clay seals. clay seals: king hezekiah clay seals: king ahaz

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  • Clay Seals
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  • Clay Seals: King Hezekiah
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  • Clay Seals: King Ahaz
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  • Clay Seals: Shema (Jeroboam)
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  • Clay Seals: King Manasseh
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  • Clay Seals: Baruch
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  • Abraham: The Blessing that Overcomes the Curse Roadmap of the Bible Creation-------------------------------------------------------------------------New Creation Adam Noah Abraham Moses David Jesus You are here: Genesis 11:27-12:7
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  • The Story So Far Similar Beginnings, Similar Ends A fresh start and a clean slate is not enough as long as mans corrupt heart remains unchanged.
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  • The Story So Far 1.Adam 2.Seth 3.Enosh 4.Kenan 5.Mahalalel 6.Jared 7.Enoch 8.Methuselah 9.Lamech 10.Noah (3 Sons) Shem, Ham, Japheth 1.Shem 2.Arphaxad 3.Cainan 4.Salah 5.Eber 6.Peleg 7.Reu 8.Serug 9.Nahor 10.Terah (3 Sons) Abram, Nahor, Haran
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  • The Story So Far Big Expectations for Abraham: 1.God will do something new/miraculous with Abraham. 2.The Seed of Abraham will continue the mission against Satan (cf. 3:15ff).
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  • Who was Abram? He was from Ur of the Chaldeans.
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  • Who was Abram? He was from Ur of the Chaldeans. His ancestors built the Tower.
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  • Who was Abram? He was from Ur of the Chaldeans. His ancestors built the Tower. He was an idolater.
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  • First Takeway: God reaches out to save lost people. AbrahamMoses Receives the land Lawgiver himself by faith alone. unable to enter.
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  • The Great Reversal Creation Gen 1-2 Good Blessing Blessed Very good Fall Gen 3 Abraham Gen 12:1-3 Curse Bless Blessing Bless Blessed Died
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  • The Great Reversal Salvation from Sin How we understand the gospel: Healing of the whole universe
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  • Israels Mission Statement Command: Go Promise: great nation Promise: bless you Promise: name great Command: Be a blessing Promise: bless those who bless you Promise: curse those who curse you Promise: all families of the earth blessed in you


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