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  • 7/27/2019 Clint Mullins Resume 2012


    Clinton F. MullinsCurrent: Box 4469 Connecticut College 270 Mohegan Ave New London, CT 06320 203.313.3554Permanent: 19 New Street Ridgefield, CT 06877

    SKILL SETProgramming: J|Java P|Python S|Scheme R|Processing H|HTML/Javascript T|STATASoftware: C|Photoshop CS6 Illustrator CS6 Dreamweaver CS6 PowerPoint Final Cut Pro https ://github . com/ ClintFMullins = (G) in progress = (I)


    Sonalysts Game Department,Intern June-July 2012J Coded Jump Point Search demo to prove efficiency gains over A* for large open-water path-finding (G)J Incorporated Incredibuild into compiling of Maya files to simultaneously build files using computers across intranetJ Built Spark (IM-client) plug-in for automated message sending to be deployed when builds fail (G)

    Computer Science Department, Teaching Assistant,Connecticut College Fall 2011-PresenJP Guide students with concepts/syntax of Python, Java, and OOP principles in labs and spare timeJP Help students with feasibility, layouts, and execution of projects

    Honors Thesis, Visualizing the Novel, Connecticut College CS Department (G)(I) Fall 2012-Spring 2013 J Coding with Topic Modeling, Stanford Text Parser, WordNet, to extract meaning (themes) and character

    analysis/relations from novels J Connecting novel diction to set concepts (using WordNet), associating those concepts to colors and shapes to visually

    represent novels and individual characters mood and themes at each stage during the narrative JR Processing (Java graphics programming language) will be used to represent gathered data in an abstract interactive 3D

    image showing progression of inputted novel with character analysis

    ACADEMIC EXPERIENCEConnecticut College,New London, CT Class of 2013

    Major: Computer Science Minor: Economics CS GPA 3.4/ GPA 3.18

    Algorithmic Game Theory,Independent Midterm/Final Projects, CS Department 2011/2012 J Prisoners Dilemma Simulation (G) - Simulates PD and allows user to create their own expert rule sets without coding

    knowledge to control both bots and analyze results (inspired by Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma Competition)J Altruist-Egoist Simulation (G) Connected nodes are altruists or egoists and receive payoff/decide personality based on

    adjacent neighbors; this shows survivability and propagation of altruists and why altruism is not actually altruistic

    Artificial Intelligence,Artificial/Computational Intelligence, CS Department 2011/2012 JS Executed projects based on search methods, representation, path-finding, mini-max, expert rule systems, fuzzy logic,

    machine learning, neural networks, genetic algorithms (G), and case-based reasoning

    Data Correlation Analysis,Econometrics, CS Department Spring 2011

    T Backed up theory of correlation between local relative income and likeliness of spouse to enter the job marketOther Relevant Coursework, CS/Math/Econ Department 2009-2012 JPSH Data Structures, Algorithms, Networks, Mobile Computing, Discrete Mathematics, Operating

    Systems, Robotics, Computer Organization, Intro Python

    LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCETopics in Software Development,Team Leader, Connecticut College (I) Fall 2012-Presen

    HC Leading a team of students on the completion of a GreenDot@ConnColl website devoted to raising awarenessof sexual assault and effective preventative measures, using Joomla for CM, Google Map integration

    HC Creating weekly reports, distributing workload, deciding direction of site HC Designing most of the websites art assets using Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6

    Co Co Beaux (A Capella), Social Media Co-Chair and Senior Member, Connecticut College Spring 2011-Presen Discuss and carry out promotional ideas for website/Facebook/posters with group President and Business Manager 6+ hours a week with outside rehearsal meetings, travel the east coast working gigs to pay for CD production

    Lodestar Literary Magazine, Technical Editor, Ridgefield High School Fall 2007-Spring 2009 Organized and ran weekly meetings, negotiated with Capitol Printing over specifics of magazine

    C Designed and executed 48 page magazine using Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, and InDesignCS2

    HOBBIESPast Independent Coding Projects, Java/Python Spring 2010-Presen

    J Monopoly Genetic Algorithms (I) - Using genetic algorithms and monopoly simulation, what is the best strategy in termsof what land to buy, to mortgage, to outbid others, to buy houses/hotels

    J A Capella Group Simulator (Game) (I) Train singers, compete in shows, buy better talent, balance the sound of the group P War Card Game Simulatorfull simulation of the card game 'War' with full stat tracking (play time, face-offs, wars,

    winner). Run this simulation to satisfy your curiosity and to stop wasting time playing the game 'War'P Slot Machine Complete with colorful slot machine GUI, constant money, friends' faces used as slot images

    Other Hobbies,Personal Pursuits Birth-Presen A Capella, Creating comics, Music composition, Creative writing, Piano/singing, Skiing, Racquetball