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St. Mahew St. Michael Our Lady of Guadalupe!


Cluster of Ca holic Churches!

WeeklyRelection!JubileeYearofMercy!ThereisStillTime!The Jubilee Year of Mercy ends on the Solemnity of Christ the King November 20, 2016. This Holy Year was

ini%ated by Pope Francis as an opportunity for all the faithful to have a powerful encounter with the mercy

of God. We are fast approaching the end of this amazing year. There is s%ll %me to experience everything

that God wants to do for us, especially obtaining the gi- of the Jubilee Year Indulgence. !The Jubilee Year Indulgence is a Plenary Indulgence. A plenary indulgence means that by the merits of Jesus

Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints, the full remission of the temporal punishment due to

sacramentally forgiven sins is obtained. The person becomes!as if just bap%zed!and would fly immediately to heaven if he died in that instant.! You may receive the plenary indulgence yourself, or offer it for a person in purgatory. Our Holy Father said, I wish that the Jubilee Indulgence may reach each one as a genuine

experience of God's mercy, which comes to meet each person in the Face of the Father who welcomes and

forgives, forge8ng completely the sin commi9ed.!To receive the Jubilee Year indulgence, you must fulfill the specified condi%ons, (specified below) and per-

form the indulgenced act: Make a brief pilgrimage passing through a designated Holy Door during the ex-

traordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy or performing one of the corporal or spiritual works of mercy. The Holy

Father says, Each %me that one of the faithful personally performs one or more of these ac%ons, he or she

shall surely obtain the Jubilee Indulgence.!Condi%ons for the Plenary Indulgence: !1. Be in the state of grace when the indulgenced act is performed!2. Have the interior disposi%on of complete detachment from sin, even venial sin;!3. Have sacramentally confessed their sins;!4. Receive the Holy Eucharist (it is certainly be9er to receive it while par%cipa%ng in Holy Mass, but for the

indulgence only Holy Communion is required); and!5. Pray for the inten%ons of the Supreme Pon%ff.!6. It is appropriate, but not necessary, that the sacramental Confession and especially Holy !Communion and the prayer for the Pope's inten%ons take place on the same day that the indulgenced work

is performed; but it is sufficient that these sacred rites and prayers be carried out within several days (about

20) before or a-er the indulgenced act. Prayer for the Pope's inten%ons is le- to the choice of the faithful,

but an Our Father and a Hail Mary are suggested. One sacramental Confession suffices for several plenary

indulgences, but a separate Holy Communion and a separate prayer for the Holy Father's inten%ons are

required for each plenary indulgence.!Spiritual Works of Mercy: ! ! Corporal Works of Mercy:!To instruct the ignorant.! ! Feed the Hungry!To counsel the doubJul.! ! Give Drink to the Thirsty!To admonish sinners.! ! ! Shelter the Homeless!To bear pa%ently those who wrong us.! Visit the Sick!To forgive offenses.! ! ! Visit the Prisoner!To console the afflicted.! ! Bury the Dead!To pray for the living and the dead! Give Alms to the Poor!My brothers and sisters, this is an amazing gi-. Please embrace the generosity of God and open your hearts

to his mercy. Hes opening wide for us the riches of his mercy. If you have any ques%ons on this, ask the

good Fathers or

Deacons. !Deacon Luis!

AdorationChapel!Thank you to our dedicated adorers; we have many open hours in need of

an adorer, please prayerfully consider taking one of the hours listed below. !

Tuesday 4:00 p.m. Wednesday 2:00 p.m. ! Friday 4:00 p.m.! ! Friday 5:00 p.m. ! Saturday, 5:00 p.m.! Saturday, 6:00 p.m. ! Sunday, 2:00 a.m. !

We need a second adorer for nearly every hour. If you have any quesons

regarding sign up hours please call Shirley Higginbotham at 6514576844

or Linda Rivera at 6514572334.!


401 Concord Street

St. Paul, MN 55107



510 Hall Ave

St. Paul, MN 55107 (Office located at St. Michaels)!

Website: st!

Prayer Line ~ 651!457!0228.!


337 Hurley St. E

West St. Paul, MN 55118


Prayer Line ~ 651!455!5473!

Pastor~Fr.JamesAdams! ! ! Deacon~LuisRubi!


! ! ! ! ! ! Deacon~JohnMurphy!

Mass~Misas!Monday ! 8:00 AM St. Mahew

Tuesday~Martes! 6:00 PM Our

Lady of Guadalupe (Bilingual)

Wednesday ! 8:00 AM St. Mahew

Thursday!9:30 AM St. Michael

Friday!8:00 AM St. Michael

Saturday!4:00 PM St. Mahew

Sunday~Domingo!9:00 AM Our Lady of Guadalupe


10:30 AM St. Michael (English)

11:00 AM Our Lady of Guadalupe


1:00 PM Our Lady of Guadalupe


Our Lady of Guadalupe

First Friday of Each Month 6:30 PM

Primer Viernes de Cada Mes 6:30 PM




6:00 PM ! 6:30 PM Our Lady of Guada-

lupe Friday~Viernes!7:30 AM 7:50 AM St. Michael

Saturday~Sbado!8:00 AM ! 9:00 AM St. Michael

3:00 PM ! 4:00 PM St. Mahew

3:30 PM ! 4:30 PM Our Lady of Guada-


9:45 AM ! 10:15 AM St. Michael

Sacraments~Sacramentos!Call the office

Llame la oficina!


St. Michaels News! MassIntentions!Sunday,November13!10:30 AM Our Parish!

Jay Montanez !


9:30 AM Victor Mercado, Jr., Special Intenon!


8:00 AM David & Danny Arguelles !


10:30 AM Our Parish!

Living & Deceased Members of!

the Archdiocesan Holy Name !


CalendarOfEvents!Saturday,November12! !


10:00 AM Divine Mercy Chaplet Before Mass!

6:30 PM Boy Scouts Gym!

7:00 PM Cub Scouts Cafeteria!


6:30 p.m. Fatima Prayer Cell Church!



6:00 PM Choir Practice Church!

6:30 PM Faith Formation St. Matts Campus!

Thursday,November17! ! !

9:30 AM COS School Mass!




10:00 AM Divine Mercy Chaplet Before Mass!

6:30 PM Boy Scouts Gym!

7:00 PM Cub Scouts Cafeteria!


Pleaseprayfor!parishioners and loved ones of parishioners;! Joseph Pillis, Dan Breister, Joseph Kegler, Bruce David, Roberta Grady, Henry Jandrich,

Deborah Amacher, Claudette Borgan, Payton Faith Smith, Sue

(Marthaler) Wyndt, Anthony (Tony) LaManna, Linda Barnes, Carlo

James LaManna, Tim Rolando, Dean Wurley,!Mary Ann Hessler,! Barb Lucker,! Helen Tako,! Antonio Zepeda, Mary Volp,!Sheena Reed, Ronald DeTomaso, Paul Schettner, Carlo LaManna,!Virginia LaManna, Stanley Antolak, Jr.,! John Chicki, Bobby Hale, Gerry Gutzmann, Cole Joseph Hinz, Barbara Forbes,! Dorothy Kingsbeck, Anne Daly,! Dorothy Whaley, Gregory Karlen, Barbara Ann Pitka, Lydia Salas, Suzanne

Schultz, Liz Sershen, Beverly DeRusha, Mark McKee.!!May Our Lord bless, comfort and heal them. If you would like to have a loved one

added or removed please contact the parish office.!

!FollowusonFacebook!at hps://!

BellsatSt.Michael!Let the Bells at St. Michaels ring in remembrance of your loved one or

to celebrate a special day. Call Linda Rivera at the Parish Office to

schedule a date. !! ! November 16 Theresa Kelly Lewis !

CherokeeTavernThanksgivingDinner!Each year the Casper family welcomes those who will be alone or are

unable to provide a meal for themselves to their restaurant on Smith

Avenue. You can enjoy a complete turkey dinner with all the trim-

mings free of charge. Please contact Linda at the parish office to re-

serve your ;ckets. Volunteers also needed to help package meals, de-

liver meals and for table service and clean up. Call the Cherokee Tav-

ern directly to volunteer your services. !

ClosingMassforYearofMercy!!Sunday, November 20, 6:30 p.m. Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis!Join with others from around the archdiocese as we celebrate Gods

great mercy at the closing of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Archbishop

Bernard A. Hebda will close the Holy Door and celebrate Mass.!


October 30, 2016

Plate! $ 1,783! Envelopes! $1,495!

Mission! $ 17! Electronic! $350!

Bells! $10! All Saints Day! $15!

Spend! $7! Energy! $75!

! ! Total! $3,752!


St. Mahews News! MassIntentions!Saturday,November12!