Zapatera Mis Pies, C/ Caballero de Rodas, 53;Odisea Diving, C/ Huerto, 6 bajo; Mi ptico, C/ RamnGallud, 70; C.C. Carrefour; Hipershoes, Avda. GregorioMaran, 11; Parimpar, C/ Villa de Madrid, 8 (Esquina c/Campoamor); Capica, C/ Chapaprieta, 22;Relojera/Joyera Terrn, C/ Joaqun Chapaprieta,11;

    La Tortuguita, C/ Zoa, 40; Rumbo, C/ Ramn Gallud,37; Mercera Anabella, C/ Hermanos Bazn, 10 bajo;Betn, C/ Maldonado, 3; Betn, Av. Gregorio Maran,31; Nautique Blue, C/ Clemente Goslvez, 1; leoteca

    Torrevieja, C/ rambla Juan Mateo, 36; Rafaelserrano estilistas, C/ San Policarpo, 1; RasgosPeluquera Esttica, C/ Campoamor, 78; TiendaSolidaria A.F.A. Torrevieja,

    C/ Francisco Vallejos, 8; La Nonna Home andBabies, C/ Ramn Gallud, 105; Karine Moda yComplementos, C/ Caballero de Rodas, 16; LaGolosa, C/ Patricio Prez, 14; Salvador Artesano,

    C/ Navegantes, 5; ED. Espaa, Paseo Mar.Juan Aparicio, 4 L-1, Avenida Gregorio Maran,35; ADELAIDA aceitunas, salazones yencurtidos, Plaza de Abastos; Imagenfoto, C/Patricio Prez esq. C/ Ramn Gallud; Look Sport,C/ Ramn Gallud, 58; Play Sport, C/ Concepcin,8; Deportes Base Bernabeu, C.C. Carrefour;

    ptica Llamusi, C/ Pedro Lorca, 2; Llamusi, C/ RamnCspedes, 8; Kanna Shoes, C/ Ramn Gallud esq C/Azorn; ptica Chantal, C/ Ramn Gallud, 62; NueveNudos, C/ Pedro Lorca, 4; Hodei peluquera, C/ Zoa, 23;Astoria, C/ Pedro Lorca, 19; Arena,

    C/ Joaqun Chapaprieta 18; La Rana Verde, C/Concepcin, 3; Cocco, C/ Concepcin, 3; Lo y La

    C/ Vicente Blasco Ibez, 5; ptica mar, C/ RamnGallud, 9; Calzamoda, C/ Caballero de Rodas, 10;Bombom, C/ Caballero de Rodas, 13; Ibrica Shop, C/Mara Parodi, n 6; Dandara, C/ Fotgrafos Darblade, 13;Refill24 Torrevieja, C/ Orihuela, 13; Calzamoda, C/Caballero de Rodas, 10; Papeleria Alzabarn, C/Caballero de Rodas, 47; Pastelera Dulce de Leche, C/Caballero de Rodas, 106,

    Plus pick up your Zombie Passport and have itSTAMPED in at least 8 shops and get your zombie-gift atany one of those participating.

    For more than a year a team of film enthusiasts havebeen slowly working behind the scenes to moveforward and organise an English language film Club inTorrevieja. All that hard work is about to come to fruitionas from November 6th onwards, as long as the demandis there, each week Cines IMF in Torrevieja will screen adifferent film new film every week, for the entire week.This will be a V.O, film, the original version, shown inEnglish with Spanish subtitles. Anyone can now go tothe movies in Torrevieja to watch a film in English andyou don't even have to be a member of the club. Anyonecan visit Cines IMF to see an English language film andyou just pay the admission price at the entrance

    window, but there are advantages of beinga member.

    One could hardly ask for a better film toshow as the first English Languagescreening to start off the program, or as away to announce the film club, as on FridayNovember 6th, Daniel Craig will return as007, in SPECTRE. The Premier and openingnight in Spain is November 6th and it'sbeing shown in English in Torrevieja, withthe screening times still to be announced.And in December, CINES IMF will bring youStar Wars 7.


    Thanks to the club's closerelationship with Fabian andCines IMF, they want to invite you, yourfriends and family to join the film club. Itwill only cost 20 to join, which includesyour first year of membership, which takesyou through to December 31st, 2016. It'sonly 10 if you join after June 1st, 2016.Membership runs from January 1st, 2016 toDecember 31st 2016, with those founder

    members who sign up now receiving the first twomonths free plus added bonuses throughout next year.For those under 18 years old, it will be just 10 to join.However, those with a Carnet Joven may also find theyhave better discounts from using their cards on specialdays. During 2016, Founder Members, those joiningbefore January 31st, 2016, will also receive additional

    English Language cinema in Torrevieja

    Halloween in TorreviejaContinued on page 2

  • 2 CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 2013Gardening2 www.coastridersl.comCoastRider - Edition 570 - October 27th 2015News

    The CoastRider SL is dedicated to ourclients and readers and one of oursales team is no more than 10 minutesaway from you. To make advertisingwith the CoastRider SL easier, simplyselect the area nearest to you.

    ADVERTISINGDisplay Advertising Enquiries:Thomas W. Wrulich - 673 196 455

    Published by: Coastrider s.l.

    C.I.F. No.: B53833497Deposito Legal: V - 125 - 2004Printed by LOCALPRINT

    DisclaimerCoastRider SL, its publisher ormembers of staff do not acceptresponsibilty for claims byadvertisers nor can it be heldresponsible for any errors inadvertisements which arereproduced from poor qualityartwork or inadequate instructions

    for text or other layout features.Further no responsibility is acceptedfor any loss or damage caused by anerror, inaccuracy or non-appearanceof any advertisement, although alladvertisements produced foradvertisers are checked prior toinsertion. We regret that we cannotaccept responsibilty for more thanONE incorrect insertion and that nore-publication will be granted in thecase of typographical or minorchanges which do not affect the

    value of the advertisement. TheCoastRider SL does not guaranteedistribution times. Any change todistribution days will, wherepossible, be publicized a week inadvance.


    benefits, to be announced before the New Year.MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS:5.00 admission to all English language films,

    Monday thru Thursday (7.00 on Friday, Saturday andSunday plus special fiestas)

    Special raffles and competitions to win Admit Onemerchandise and special film promotional items, foodand drink vouchers, etc...

    Special prices for Popcorn and drink (these will not beon display inside the cinema, only you will know aboutthese, and of course the guys serving you)

    Member's only nights with a screening of differentfilms

    Member's only Dinner and Movie packages with localrestaurants, cafes and fast food outlets.

    A line of Cinema Club and film related merchandise topromote the Cinema club in Torrevieja.

    To be involved in the two different film festivals,which are being planned for 2016.

    To be the first every week to hear about, via email, thenew films to be shown at Cines IMF, before they arepublished in the Newspapers and on the web.

    'See ten, see one free', loyalty program, thus savingyou an additional 10% off your cinema entry. Rememberthat normal prices for entry are 7.00 while Membersprices are 5.00.

    Regular members only competition for free tickets to

    see any English languagefilm at Cines IMF.

    Special 'an evening with'events with actors, directors,celebrities, etc., when we areable to do so. Some of thesespecial events will take placeduring the film festivals orspecial Premier Nights,when the stars or crew willbe here for the event.Members will always havefirst options on attendingsuch events.

    Possibility of showing aspecial film once per month(one night only - not ongeneral release in Spain)and other items to be addedin the new year, dependingon what members wouldlike.

    These are the basic benefits of joining. They havemany more plans for the future, depending onmembership numbers, sponsorship and other matters.

    ADMIT ONE IN THE COMMUNITYAdmit One realise that not everyone can travel to

    Cines IMF to see a film. Thus, their future plans includethe purchase of a 4K projector and a suitablescreen, and to be able to take the club on theroad to different meeting places in the localarea, to show films that have finished theirgeneral release and are available on BluRay.

    FILM TRIBUTESAt both the Cine IMF (depending on cost