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This is the Classroom management workshop that was given to PT1 as a make up session in Nov 2013


  • 1. + CLASSROOM MANAGEMENTPresented By: Darren Battaglia, Kelly Mack and Gita Stowe Make Up November 20,2013SJUSD Human Resources

2. +Management TrainingsI.FrameworkII.Engagement & MotivationIII.Culturally Responsive ManagementSJUSD Human Resources 3. +AGENDA1.Welcome2.Relationships3.Rules and Procedures4.Rewards and ConsequencesSJUSD Human Resources 4. + SHARE Writea classroom management success you have had this school year in your note taking guideSJUSD Human Resources 5. +Outcomes: Deepen understanding and application of classroom management as a system.Create an action plan for using rules, procedures and building student relationships.Share your successes and get ideas for some of the challenges you might be facing.SJUSD Human Resources 6. +Great Educators in History DIRECTIONSWho was your favorite teacher and why?SJUSD Human ResourcesEXAMPLE 7. + SHARE Shareyour memory with a new partner Whatdid that teacher do to build relationships?SJUSD Human Resources 8. + RELATIONSHIPSSJUSD Human Resources 9. +Teacher : Student All read pp. 5-6Focus on relationship building strategies, be ready to shareJIGSAW: Module 12: Demonstrating Personal Interest pp. 8-11Module 15: Being Aware of the Needs pp. 20-26SJUSD Human Resources 10. +Teacher:Student Using Equitable & Positive Classroom BehaviorsSJUSD Human ResourcesTaking Personal Interest in StudentsBalanced Dominance/Authority & Cooperation 11. +Student : Student Relationships Whats the difference?Human BingoThink, Pair, ShareIce breakersSJUSD Human Resources 12. +Student : Class Relationships Class meetingCompose a chantPhoto wall/collageMuralMission statementSJUSD Human Resources 13. +Action Plan for Relationships Write an activity to improve each type of relationshipDescribe next steps: tomorrow, next week, month & yearSJUSD Human Resources 14. +Teacher as a Warm Demander Read The Teacher as a Warm Demander (p. 28) Be ready to share one insight from the reading with the groupSJUSD Human Resources 15. +SJUSD Human ResourcesBREAK 16. +Management is a systemSJUSD Human Resources 17. + RULESSJUSD Human Resources 18. Action Plan for Rules+Write your classroom rules on the action plan.SJUSD Human Resources 19. Rules: The function of a rule is to prevent or encourage behavior by clearly stating + student expectations.Harry WongSJUSD Human Resources 20. +The 6 Rules for Rules: SimplePositively statedBehavioral objectives (Doing Verbs)Always trueEasily observedPhysically doableSJUSD Human Resources 21. What will you enforce?SJUSD Human Resources+ 22. +EXAMPLESSJUSD Human Resources 23. +EXAMPLESSJUSD Human Resources 24. +EXAMPLESSJUSD Human Resources 25. +EXAMPLESSJUSD Human Resources 26. +EXAMPLESSJUSD Human Resources 27. Action Plan for Rules+Re-write your classroom rules using the 6 rules for rules.SJUSD Human Resources 28. + PROCEDURESSJUSD Human Resources 29. +Examples:SJUSD Human Resources 30. +Examples:SJUSD Human Resources 31. +ExamplesSJUSD Human Resources 32. +ExamplesSJUSD Human Resources 33. +ExamplesSJUSD Human Resources 34. +ExamplesSJUSD Human Resources 35. +Examples SJUSD Human Resources 36. +Examples:SJUSD Human Resources 37. +ExamplesSJUSD Human Resources 38. +ExamplesSJUSD Human Resources 39. +ExamplesSJUSD Human Resources 40. +ExamplesSJUSD Human Resources 41. +Examples SJUSD Human Resources 42. +What procedures do we need? SJUSD Human Resources 43. +What procedures do we need? SJUSD Human Resources 44. +Procedures Highlight procedures that are working in your classNumber the top 3 that you need to change or implement Brainstorm procedures that are not on list Share with your groupSJUSD Human Resources 45. +Self- Reflection Think about a typical day.What procedure works really well?SJUSD Human Resources 46. +Teaching Procedures Effectively Break them into 3 5 simple stepsTeach the visually, orally & kinestheticallyCheck for understandingPractice, reinforce, periodically review, quiz/assessSJUSD Human Resources 47. The most difficult behavior fora child to do is the one he has never seen. A. HarrisSJUSD Human Resources 48. +Action Plan Procedures Write one new procedureInclude it Google Form: might you implement it?SJUSD Human Resources 49. +Procedure: Passing out textbooks StepLooks likeTable monitors walk to the back shelf & pick up booksOne student from each table stands up and walks quietly to the back of the classroomPlace one textbook (quietly) in front of each studentOne student passes out one textbook per studentTable monitor walks back to seatAll students are seating at assigned seatsSounds likeSJUSD Human ResourcesQuiet and the rest of the students are listening to the lessonAll students are ready to learn 50. +Action Plan Procedures Write one new procedureInclude it Google Form: might you implement it?SJUSD Human Resources 51. + REWARDS & CONSEQUENCE SSJUSD Human Resources 52. +SJUSD Human Resources 53. +Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic rewards Do they work?Motivation?SJUSD Human Resources 54. +Individual Recognition Students of the monthTickets for drawingsStudent storeCupcakesJobsSJUSD Human Resources 55. +Group Recognition Preferred activity timeAttendance & Behavior ChartsMarbles in a jarTable pointsSJUSD Human Resources 56. +Be awareSJUSD Human Resources 57. +When things go wrongSJUSD Human Resources 58. +Criteria of Effective ConsequencesSJUSD Human Resources 59. +Criteria of Effective ConsequencesSJUSD Human Resources 60. +Closure Think of two ideas that might work for you in your classroomWrite each idea on a separate sheet of paperSJUSD Human Resources 61. +Snow Ball Fight! Crumple up paper into a snow ballOn the signal, begin throwing your snowballs!At the second signal, stop & pick up two snowballs around youForming a group of 2 3 people, take turns sharing and discussing the snowball ideas with your groupSJUSD Human Resources 62. +Education is not about filling a bucket, but lighting a fire William YeatsSJUSD Human Resources 63. +ClosureEvaluations StepsSJUSD Human Resources 64. +ImagesClevercupcakes, Homemade agave sweetened marshmallow topped cupcake,, Giant baby naming cupcake, ostreamKelly Sue, Henry Leos 1st birthday cupcake, Wagemann, Total Relaxation, m/Dangerous Weapon, /SJUSD Human Resources


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