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It\'s one thing to sell your services. It\'s something completely different to make sales stick. Learn how you can do this more frequently.


  • Street Smarts VIP Club 10 Things I Have Learned About Making a Living with The Internet ByKathleen Gage, The Street Smarts Marketer
  • A Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club LessonNOTICE: You Do NOT Have the Right to Reprint orResell this Report! You Also MAY NOT Give Away, Sell or Share the Content HereinIf you obtained this report from anywhere other than you have a pirated copy.Please help stop Internet crime by reporting this 2010 Copyright Kathleen GageALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any formwhatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informationalstorage or retrieval system without express written, dated and signed permission from the author.DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES:The information presented herein represents the view of the author as of the date of publication.Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author reserves the right to alter and updateher opinion based on the new conditions.The report is for informational purposes only. While every attempt has been made to verify theinformation provided in this report, neither the author nor her affiliates/partners assume anyresponsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations areunintentional. If advice concerning legal or related matters is needed, the services of a fully qualifiedprofessional should be sought. This report is not intended for use as a source of legal or accountingadvice. You should be aware of any laws which govern business transactions or other businesspractices in your country and state. Any reference to any person or business whether living or dead ispurely coincidental. 2 2010 Kathleen Gage - All Rights Reserved.
  • A Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club LessonForewordWelcome to the next Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club lesson!Ive got two questions that Id like you to consider and then answer by sendingme an email reply.Question One: Where are you in the Lesson process? 1. Im gathering ideas and making decisions before I get started with building a sustainable business. 2. Im preparing for my big splash on the Internet by preparing materials (market analysis, website, blog, first product, etc.) and should be ready to launch this month. 3. Ive already launched and am seeing results.Question Two: What would help you get from #1 to #2, and from #2 to #3?Please email me your responses to these two questions at kathleenlesson11questions@gmail.comWhile I wont be able to respond to everyone individually (please dont wait fora reply), I will use this information to continue providing needed content,offering extras and structuring things to best benefit VIP Club members.I know that quite a few members have been moving forward as of this point,but I also know that there are those who have not. Id love to find out whatsholding you back and do my best to provide resources to get you to the nextlevel.Note: Most weekly lessons will be 5 10 pages in length for text documents(not including cover page, legal page and foreword). Take time to do theaction steps for every lesson. This will assure you greater (and faster)success. Note: Download links for previous lessons will be at the close of each PDF file in case you missed or misplaced an earlier lesson. Be sure to check the end of each lesson for the links of previous lessons. 3 2010 Kathleen Gage - All Rights Reserved.
  • A Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club LessonIntroductionYou have leaders and you have followers. The leaders are more likely the oneswho are the risk takers, they are willing to fail in order to succeed, they are notafraid of hard work, they know success takes effort, and they teach otherslessons from their own trial and error.In building my own sustainable online business, Ive learned a lot of things thatcome from being willing to stick with this long enough to have made plenty ofmistakes, had plenty of successes and be considered one of the leaders andexperts in my industry. In todays lesson Im going to share ten of them withyou.Lesson 1: People dont always understand until they walk a mile in yourshoes.It is not uncommon for someone who has not done any product development,Internet marketing or building a sustainable business to understand the fullscope of what this entails. Those of us who do, know what its like and we knowthat there is always more to it than meets the eye.Lesson 2: Technology is greatto a point. All things have hiccups.Although we love technology for all it can do, there are definite downsides toit. For example, email is great to a point, but the fact is, sometimes emails getlost in cyberspace.Everyone counts on his or her lessons from week to week, but occasionally alesson will go into the spam folder or for unknown reasons not make itsintended location your inbox. It will be the same for you when you are sellingonline products or starting your own fixed-term membership program. Therewill be times, no matter how many checks and balances you have in place,something isnt delivered.You can do as much as possible to prevent this from happening, but there willstill be occasions when you are delivering information and someone doesntreceive it. Most people are pretty rational and kind in their response to this, butoccasionally you get someone who immediately accuses you of something youwould never dream of doing; shorting them a eBook, an MP3, an eReport or anynumber of things. In other words, trying to rip them off.Even if theyve been getting your information for a while, its as if some folksare waiting for you to slip up. 4 2010 Kathleen Gage - All Rights Reserved.
  • A Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club LessonOh yes, dear member, there are people who immediately attack rather thansending a message or making a call to let you know they didnt get what theypurchased.The longer you conduct business online, the more likely it will be that somethinggoes wrong and cyber-mud is flung at you. Be patient if someone sends you asnippy message. Once you get a message or two like this, it is much easier toempathize when you dont get something you paid for.99% of the time a very simple message resolves the issue.Lesson 3: Consistency is essential to ones successSuccess isnt a haphazard event. It is a step-by-step process some big, somesmall. When you are taking the steps you may not see immediate results, butas you look back over a period of months, you see some amazing progress.That is, if you have been consistently moving toward your goal of success.Many people foolishly buy into the get-rich-quick mentality. Sure, there areoccasions where one can experience a windfall and mistakenly believe this willalways be the case.The fact is a solid foundation is essential as are daily action steps moving youtoward your vision.Lesson 4: Investing time and money is an absolute in building anybusiness.Some people think they can buy one eBook, read one or two books, listen toone teleseminar and presto, they will make money hand over fist. It doesntwork this way.There are investments all of us who are in business have made and willcontinue to make.Some are fixed investments such as subscription fees, automation software thatrequires a monthly payment, ongoing services of experts who can do for uswhat we cannot do for ourselves, and utility bills.There are other investments such as a specialized training, a coach or mentor,attending a conference, and services such as design work, editing, postage andother such things. 5 2010 Kathleen Gage - All Rights Reserved.
  • A Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club LessonAs your business grows, so will your monthly expenses (investments). Icurrently pay more out each month than I used to make in a month. However, Ialso make a heck of a lot more now than I did in the past. And yes, I havethose windfall $10,000 - $20,000 days. But I have worked for this. I didntexpect it to happen without effort.Dont believe for a minute that you wont need to make investments. However,before spending money, evaluate how necessary the purchase of a product orservice is.If you have a gotta have feeling, sit with this for a day or two and if you stillfeel the same way, then make the purchase. If you have a business partner, seta rule on what amount of money you each need to discuss spending beforedoing so. This often will eliminate impulse purchases that are not necessary.Some people will buy program after program without getting into more than athimbleful of information compared to what they bought. Dont make thismistake.When you buy programs (or join membership clubs hint, hint) get as muchvalue out of your investment as you possibly can. To not do so is a huge wasteof money.Lesson 5: All work and no play makes you boring, stressed out,lackluster and not fun to be around.Yep! I speak from experience. The first few years of running my business, Iwent overboard in how much time I put into my business. I ate, drank, sleptand talked business all the time. To the point that friends and family told me Ineeded to get a life.This is not how my life is today. Now I find time for other things like exercise,family time, hobbies, spiritual development, my pets, and much, much more.A life that is only focused on business is not a life of true success. Balance is thekey here.Lesson 6: Those who have been in an industry, had a hobby or apassion for any length of time likely have more information inside themthan they realize.Its amazing how much information most people have. Often, when theydevelop their first product, whether it be an ebook or a short report, theyrealize they have more where that came from. 6 2010 Kathleen Gage - All Rights Reserved.
  • A Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club LessonIts very exciting to see the big Ah Ha! when they do realize that they have avast knowledge base that can be packaged in a number of different ways.This is where repurposing can be so valuable. You can take information you putinto one format and create a completely different format for it. The possibilitiesare endless. It simply takes focus, vision, belief and application to see what isreally possible.Lesson 7: Automating is essential to take your business to the nextlevel.One of the most important lessons I learned very early on is to automatewhenever possible. Early on (and Im going back several years) I sent out myfirst ezine one message at a time. Arghhh. It could take all day to do what nowtakes the press of a button.The things that are most important to automate are your opt-in subscriber list,shopping cart, product delivery, recurring payments, much of your social-mediamarketing, and anything that is extremely time-consuming for no good reasonother than to save a few dollars.In reality, not to automate can lose you a considerable amount of time andmoney.The nice thing is, there are lots of free automation tools available. For those ona tight budget, this would be a nice solution. However, as you grow so shouldthe sophistication of your automation.Lesson 8: You have to know when to outsource.One of the best things I ever started doing was outsourcing tasks that eithertook too much of my time, things I dont know how to do and dont have thetime to learn, and tasks that are repetitive.Often, again to save a few bucks, solopreneurs may try to do all the tasks ofthe business themselves. Initially, you may have to do a lot of your ownwork, but set aside a percentage of what you bring in to outsource a little ata time.As with any investment, think through why you are outsourcing and whatthe benefit will be for doing it. 7 2010 Kathleen Gage - All Rights Reserved.
  • A Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club LessonHeres a partial list of what to outsource:-Article submission-Bookkeeping-Design work-Editing-Physical product fulfillment-Transcription servicesLesson 9: Surround yourself with the winners.Who you hang out with is just as important as what you do day in and dayout. Its easy to consider ourselves successful if we surround ourselves withlow achievers. The true test is to surround ourselves with high achievers.Get involved in mastermind groups. If you are in a mastermind group and itis not a productive experience, be willing to find another group.Be willing to pay people to mentor you. Over the years I have invested a lotof money for the knowledge a mentor could teach me. There are times whenfree is not the way to go. Sure, there are plenty of free opportunities, but ifone is always on the lookout for the cheapest way to do something, he orshe is not being stretched.Ask any successful person if he or she invests in mentors, coaches,mastermind groups, etc. and the likely answer will be a resounding YES!Know that you are worth it. But as with anything you invest in, use theinformation you gain.Lesson 10: You will be called LUCKY when you succeed.I love this one. I am an overnight success and it only took me 15 years toget here. Many a successful entrepreneur will share a similar story in whatit took for them to succeed years of work, dedication and effort.Yet, many outsiders look at someone who is successful and rather thanfinding out what they did to succeed, they flippantly call them lucky.The fact is, the harder you work, the luckier you get. If you have beenapplying each and every lesson you likely are seeing some results from yourefforts. 8 2010 Kathleen Gage - All Rights Reserved.
  • A Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club LessonIf you are not, you have to ask yourself, What will it take for me to getserious about this?Success is not something that happens through osmosis. It is somethingthat takes time, energy, learning, mentors, investments and vision. It alsotakes being able to manage the ups and downs of emotions and thewillingness to hang out with the winners.The winners are those people who are not letting outside factors determinetheir success. They understand that they need to maintain a positive outlookon what they are doing. And they are willing to pay the price.As my good friend, Dr. Joe Capista says, You can have anything in life youwant, if you are willing to pay the price.Are you paying the price?Follow the advice that Ive given in this lesson for each of these simpleassignments. I expect that it will have taken you longer to read the lessonthan it will to do the assignment. Give yourself an hour or two to work onthe assignment.Until next week,Kathleen GagePublisherVIP Club 9 2010 Kathleen Gage - All Rights Reserved.