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Light talk about clojure


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2. WHAT IS CLOJURE ? 3. REALLY NEW!!! 4. JVMclojurescriptCLR 5. INTEROP 6. JAVA fRAMEWORKS 7. CLOJURE fRAMEWORKS Ring (H5p wrapper that runs on je5y - Web development) hiccup (HTML rander) h5ps:// h5ps:// compojure (Web Development Framework in Clojure) Enlive (HTML / XML templa0ng ) h5ps:// h5ps:// noir Midje (Tes0ng) h5p:// h5ps:// ClojureQL (databse queries through elegant clojure expressions) clojurescript (Clojure to JS compiler - Run Clojure in JavaScript) h5p:// h5ps:// Oyako (Yet another thin layer between an SQL database and Clojur) scripturian (Template Engine) h5ps:// h5p:// fountain-jdbc(Clojure wrapper for Springs JDBC) clj-webdriver (Selenium-WebDriver Support for Clojure) h5ps:// h5ps:// leiningen (Build - based on ANT) incanter (Clojure-based, R-like sta0s0cal compu0ng and graphics h5ps:// environment for the JVM) h5ps:// FleetDB (NOSQL Database) h5p:// clamq (Clamq is a Clojure adpater for interac0ng with message queues - Ac0veMQ) moustache(DSL to wire Ring) h5ps:// h5ps:// borneo (Neo4J) Conjure (A Rails like framework for Clojure) h5ps:// h5ps:// clj-h5p (H5p invoker) Gaka (A CSS-genera0ng library for Clojure) h5ps:// h5ps:// Congomongo (MongoDB) clj-json (Fast JSON encoding and decoding for Clojure via the Jackson h5ps:// library) h5ps:// Overtone (music) h5ps:// 8. BUILD TOOLS 9. IDE ?? REPL : Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop 10. SIDE EFFECTS 11. FUNCTIONS AS DATA, DATA AS FUNCTIONS 12. IMMUTABLE DATA 13. CONCURRENCY (STM) 14. LETS SEE CODE!!! 15. HIGHER ORDER FUNCTION 16. LAZY 17. SEQS 18. MAP/FILTER 19. STRUCTURE 20. FUTURE 21. IS IT READY ?Companies using clojure in production 22. REFERENCES 23. QUESTIONS ???Social network informa0on MachadoSo#ware Design