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Here are four Valentine’s Day crafts that will brighten your students’ day –and allow them to share that same joy with someone else.


  • 1. Valen&nes Your Students Will Love to Make

2. Valentines Day is a fun time for children to exchange cards and candy. But it also carries a greater life lesson: Learning how to show others love, kindness and appreciation. Here are four Valentines Day crafts that will brighten your students day and allow them to share that same joy with someone else. The Greater Lesson 3. Notebook Treat Bags What Youll Need: Regular, loose-leaf notebook paper Red & white vintage valentine stickers Decorative-edge scissors Glue sticks Candy hearts 4. Direc&ons 1) Cut each piece of notebook paper in half horizontally, giving each student a half-sheet. 2) Fold one side of the paper over, leaving of an inch of space in between the two ends. 3) Apply glue on the of an inch of open space, and fold the glued end over the non-glued end to seal it off. 4) Fold one of the open sides of the bag like you would a gift, sealing it with stick glue. This will be the bottom of your treat bag. 5) Cut the only side of the paper bag thats still open with the decorative-edge scissors. 6) Put the candy hearts inside and close with a vintage sticker. See the final product here. 5. Candy BuBeries What Youll Need: Snack-sized bags of M&Ms Washable green finger paint Wooden tongue depressors Pipe cleaners Old newspaper Tape Paint brushes Art smocks for children 6. Direc&ons 1) Cover each students desk or an art table with newspaper and hold it in place with tape. 2) Pass out art smocks, paint brushes, tongue depressors, and pipe cleaners. 3) Put a quarter-sized amount of green paint on each childs newspaper. 4) Let the children paint the tongue depressors and allow time to dry. 5) Use the pipe cleaners to fasten the bags of M&Ms to each depressor. See the final product here. 7. Lace Heart Doily Cards What Youll Need: 4-inch doilies Pack of construction paper Glue sticks Washable markers 8. Direc&ons 1) Pre-cut the construction paper into heart shapes. 2) Pass out one paper heart and one lace doily heart to each student. 3) Allow them to use the glue sticks to attach the lace doily heart to the construction paper heart. 4) Let your students handwrite the recipients name in the middle of the valentine. See the final product here. 9. Hungry Valen&nes Day Mailbox What Youll Need: Cereal box (ask each student to bring one in, but also bring in extras) Red gift wrapping paper Construction paper White computer paper Tape or glue sticks Child-safe scissors Washable markers HeartMailBox,BarbaraLN,CCBY 10. Direc&ons 1) On one side of the box, toward the bottom, use scissors to cut out a heart-shaped mouth. 2) Wrap the cereal box in gift paper and seal with tape. 3) Cut a heart-shaped hole through the wrapping paper in the same place that theres a heart-shaped hole in the box. 4) Cut two strips from the white construction paper. 5) Cut one side of each white strip in a jagged line, for the teeth. 6) Cut out large hearts for the feet, medium-sized hearts for the ears and small hearts for the noses. 7) Use stick glue or tape to attach the teeth, feet, ears, and nose. 8) Draw eyes using the markers. 11. The Beckers Story! Beckers School Supplies is named for the family that started the company and the purpose they serve. Since 1928, the company has provided schools, child care programs, and other educational facilities with quality educational materials, furnishings, and equipment. We have eight parent/teacher stores and one outlet store located throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Each one offers thousands of specialty products geared toward teachers, parents, and children. So however you prefer to shop on the web, through our product catalog, or in-store Beckers looks forward to getting to know you! 12. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Pinterest. Connect with us!