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    o Oral loading Rapidly Controls Moderate to Severe Hypertension in Hospital Oral clonidine('Catapres') loading effectively reduced mean blood pressure by 33 Jrnm Hg in an average of 2.25 hours in 12 of 15 (80 96 ) hospitalised hypertens ive patients. On admission patients were given cionidine 0. 1 or a.2mg followed by 0.1 mg hourly until the BP was substantially reduced or a total ofO.5mg had been given. Four of 5 patients admitted for eme~gency BP control responded d ramatically to clonidine therapy and were discharged within 24 hours. ,Four patients required a.2mg clonidine. 2 of each 0.3 and OAmg. 3 had a.5mg and I had a.7mg.

    Mean BP fell 38mm Hg in 7 patients within the fi rst 6 hours in hospital and 24mrn Hg in 5 patients in hospital for more than 12 hours.

    Mean pulse rate fell 14 2.5 in 10 of II respOnders. Side effects were minimal. One patient developed marked postural BP changes but remained asymptomatic. No s ignificant

    changes were recorded in renal function tests in responders without any evidence of renal failure. Cohen. I.M. and katr:. M.A., Clinical Pharrnacolotly ~nd Therapc;uUcs 24: f f Uuf f 978)

    o Combination with Chlorthalidone Gives Good long Term Control Clonidine hydrochloride ('Catapres'; Boehringer ingelheim) in combination with a diuretic ,hlo-,I,'don. u' 0 t

    'UL gave very sa SLac ory control of moderate to severe hyperte~ lo~ In 23 patients over 5 years. This was longer than in previous studies and left l ittle doubt as to the usefulness ofthecombmallon fo r maintenance therapy. After 3 months the recumbem systol ic and diastolic BPs

    were lowered by 30.7 and 2:.4m~ Hg. standi ng by 29.4 and 27.3m m Hg, respect ively, and there werefurther reductions over the next 5 yea~ t~ a mean d lastohc BP(.recum~ndof76.2mm Hg. Compared with chlorthalidone alone, the combination gave a further reduction In BP of about 20 % . Increasmg over tht: 5 years. and being greater for diastolic than systolic pressure. Side effects occurred in II patients in the fi rst year. no tably dry mouth but there were only If,rth. , .0.- 'n the ' d f h

    . ~l remamerote study. There was no drug-related eye damage; in fact. thecoooition of the eyes of some patients improved Griep. A.H.: Cumn. Thenpeulic Re5Qn:h 24: I (Jill 1978) .

    INPHARMA 12th Augus . 1978 p9

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