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CloudNine is on the look out for a Social Media nut and online professional, to shape and deliver great career opportunities for fantastic digitally-focused talent in the London market.


<ul><li> 1. From March 2013, CloudNine is proud to have merged with one of the largest independent recruitment group companies with a presence across the UK and overseas. With this comes investment and a fantastic opportunity for CloudNine to take our credible brand presence and reputation forwards and grow. CloudNines next big Recruiter Social Media &amp; Digital Recruiter Salary dep on exp. plus bonus of course &amp; profit share goodies Context &amp; Purpose of the role CloudNine is not like usual recruitment companies. It uses Social media almost exclusively to promote its business and raise awareness of our client vacancies. We havent made a sales call in our existence. Visibility, networking and integration within the industry are the corner-stones for our quest to be the best at sourcing and matching Social Media &amp; Digital Communications talent to the best employers. Reputation &amp; Recommendation is essential to our success. The Social Recruiterwill have a blend of this skill set, and the ability to seize opportunities and make the sales action when necessary also. They will walk into convertable business from day 1, and be pivotal in CloudNines planned growth. . Role Content Word Cloud CareersCloudNineComm unityContentConversation Digital DreamsEntrepreneurial EventsFacebook Google+IdentificationI nfluenceJobsLinkedI nListeningNetworking OpportunityOutreachPinterest ReputationResults Sales Social MediaStrategyTalentTr ustTwitterVisibility Word- of-MouthWritingYouTube Responsibilities, Method, and Stuff that needs to be done Youll probably have done this before, but Management of client vacancies within the Social Media &amp; Digital Comms specialism. Understanding, Utilising and Building Talent pools and sectors/skill clusters. Generation of new business opportunities through intelligent sales &amp; marketing. Communication and conversation with relevant, irrelevant and important people. Having an eye for great talent, and being purposeful in acting for them. Keeping up to speed with Digital and Social trends and news. Take social media led inquiries about jobs, careers and expertise. Actively network; online and offline; to raise visibility and prominence. Actively network internally too, across the group. It helps to be liked and respected. Amplify the work of CloudNine and its team, and share down the right channels. Identify and engage with people and partners who will work well with CloudNine. Make Dream Jobs happen. Utilise community clusters and share targeted and relevant content. Be remarkable. REALLY remarkable. Earn money well, for holidays and stuff. Listen to good people who have got good things to say, and learn. Particularly that @CloudNineRec bloke. Be flexible, sometimes funny, never fragile, and always fearless. Challenge the norms. Ideas are Ideal. Never say Im done there is always more. Our business is getting people jobs. if you havent done this before, but youre a Social Media pro who fancies it get in touch you might just be ideal. Culture &amp;Environment Dont be scared of Heights. 6th Floor offices in Soho. Initial team of 3, growing through 2013 &amp; 2014. Office location with 2 partner companies, 20 people in the office. Social culture expected. Hours of work 9.30am to 6pm. (and the rest) Creator and Participant in Social/Digital events in London. Profit Share and Bonus. This role is INTEGRAL to CloudNines growth &amp; opportunity. The boss is a decent bloke. Honestly. Entrepreneurial&amp; Positive environment. Now What? Email with your CV and anything else you want to share. Cat pictures not necessary. Really. In March 2013 CloudNine merged with one of the largest independent quality recruitment groups. This represents a terrific opportunity to develop our existing market presence and reputation and our unique methodology to the significant growth we now desire and the investment to support it. Its important we hire great and ambitious people, to fulfil this opportunity. </li> </ul>