cluster of ca holic churches - .st. michaels news !!!!! community of saints is proud

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St. Mahew St. Michael Our Lady of Guadalupe!


Cluster of Ca holic Churches!

Mass~Misas!Monday 8:00 AM St. Mahew !

Tuesday~Martes 6:30 PM Our Lady of !

Guadalupe (Bilingual) !

Wednesday 8:00 AM St. Mahew!

Thursday!9:30 AM St. Michael!

Friday!8:00 AM St. Michael!

Saturday!4:00 PM St. Mahew!


9:00 AM Our Lady of Guadalupe (English)!

10:30 AM St. Michael (English)!

11:00 AM Our Lady of Guadalupe (Espaol)!

1:00 PM Our Lady of Guadalupe (Espaol)!


First Friday of Each Month 6:30 PM!

Primer Viernes de Cada Mes 6:30 PM!

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Bilingual)!

Reconciliation~Confesiones!Tuesday~Martes!6:00 PM 6:30 PM Our Lady of Guadalupe !

Friday~Viernes!7:30 AM 7:50 AM St. Michael!

Saturday~Sbado!8:00 AM 9:00 AM St. Michael!

3:00 PM 4:00 PM St. Mahew!

3:30 PM 4:30 PM Our Lady of Guadalupe!


9:45 AM 10:15 AM St. Michael!











ReadingsfortheWeekof!September18,2016!Sunday: Am 8:47/Ps 113:12, 48/1 Tm 2:18/Lk 16:113 or


Monday: Prv 3:2734/Ps 15:25/Lk 8:1618!

Tuesday: Prv 21:16, 1013/Ps 119:1, 27, 30, 3435, 44/Lk


Wednesday: Eph 4:17, 1113/Ps 19:25/Mt 9:913!

Thursday: Eccl 1:211/Ps 90:36, 1214, 17/Lk 9:79!

Friday: Eccl 3:111/Ps 144:14/Lk 9:1822!

Saturday: Eccl 11:912:8/Ps 90:36, 1214, 17/Lk 9:43b45!

Next Sunday: Am 6:1a, 47/Ps 146:710/1 Tm 6:1116/Lk


AdorationChapel!Thank you to all who volunteer to keep watch with our Lord. !

Hours available to keep watch with the Lord:!

Midnight 12:00 am Monday into Tuesday am, Tuesday

1:00 am, Saturday, 1:00 am, Saturday 2:00 am, !We need a second adorer for nearly every hour. Please call Shirley Hig-

ginbotham at 6514576844 or Linda Rivera at 6514572334 with any

ques8ons you may have.!


401 Concord Street!

St. Paul, MN 55107!!



510 Hall Ave!

St. Paul, MN 55107 !(Office located at St. Michaels)!


Prayer Line ~ 6514570228.!


337 Hurley St. E!

West St. Paul, MN 55118!!


Prayer Line ~ 6514555473!

Pastor~Fr.JamesAdams! ! ! Deacon~LuisRubi!


! ! ! ! ! ! Deacon~SteveMurphy!


St. Michaels News!


Community of Saints is proud to announce that

our K!8 student enrollment has increased by 10%

for the 2016!17 school year! We have an amaz-

ing community, and I am thrilled that more stu-

dents are able to have the opportunity to be a

part of and posi&vely contribute to our school

community. A special thank you to our parishion-

ers who con&nue to support us through posi&ve

word of mouth, prayers, volunteering and contri-

bu&ons.We are proud to be YOUR school!the

school of St. Michael, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St.

Mahew and St. John Vianney. Our sponsoring

parishes are important to us, and we hope our

parishes con&nue to take the &me to support and

value our mission in providing an affordable, high

quality Catholic educa&on for our families. We

are looking forward to a great school year!

Community of Saints School!651!457!2510 ~ 335 Hurley St E ~ West St. Paul, MN

55118 ~




10:30 AM Our Parish!

John Sr. & Ella Hennessey!


9:30 AM! Bergman Family!


8:00 AM ! Rev. Joseph Keefe!


10:30 AM Our Parish!

CalendarOfEvents!Saturday,September17!9:00 AM Church Cleaning!

Sunday,September18!10:00 AM Divine Mercy Chaplet before Mass!

Faith Forma8on Registra8on A?er Mass !

Monday,September19!6:30 PM Fa8ma Prayer Cell!

7:00 PM Altar & Rosary Mee8ng Parish Office!

Tuesday,September20!Wednesday,September21!6:00 PM Choir Prac8ce Church!

Thursday,September22! !9:30 AM COS School Mass!

6:00 PM Boy Scout/Cub Scout Recruitment

Cafe !

Friday,September23!4:30 PM Wedding Rehearsal !

Saturday,September24!2:00 PM CookPheil Wedding!

Sunday,September25!10:00 AM Divine Mercy Chaplet before Mass!

10:30 AM 150th Anniversary Mass & Recep8on!

CelebrateSt.Michaels!Join us in celebrang 150 years of rich !

history on the West Side and West Saint Paul! !

10:30 a.m. Mass with Archbishop Bernard Hebda

Recep%on to follow!

FaithFormationFamilyNight!20162017 Faith Forma8on Classes begin this Wednesday, September 21


at the St.

Mahews Campus. Children in grades 110 are encouraged to aend weekly clas-

ses. Classes are from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. Parents/guardians are asked to accompany

their children to the first class on the 21st

for an informa8onal Family Night. If your

children are receiving First Reconcilia8on, First Holy Communion or Confirma8on in

the spring you will be given informa8on about these Sacraments as well as other

important informa8on regarding your childrens faith forma8on. We will be mee8ng

in St. Mahews Church and look forward to seeing many returning and new families

this year. !

ChurchBells!St. Michaels bells will ring on Sunday, September 18th in memory of the Fretschel


Troop288News!St. Michaels Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts registra8on is on Thursday, September 22,

2016 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria. Please enter through the

Haskell Street entrance. We have order forms and flyers for our annual Christmas

wreath and garland sale on the bulle8n boards for early orders. We are planning to

be at the entrance of church in early October to personally take your orders as well.

We will also have gourmet popcorn. !

Pleaseprayfor!Parishioners and loved ones of parishioners;! Henry Jandrich, Deborah Amacher,

Claudette Borgan, Payton Faith Smith, Sue (Marthaler) Wyndt, Anthony (Tony)

LaManna, Linda Barnes, Carlo James LaManna, Omar Acosta, Tim Rolando, Jack

Gutzman, Dean Wurley,!Mary Ann Hessler,! Barb Lucker,! Helen Tako,! Antonio

Zepeda, Mary Volp,!Sheena Reed, Ronald DeTomaso, Paul Schettner, Carlo LaMan-

na,!Virginia LaManna, Stanley Antolak, Jr.,! John Chicki, Ruby Martinez,! Bobby Hale,

Gerry Gutzmann, Cole Joseph Hinz, Barbara Forbes,! Dorothy Kingsbeck, Anne

Daly,! Dorothy Whaley, Gregory Karlen, Barbara Ann Pitka, Lydia Salas, Suzanne

Schultz, Liz Sershen, Beverly DeRusha, Mark McKee.!! May Our Lord bless, comfort

and heal them. If you would like to have a loved one added or removed please con-

tact the parish office.!

Plate! $602.84! Envelopes! $2,015!

School! $ 80! Electronic! $437!

Maintenance! $ 262! Pastors Project! $ 62!

Energy! $ 82! Total! $3,540.84!


St. Mahews News!


MassIntentions!Saturday,September17!4:00 PM ! Our Parish!

!Art Fischer!

Agnes Wi!

Monday,September19!8:00 AM Susan Andrew !

Special Inten8on!

Wednesday,September21!8:00 AM Living & Deceased !

Rosary/CCW Members!


Saturday,September24!4:00 PM ! Our Parish!

!David Andrews!

Ed Millerbernd!!


CalendarOfEvents!Saturday,September17!Faith Forma8on Registra8on Following


Sunday,September18!7:00 PM Border Bale Football Social



5:006:00 PM Loaves & Fishes ! !

6:45 PM Fes8val Planning Mee8ng Social


Tuesday,September20!5:006:00 PM Loaves & Fishes !

Wednesday,September21!5:006:00 PM Loaves & Fishes! !

6:30 PM Faith Forma8on Classes Begi