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Click to loop first 3 scripture mastery slides. ESC to cancel and continue with slideshow. New Testament Teach of Me . Sundays 7-8 pm 766 S 900 E. Refreshments Served Volunteers welcome. Feel free to invite anyone you think would be interested!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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  • New TestamentTeach of Me

    LDS Extensions ServicesWinter/Spring 2009

    Matthew 5:14-16Ye are the light of the world

  • New TestamentTeach of Me

    LDS Extensions ServicesWinter/Spring 2009

    Matthew 6:24No man can serve two masters

  • New TestamentTeach of Me

    LDS Extensions ServicesWinter/Spring 2009

    Matthew 16:15-19Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God

  • Newl TestamentTeach of Me

    LDS Extensions ServicesWinter/Spring 2009

    Matthew 5:14-16Light of the WorldMatthew 6:24We cannot servetwo MastersMatthew 16:15-19Thou art the Christ

  • New TestamentTeach of MeLDS Extensions Services Winter/Spring 2009Sundays 7-8 pm766 S 900 ERefreshments ServedVolunteers welcomeFeel free to invite anyone you think would be interested!

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  • One block = 2.5 tonsProphecy of temple destruction foretold

  • Three Levels of Scripture StudyDetail LevelHistoryChronological OrderCultureGeographySyntax, language, structurePrinciple LevelThe take home messageDoctrines

  • Principles A definitionPrinciples are concentrated truth, packaged for application to a wide variety of circumstances. A true principle makes decisions clear even under the most confusing and compelling circumstances.Elder Richard G. ScottEnsign, November 1993

  • That word principle in the revelation is a very important one. A principle is an enduring truth, a law, a rule you can adopt to guide you in making decisions. Generally principles are not spelled out in detail. That leaves you free to find your way with an enduring truth, a principle, as your anchor. Members write in asking if this thing or that is against the Word of Wisdom. Principles A definition

  • Principles A definitionIts well known that tea, coffee, liquor, and tobacco are against it. It has not been spelled out in more detail. Rather, we teach the principle together with the promised blessings. There are many habit-forming, addictive things that one can drink or chew or inhale or inject which injure both body and spirit which are not mentioned in the revelation.

  • Principles A definitionEverything harmful is not specifically listed; arsenic, for instancecertainly bad, but not habit-forming!

    Boyd K. Packer, The Word of Wisdom: The Principle and the Promises, Ensign, May 1996, 17


  • LAW OF MOSESBehaviorPrinciple

  • LAW OF MOSESLAW OF CHRISTBehaviorPrinciple

  • LAW OF MOSESLAW OF CHRISTBehaviorBehaviorPrinciplePrinciple

  • One of the great evidences of Gods infinite mercy and love is his disposition to provide only as much knowledge and power as a people is able to receive. Having all knowledge himself, the Lord is able to discern a nations bearing capacity, and thus to made available that amount of light and truth which will bless (rather than curse) its recipients.

  • This principle is perfectly demonstrated in the Lords treatment of erring Israel the introduction of the preparatory gospel, the Law of Carnal Commandments, and the Aaronic Priesthood. When we are eventually able to view our mortal existence from Gods perspective, it may well be that we will discover that the number of laws and the amount of structure a generation requires is inversely related to its state of righteousness.

  • That is to say, a righteous generation is perfectly capable of governing itself by principles, and it requires few overt laws and conditions. The intricate system of sacrifices, as well as the complicated dietary code and health laws associated with the carnal commandments, represents a profound commentary on ancient Israel.

    Robert L. Millet, In Studies in the Scriptures 1:314

  • Three Levels of Scripture StudyDetail LevelPrinciple Level2 Great DoctrinesRestorationAtonement

  • Elder Boyd K. Packer[The Atonement] is the very root of Christian doctrine. You may know much about the gospel as it branches out from there, but if you only know the branches and those branches do not touch that root, if they have been cut free from that truth, there will be no life nor substance nor redemption in them.The Mediator, Ensign, May 1977, 56


  • Reception of the Holy Ghost is the cleansing agent as the atonement purifies you.That is a fact you can act on with confidence. You can invite the Holy Ghosts companionship into your life. And you can know when he is there, and when he withdraws. And when he is your companion, you can have confidence that the Atonement is working in your life.

    (Elder Henry B. Eyring, Come Unto Christ, BYU Fireside, 29 October 1989, Found in: To Draw Closer to God, Deseret Book, 1997, pp. 49-50)By the Power of the Holy GhostFATHERSAVIOR HOLY GHOST The Holy Ghost activates the atonement in our lives:

  • What does the world think God is really Like?

  • Of the many magnificent purposes served in the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, one great aspect of that mission often goes uncelebrated. His followers did not understand it fully at the time, and many in modern Christianity do not grasp it now, but the Savior Himself spoke of it repeatedly and emphatically. EnsignOctober 2003Elder Jeffery R. Holland

  • It is the grand truth that in all that Jesus came to say and do, including and especially in His atoning suffering and sacrifice, He was showing us who and what God our Eternal Father is like, how completely devoted He is to His children in every age and nation. In word and in deed Jesus was trying to reveal and make personal to us the true nature of His Father, our Father in Heaven.EnsignOctober 2003Elder Jeffery R. Holland

  • Plow in Hope Ensign, May 2001, 59The more we know of Jesus, the more we will love Him. The more we know of Jesus, the more we will trust Him. The more we know of Jesus, the more we will want to be like Him and to be with Him by becoming the manner of men and women that He wishes us to be.Neal A. Maxwell

  • All too oftenmy limitedvision of Christ is [that He is] a type of spiritual advisor, a sort of celestial cheer leader who stands on the sidelines and whispers encouragement but not the Lord God Omnipotent who came to earth to make men and women into new creatures by empowering them to do what they could never do for themselves. In an eagerness to draw closer to Christ, some Church members seem to have begun to cross a sacred line and go beyond that reverential barrier that must be observed by true followers of the Christ. They speak of Jesus as though he were their next-door neighbor, their buddy or chum, their pal.

  • This is not the way to intimacy with the Savior. Oddly enough, strangely enough, it is not through humanizing Jesus, through trying to make him one of the boys, that we draw closer to him and incorporate his saving powers. It is, rather, through recognizing his godhood, his divinity, his unspeakable power. In short, the more I sense his greatness, his infinityand my utter helplessness without him, the more I come unto him. Remember, it is through recognizing our own nothingness and weakness that we derive strength. (Robert Millet)

  • I perceive that ye are weak, that ye cannot understand all my words which I am commanded of the Father to speak unto you at this time. Therefore, go ye unto your homes, and ponder upon the things which I have said, and ask of the Father, in my name, that ye may understand, and prepare your minds for the morrow and I come unto you again.--3 Nephi 17:2-3It is through His spirit that he comes to us today!

  • Next Class January 25Christs titles, Sinless vs PerfectionThe Four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)Assignments Due Next Week Who Are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John? Janet Thomas, New Era, Jan 2007, 1822 --click on Class Readings Bible Dictionary: Gospels Start Reflective Journal 300 words SM (Matt 5:14-16; Matt 6:24; Matt 16:15-19) Team Teach, Ensign to Nation

  • Ye are the light of the worldMatthew 5:14-16

  • Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living GodMatthew 16:15-19

  • No man can serve two mastersMatthew 6:24