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  • share it.remember it.

    cherish it.

    Life is beautiful.

    JAN 2015

  • 2 cm group holdings, inc.



    our mission:

    We believe life is beautiful and moments with family and friends are worth sharing, remembering and


    We strive to be the leading provider of high quality, innovative memory keeping products globally.

    We value our exceptional community of Advisors and take great joy in providing a sustainable, rewarding

    opportunity that breaks boundaries and shatters stereotypes.

    Well show you how to start. Theres no limit to where you finish. Welcome to CM.

    We believe lifes photos can be life-changing. Memories define us and unite us.

    CM is about creating connections and telling stories.

    Were thrilled to help you celebrate your Beautiful Life.

  • 3cm group holdings, inc.



    Welcome! All of us at the new CM are so happy we can serve you. Whether youre looking for a way to enjoy your photos, honor someone special in your life or express yourself creatively, we have something for you. Were proud to offer Creative Memories classic, authentic bookcloth coversets, pages and protectors, with the same exceptional quality, photo safety and thorough testing youve come to expect from such an iconic brand.

    Or, if youre more of a is it done yet? sort of person, we think youll like the Ahni & Zoe line, which includes the award-winning predesigned Fast2Fab albums and pages. Thoughtfully designed to suit a wide variety of photos and occasions, all you need are your photos, a Tape Runner and a pen to make a beautiful, meaningful album in about an hour.

    If sharing the CM mission and products appeal to you, we invite you to take a look at the CM Advisor opportunity. Our plan is a unique blend of ecommerce and social selling that offers freedom and flexibility. An annual plan with no minimums, volume or leadership requirements, you can decide whether you would like to make a little extra each month, sell seasonally, or make it a focus and enjoy a serious income.

    We hope you find a lot to like about the new CM, and welcome you to stay in touch! The CM Home Office Team

    So excited to get the coversets with pages again! Looking forward to getting back on track with the scrapbooking products that I love! - Teri-Lyn S.

    My life had gotten so busy I wasnt able to make time for scrapbooking, Then I found out about Fast2Fab albums. Love them! Ive done three so far, one for me and two as gifts, and they only took about an hour each. Loving this snapbooking! - Laura T.

    I love the way this new, simple business and time-tested quality products will help me bring families together through their stories and photos. Lisa G.

  • 4 cm group holdings, inc.

    12x12 bookclothcoversets authentic true 12x12 size

    flex hinge binding lets albums lie flat for

    easy viewing


    Photo safe & made in the U.S.A.

    Lifetime Guarantee



    NEW! sand shimmerblossom bluecoverset #654993

    NEW! sand shimmerblossom silvercoverset #654994

    check outthese

    new foils!

  • 5cm group holdings, inc.

    ebonycoverset #637069

    chocolatecoverset #637092

    rubycoverset #637080

    cobaltcoverset #637086



    mosscoverset #645543

    robin eggcoverset #653446

    yellowcoverset #650450

    cream micacoverset #653264

    blue shimmercoverset #642481

  • 6 cm group holdings, inc.

    12x12 multi-pocket pages (12pk)

    $19.50 #654783

    page protectors $10.50

    12x12 (16pk) #654482 $6.50 8x8 (12pk) #654481

    12x12 large single pocket side-loading pages (12pk)

    $19.50 #654784

    NEW!11x14 multi-pocket pages (15pk)

    $22.50 #639275

    Refill pages &page protectors

    Our pocket pages are made of 80# micron

    clear tear seal polypropylene

    Our refill pages feature sturdy 12x12

    pages with reinforced jeeped edges on

    80-lb cover material



    buffered paper

    made in the U.s.a.

  • 7cm group holdings, inc.

    8x8 spargo pages (12pk)

    $19.50 #654710

    12x12 spargo pages (16pk)

    $29.50 #654709

    8x8 White pages (12pk)

    $19.50 #654711

    12x12 White pages (16pk)

    $29.50 #654529

    8x8 natural pages (12pk)

    $19.50 #654803

    12x12 natural pages (16pk)

    $29.50 #654801 featuring

    our patentedjeeped pages!

    All pagescome with


  • 8 cm group holdings, inc.

    12x12 designerpaper packs

    12 sheets of double-sided 12x12 paper

    unique designs featuring both designer &

    tone-on-tone options

    Photo safe & made in the U.S.A.

    $9.50paper packs

    NEW! sunshine getaway paper pack (12pk)#654967

    NEW! Strut your stuff paper pack (12pk)#654966

  • 9cm group holdings, inc.

    vintage paper pack (12pk)#654796

    primary paper pack (12pk)#654798

    did you knowall our papers

    are bleed- tested?

  • 10 cm group holdings, inc.

    $9.50paper packs

    paper packs continued

    Neutral Paper Pack (12pk)#654797

    Bright paper pack (12pk)#654795

  • 11cm group holdings, inc.

    NEW! shades of blue designer cardstock (5pk)#654975

    NEW! shades of green designer cardstock (5pk)#654974

    NEW! shades of red designer cardstock (5pk)#654973


    12x12shades of

  • 12 cm group holdings, inc.

    NEW! strut your stuffFast2fab album #654950 ReFIlls (16pk) #654957

    NEW! sunshine getawayFast2fab album #654958 ReFIlls (16pk) #654964

    award-winning albums

    include 16 double-sided Jeeped pages

    with page protectors

    Room for 70-75 photos or more with refills

    features fun quotes and cute designs

    Photo safe & made in the U.S.A.

    Lifetime Guarantee



    refill pages &

    fast2fab 12xalbums


    page protectors(16pk)

  • 13cm group holdings, inc.

    NEW! strut your stuffFast2fab album #654950 ReFIlls (16pk) #654957

    put me in coachFast2fab album #654671 ReFIlls (16pk) #654777

    Its a love thingFast2fab album #654741 ReFIlls (16pk) #654778

    change in latitudeFast2fab album #654670 ReFIlls (16pk) #654736

    showcase your printswith design accents, borders & inspiring

    quotes. put your nextalbum together

    in minutes!

    you can also mix and match!all pages fit in all coversets.

  • 14 cm group holdings, inc.

    fast2fab albums continued


    Refill pages do not include promtpts/milestones. Refill pages do not include promtpts/milestones.see all albumpages online.

    mr. misterFast2fab album #654773 ReFIlls (16pk) #654537

    little ladyFast2fab album #654772 ReFIlls (16pk) #654536

    a stitch in twineFast2fab album #654774 ReFIlls (16pk) #654538

    unwrap the magicFast2fab album #654900 ReFIlls (16pk) #654910


    refill pages &page protectors


  • 15cm group holdings, inc.

    tangerine, plum & then someFast2fab album #654771 ReFIlls (16pk) #654200

    If Youre Happy & You Know ItFast2fab album #654775 ReFIlls (16pk) #654539

    All pagescome with


    color me happyFast2fab album #654770 ReFIlls (16pk) #654780

    The Bus Stops hereFast2fab album #654769 ReFIlls (16pk) #654779

  • 16 cm group holdings, inc.

    Orchid you not Fast2fab album #654693 ReFIlls (12pk) #654737

    a moment in twine Fast2fab album #654776 ReFIlls (12pk) #654782

    Elementary My Dear Fast2fab album #654541 ReFIlls (12pk) #654781

    fast2fab 8x8 albums 12 double-sided jeeped pages with page protectors

    Photo safe & made in the U.S.A.

    Lifetime Guarantee

    make great gifts!




    refill pages &page protectors



  • 17cm group holdings, inc.

    NEW! strut your stuff (24pk)


    NEW! sunshine getaway (24pk)


    slide-in packsWhen you want to jazz up a page,

    have something special to say or youre

    one photo short, these decorative

    placeholders are the perfect solution.

    24 double-sided 4x6 papers;

    12 vertical,12 horizontal

    Exclusive, unique artwork

    Photo safe & made in the U.S.A.

    12x12 multi-pocket pages. found on page 6: $19.50$9.50

    slide-in packs

  • 18 cm group holdings, inc.

    Its A love thing (24pk)


    Change in latitude (24pk)


    The bus stops here (24pk)


    put me in coach (24pk)


    slide-in packs continued

    $9.50slide-in packs

    Unwrap the magic (24pk)


  • 19cm group holdings, inc.

    Its A love thing (24pk)


    Color me happy (24pk)


    put me in coach (24pk)


    Unwrap the magic (24pk)


    tangerine, plum & then some (24pk)


    Mr. Mister (24pk)


    little lady (24pk)


    A stitch in twine (24pk)


    if youre happy & you know it (24pk)


    ADD a little color or a fun memory.

  • 20 cm group holdings, in