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For our social media class we all had to take a social channel and put it into use for a week to help keep classmates up to date on what was going on throughout classes. Also posting content that people could find useful.


  • 1. DIGITAL CONCIERGE Hailey Murphy, Britta nyFINAL REPORT Rennick, Kayt ee Connor &OCTOBER 9 TH-16 TH, 2012 Andy Laframboise

2. TWITTER-HAILEY MURPHYCase: IMC third year digital Twitter concierge for one week. Responsible fortweeting periodically to deliver messages about lessons, classes,assignments and general IMC information to the class throughout the week.Used hashtags #concierge4theweek and #imcslc in every concierge tweet. 3. COMPARISON: The graph presented shows the improvement amount oftweets and the increase in the usage of the#concierge4theweek hashtag since my concierge sessionbegan. I made it a priority to tweet any key information aboutany class we had, any questions classmates had, and generalinformation about assignments or events within the week. 4. ARCHIVE OF HAILEYS#CONCIERGE4THEWEEK USAGE 5. PERSONAL INFLUENCE VALUE TO PROJECT: According to Klout, I am influential about business and socialmedia. On Kred, I am influential about advertising, marketingand education. Because all of these topics tie into ourprogram, I feel as if this helped me in my tweeting andreaching out to classmates. 6. WHAT I DID WELL: Consistent tweets Informative tweets Correct information in my tweets Always responded if someone mentioned me or the hashtagon Twitter 7. IMPROVEMENTS TO BE MADE Improvements to be made: Post articles and similar content related to course Tweet similar themes to others on my concierge team toensure all posts flow together 8. ARCHIVES 9. FACEBOOK- ANDY LAFRAMBOISEFor my groups class concierge assignment, I chose the social mediasite Facebook as a tool to share useful class content, articles related toour courses and updates. I was excited to take on the role as classconcierge because it would not only keep the rest of the class up todate with our courses but would also help myself keep on track witheverything. When deciding which social media site to choose tocomplete this assignment, I knew I wanted Facebook. I am veryfamiliar with this social media site and knew I could incorporate a lotmore information into my posts rather than choosing Twitter which onlyallows me 140 characters. 10. As the Facebook concierge I tried to post almost everyday, since 3 rd years are frequently checking the 3 rd yearFacebook group for guidance with something. After reviewingmy posting history, I notice now that I wasnt as consistentwith my posts as I wanted to be. I should have set a timeevery day when I would post. The first day I felt like I was a bittoo excited with the assignment and posted 5 posts. I knowits good to give people content but I believe with those 5posts I was becoming a bit of an annoyance rather than aguide. Looking back at those five post made me reflect ofhow I would feel if I was one of the students getting all thoseupdates at once; I think I would be a bit overwhelmed andannoyed too. 11. In some of my posts I tried to incorporate a call to action thatwould lead to discussion, such as ending my posts with aquestion (ex: In MCOM44 talking about how our cafeteriafood sucks. Who has gone to the Panini place down in thelower link? Hearing some good feedback. Classmates say thecof fee might be better than Timmies or their sandwiches areawesome! Word of mouth here!). In that post alone I coveredwhat was going on in class, engaged the audience and relatedwhat we were talking about to our field of study. I also tried toengage people by hosting a study session for one of our testbut that did not work out so well because of our busyschedules. 12. I am aware that in some of my posts I used an unprofessionaltone and some slang but my medium was Facebook and Iwanted to target my language to the class and add a little zip.Most people would rather read something with an edgy toneor some personality than blah business writing. 13. My 4 th post was my most influential post since this postengaged the whole class. I asked everyone to post theirGoogle + accounts to the Facebook page so everyone in ourclass could add one another. This was great since it saved ustime having to exchange in our personal time. Some of myother posts included me posting assignments from blackboardor Appleshares on to the Facebook group. I thought theseposts would be very helpful being class concierge since I washelping students access assignments when they couldntaccess them. We all know that accessing Appleshares athome can be a nightmare, so I took away the stress of it notworking. 14. All my other posts included me posting Articles that wererelevant to our field of study. I tried posting an article thatrelated to each one of our classes. For our mobile marketingclass I posted an article on the evolution of mobile from 95 -2011which raised some interest among my peers since I got a Like.I posted an article on content curation that related to ourcontent marketing class. For our market research and dataanalysis class I posted two articles, one on 10 obscure ExcelTricks and the other on designing a good questionnaire forsurveys. Finally for our social media class I shared the schedulefor Pivot con. All in all I think I did a pretty good job at being theclass Facebook concierge since I posted valuablecontent, however I could have incorporated more media into myposts such as video, infographics or podcasts. As a team wecould have communicate better which could have allowed us toavoid posting similar content or we could have posted aboutsame topics but cover different points of the topic on each socialmedia site. 15. ARCHIVES 16. LINKED IN- KAY TEE CONNOR 17. Channel choice I choose LinkedIn as my channel choicebecause it is a professional and business oriented type ofsocial media, that allows for you to create discussions withingroups. I like the idea of a discussion oppose to a status thateveryone would comment on. A conversation and discussionmakes for less clutter; anyone can add their input on yourpost. I also find LinkedIn isnt used as much as say Facebookor Twitter or at least its not promoted as much, so I wanted totake the chance to promote it as a social media channel thatcan be ef fective when used properly. 18. CASE AND PERSONAL INFLUENCEConcierge for a social media channel for a week. Our week wasOctober 9 th October 16 th .On Kred I have 745 Influence and an Outreach of 5 but ofcourse these numbers are constantly fluctuating. My influenceon Klout is 56. From these numbers you can see that I am overaveragely involved in social media and that I am makingconsistent posts on all of my social media channels that arebeing liked, commented on, retweeted, and favourited.Therefore I am a good candidate to work with social media. Idid not find this project that dif ficult just because I alreadyhave so much experience with social media and I already use itin my everyday life. 19. VALUE TO PROJECT/THINGS I DID WELL I posted a new discussion topic every day and not only postedit on LinkedIn but on Twitter and Facebook so that my fellowclassmates would see it in case they dont go on LinkedIndaily. 20. THINGS TO IMPROVE ON More than one discussion a day Try harder to get classmates engaged and commenting ondiscussion posts 21. ARCHIVES 22. Case: IMC third year digital Pinterest concierge for one week. Responsiblefor pinning periodically to deliver messages aboutlessons, classes, assignments and general IMC information to the classthroughout the week. I pinned pictures from Pivot in NYC for different casesthat were talked about. I used the IMC@SLC pin board to reach all studentsin our class about important information on what was going on. 23. PERSONAL INFLUENCE VALUEAccording to Klout, I am influential about social media, moneyand Marketing. On Kred, I am influential aboutmarketing, students and social media. Since all my influentialtopics have to do with our program and since I am influentialabout students also I feel like this is why I feel that what I didas concierge could reach people in our program. 24. EXAMPLES 25. EXAMPLES 26. EXAMPLES This is my personal Pin Board from Pivot 27. WHAT I DID WELL Helping to make pins informative Having correct information in all pins Kept up to date pins of our Pivot Trip to NYC Consistent Pinning 28. IMPROVEMENTS TO BE MADE Since I was at Pivot I did miss a few classes that I could havepinned information for so some students werent able to lookat a pin board for some classes during the 3 days I was away. Post articles that could give some similar content to what wewere talking about in class. I could have also made the boards on my personal accountthat way even my followers could have seen what was goingon in classes or just finding out information. 29. TEAM IMPROVEMENTS TO BE MADE Post within a similar theme to ensure posts all flow together Ensure correct information is being shared