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<p> 1. Cloud Compiler Group Members: JASWANT KUMAR 01220703111 KRISHNA NAND MISHRA 03020703111 VIPIN KUMAR 04020703111 RAHUL VASHISTH 05520703111 Mentor Name and Designation Mr. Aditya Tandon (asst. Prof) Cloud Compiler 1 2. CONTENT Objective Introduction Cloud Architecture Data Flow Java Server Page Tomcat Server Implementation Conclusion Future Enhancement References 2 3. OBJECTIVE The aim of this project is to describe a centralized compiler for core java, c#, sql, html etc which avoid the installation of the compiler on each computer to compile, run, test and debug the code. 4. What is CLOUD COMPILER?? INTRODUCTION 5. WHY CLOUD COMPILER?? 6. Cloud Service Models 6 Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Adopted from: Effectively and Securely Using the Cloud Computing Paradigm by peter Mell, Tim Grance 7. CLOUD Architecture 7 8. Software as a Service (SaaS) SaaS is a model of software deployment where an application is hosted as a service provided to customers across the Internet. SaaS alleviates the burden of software maintenance/support but users relinquish control over software versions and requirements. 8 9. ARCHITECTURE: Cloud Compiler 10. Data Flow 11. Java Server Pages allow special tags and Java code to be embedded in HTML files. Presents dynamic content to users Handles the presentation logic in an MVC architecture 9 Container servlet JSP request response Helper Objects (business logic) (presentation logic) BusinessTier PLATFORM1: Java ServerPages (JSP) 12. TOMCAT : SERVER A container for Servlets and JSP Tomcat implements the Servlet and the Java Server Pages (JSP) specifications of Sun Microsystems Tomcat is an open-source, non commercial project Licensed under the Apache Software License 12 13. CREATING W.A.R. FILE 14. TOMCAT HOME PAGE 15. LOG IN FOR MANAGING TOMCAT 16. DEPLOYING WAR FILE 17. GETTING IP ADDRESS OF SERVER 18. Snapshots: JAVA CLIENT PAGE 19. USER OUTPUT 20. Opportunities and Challenges The use of the cloud provides a number of opportunities: It enables services to be used without any understanding of their infrastructure. Cloud compiler works using economies of scale: Data and services are stored remotely but accessible from anywhere. Use of cloud compiler means dependence on others and that could possibly limit flexibility and innovation: Security could prove to be a big issue: There are also issues relating to policy and access: 21 21. FUTURE SCOPE and LIMITATIONS Provide more compilers Implement a security mechanism Provide efficiency meters and code optimizer add ons Create Web APIs Mobile Applications Collaborative Editing 22. References [Mayank Patel]Cloud Documentation and Centralized Compiler for Java &amp; Php Grobauer, B. Walloschek, T. Stocker, E., Understanding Cloud Computing Vulnerabilities, Security &amp; Privacy,IEEE March-April 2011 Barrie Sosinsky, Cloud Computing Bible, Wiley publishing house. Nirmala N.Pansare, Ashwini C. Ithape, Shamal R. Gawande, A. D. Jadhav, International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE) ISSN: 2319 6378, Volume-2, Issue-5, April 2014 Mehare Suraj, Paliwal Poonam, Pardeshi Mangesh, Begum Shahnaz ,Private Cloud Implementation for Centralized Compilation, International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE) ISSN: 2231-2307, Volume-3, Issue-5, November 2013 Sagar B. Tambe, Prof. Shiv Sutar, Mr. Mahesh D. Nirmal, C/C++ Cloud Compiler Using Main Frame, International Journal of Computer Technology and Electronics Engineering (IJCTEE) Volume 3, Special Issue, March-April 2013, An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Journal </p>