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Cloud Testing


Cloud Testing - Future of Testing

Cloud Testing Guidelines and Approach


AgendaUnderstanding The Cloud?Why move to Cloud?Testing Philosophy ChallengesGuidelines to select a Cloud based solutionOptimum ApproachQuestions?2

Understanding The CloudCloud Computing model for Software development, deployment and delivery,providing real-time delivery of products, services and solutions over the Internet

Cloud Services model for providing commercial and business applications, services and solutions that are delivered and consumed in real-time over the Internet


Understanding The CloudCloud ServicesOffsite, provided by third-party vendorAccessible globally over internetManaged services no implementation and maintenance effortProvisioningCost based on usageShared resources Standard software editions4

Why move to the Cloud?Massive Computing Power: Cloud infrastructure providers are built on the worlds largest datacenters. This allows them to marshal gigantic quantities of computing power as-needed.

Improved Cost Basis: Cloud providers focus on offering access to highly efficient computing resources. They have not only economies of scale but also a dedicated focus on providing these infrastructures. These efficiencies can be passed on to you so your company can focus less on managing hardware and more on what differentiates you.

Elastic Pricing Models: Based on usage. This means that you pay for what you use as you use it, avoiding large upfront costs. 5

Testing Philosophy Will it change?Alignment with Business / RequirementsRisk Based Testing PrioritizationTest Planning Plans, Test cases, Scripts etc.,Defect / Issue ManagementProject Metrics Collection


Challenges While testing from the CloudMultiple environments Integration issuesTest Data Management Data creation, Data maskingSecurity concernsRegulatory and Legal ComplianceDefect Isolation and ResolutionDependency on Third party services Roles and Responsibilities


Guidelines to select a Cloud based solution


Distributed availabilityAccessible across globe and pay just for what is needed Peak Demand vary based on Geography and Schedule



Support for relevant TechnologiesBackground interactions and rich client-side supportWeb 2.0 Internet applications10

Ease of ManagementReuse existing Performance testing assetsControl tests with powerful management toolAdd instances to a testPerformance Test toolCloud based OfferingConfigure Cloud agents for VUsExisting ScriptsManage tests not cloud infrastructure


Controlled CostsMatch costs with business reasons for testingWhen your application fails during test, you should pay only for what youve usedTimeVU Goal Level200,000150,000100,00050,0000

Virtual UsersApplication fails12

Enterprise CoverageManageCloud-basedApplicationLoadsXYZ Enterprise Cloud ServicesCloud-Based Test Agents


Virtual UsersInternet-facingApplication

Performance Test tool


Virtual Users


The Optimum ApproachSolution should not be exclusively Cloud basedNo capabilities for managers to diagnose identified issues in an applicationIf a transaction is non-performant or a system doesnt scale, you need more than response times and other related metricsYou need deep-dive information to show what occurred in the application.You need to identify which transactions, workloads, or code are consuming high levels of resources and resulting in scalability issues

An approach that offers both Cloud-based load generation and onsite monitoring and diagnostics is the most reliable approach for this 14

EAI SOADBMSWeb/RIA/RCJava.NETLegacyCICS MQRapid Issue ResolutionLegacy163 Calls to Database(24 sec)85,000 Objectsover SOA calls(19 sec)PoorComponentPerformance(10 sec)MemoryLeakSynchronization issue (15 sec)Traversed pathContextlog messages, exceptions, method arguments,

Locate and understand issues to speed resolution

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