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  • CLASSROOM PROCEDURESMs. Blakes ClassroomWhitmore-Bolles ElementaryDearborn, Michigan

  • FOREWORDWelcome to Ms. Blakes class!I am here to teach. Students are here to learn. Together, we will use this year wisely and beneficially!A positive attitude is the key to success. Lets keep it all the time!

  • WHY DO WE HAVE PROCEDURES?A procedure is the way that we do things.To do things right, we have to follow some simple procedures, for example:To place a call on your phone, you need to enter the number in the right order.So, to be successful in learning, you need to follow some simple procedures.

  • ENTRANCEMake sure you have all necessary materials for the class.Enter the classroom quietly.Turn in your homework and make your lunch choice.If you have a note from home, please put it in Ms. Blakes mailbox.Go to your seat and get ready for your work.

  • RIGHT AFTER THE BELL RINGSComplete one poetry page.Read to self when you are done with your poetry page.A student will be taught the procedure of how to be the Attendance Keeper. This student places an Absent folder on that desk of the student who is absent. I can then glance around the room quickly and know who is absent.

  • DURING INSTRUCTIONListen to the teacher with full attention.No pencil sharpening, talking, or whispering while someone is talking.Ask permission to speak by raising your hand and getting permission from the teacher.Ask questions related to the subject. Other questions which are not related to the subject can be asked after instruction.After instruction, make sure you understand the concept. If not, ask questions by mentioning which part you didnt understand.

  • WHILE YOU ARE WORKINGMake sure you read or listen to the directions about your work and understand them.If you didnt understand, ask help from other students sitting around you. If they also dont understand, ask to the teacher to explain it.If you are asked to help, be polite and kind and offer your best.Talking to each other should be no louder than a whisper. The person sitting on the other side of the room should not be interrupted by your noise.Respect each other and be friendly.Use your time wisely. Put forth your best effort to finish your work on time.

  • KEEPING YOUR JOURNALThe first page should be the title page. Write your full name, and school name on it.Number the pages in the bottom corner.Each day, put the date first.Keep your journal clean and organized.Your journal will be collected and checked from time to time. Turn it in on time when you are asked.Take good care of your journal. Do not lose it.

  • IF THE TEACHER RAISES HER HANDStop whatever you are doing at that moment.Face the teacher and wait silently.No talking or whispering. All of your attention should be given to the teacher.

  • AFTER YOU ARE DONECheck your work and the directions one more time to see if you missed anything or did something incorrectly.If the assignment is to be turned in, do so by placing it in Ms. Blakes mailbox.Start read to self or work on writing when you are done.

  • BATHROOM BREAKSOnly one student may use the bathroom at a time.Ms. Blakes students should use the bathroom located in the back of the room.A consequence will be given to students who use the restroom more than twice a day.Students should put a check by their name on the bathroom checklist each time they use the bathroom.Students should let the teacher know if the bathroom is messy before going into the bathroom.Students must place the bathroom pass on the bathroom door.Students must make sure to clean up after themselves.Toilet paper goes into the toilet. Hand towels should go into the garbage can.

  • DISMISSAL At the end of the day, students should clean their work area and take all unwanted paper to the recycling bin.All garbage should go into the trash can.Students should place their homework folder and book bag in their backpack.Students should sit on the floor by their hook and wait for Ms. Blake to dismiss the class.Leave quietly. Thank You!

  • LUNCHPROCEDUREStudents make two lines by the door, one for home lunches and one for school lunches. Students are picked up after lunch on the blacktop by our class number.Students should follow cafeteria rules, and clean up their area after they are done. Students should be on their best behavior by using Please and "Thank You.

  • HALLWAYPROCEDUREStudents will line up quietly into two lines.Students must stay in order.We will have a new line leader each week.Students are to walk quietly in the hallway.Students must hold onto the handrail for safety.

  • WHEN YOU ARE ABSENTWhen a student is absent, an absent folder is placed on that students desk. Copies of all papers passed out during class or any notes that need to go home are placed inside the folder. When the student comes back to school he/she knows to complete the missed work in the folder. If you missed a test because of your absence, inform Ms. Blake and arrange a time to make up the test.

  • CLASSROOM RULESSchool-wide classroom rules are posted on the wall: Bring all necessary materials to class.Snacks and water bottles are allowed inside the classroom.Gum is not allowed inside the classroom.Always act and speak in an appropriate way.Be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.

  • CONSEQUENCESWarningConference with StudentThink Sheet or Note HomeParent ContactReferral to Administration

  • If the Teacher is Out of the Classroom for an EmergencyStudents remain on task while the teacher is out of the room. Classroom rules and procedures are followed as they continue their work. The teacher next door is available for help if needed.



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