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  • Class 1 Intro New Rules 4-Man Mechanics Youth Football - Definitions Welcome New Rules 4-Man Mechanics Youth Football Definitions Video 5 Blocking & Holding
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  • Welcome
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  • National Federation of State High School Associations 2011 Football Points of Emphasis
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  • 2011 NFHS Football Point of Emphasis 1. Concussions, Contact Both to and With the Helmet, and Helmet Technology and Proper Helmet Fitting
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  • 4 Person Mechanics Coin Toss R/U in the middle of the field L/H walk captains to the middle of the field, stopping at the nine- yard marks. Kick-Off R on the GL opposite the pressbox, counts R players U on the 15yd line, pressbox side, counts R players L responsible for the ball and K restraining line, counts K players H straddling R restraining line, counts K players
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  • 4 Person Mechanics Normal Kickoff
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  • 4 Person Mechanics Onside Kickoff
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  • 4 Person Mechanics Scrimmage Play *Counting players R/U count Team A players, signal when offense breaks huddle H/L count Team B players, signal after the ready for play *Nearest player On/Off LOS Off the line extend arm with open hand towards offensive backfield. Drop arm when opposite wing official acknowledges with point across. On the line DO NOT SIGNAL
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  • 4 Person Mechanics Scrimmage kick R position 3-5 yards outside the tight end and 2-3 yards behind the kicker, on Ls side of field U position 4-7 yards deep, on Ls side of field H same as scrimmage play, do not leave until the ball crosses the LOS L position 5 yards deeper and 10 yards wider than the deepest B receiver
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  • 4 Person Mechanics Punts
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  • 4 Person Mechanics Field Goal/PAT *Snapped inside the 15 yard line: R position to rule on non-hook post U position 4-7 yards deep, on Ls side of field H same as scrimmage play, rule on possible roughing/running into the kicker/holder L position under hook post, sound whistle once ball is dead *Snapped outside the 15 yard line: R position to Ls side of field, rule on roughing/running into the kicker/holder U same as above H same as scrimmage play L position between uprights, rule on both uprights and crossbar, sound whistle once ball is dead
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  • 4 Person Mechanics FG/Try Plays
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  • 4 Person Mechanics Goal-line Play When snapped between the 15 and 5 yd lines: release downfield staying ahead of the runner to the GL When snapped between the 5 yd line and GL: release to the GL and officiate back to the ball Signals Use approved signals from the AIA Officials Handbook
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  • Youth Football Points of Emphasis! We will be working for 3 leagues this season: - Junior Football Arizona (JFA) - Pop Warner (PW) - Phoenix American Youth Football (PHX) Review youth rules. These will be available on website prior to the start of the season. Different rules for various leagues. Leagues are discussing these rules now. As soon as we have them they will be made available on the AZFOA website.
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  • Youth Football Points of Emphasis! Make sure you are a member of the AZFOA and the AIA. We do not have any youth schedules as of yet. Please be patient. Log onto Arbiter and makes sure all information is correct. Block our any dates unable to work as far into the future as possible ASAP. We are going to attempt to assign multiple weeks at one time. Before you decline the game, be sure you have blocked the date previously on your Arbiter account.
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  • Youth Football Points of Emphasis! Accept games no later than 8:00 AM the Wednesday prior to game date. After the date and time listed on your assignment, you may very well find yourself removed from the assignment. If you are not sure of the game site, look at your Arbiter assignment. Directions are included with your assignment. Uniforms worn for any and all youth games are to be the same as directed in the AIA officials manual. The long parachute, baggy shorts are not acceptable. Short provided by officials suppliers are acceptable. Shirts are to be tucked in. Hats should be clean.
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  • Youth Football Points of Emphasis! Be aware of 4 man mechanics, all positions. Certified official should be able to step in and work any position on the field. Review mechanics for measurements, PAT, kickoff, etc. Arrive promptly for games, a minimum of 20 minutes prior to game time. Before you call the Assignor with an issue, make sure you have extinguished all other Contact crew members prior to game day to ensure all know date, time location, and special rules.
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  • Youth Football Points of Emphasis! If there is a problem and you are unable to work the assigned or accepted game. Do not rely upon a message, email etc. Make sure you speak with the assignor or the crew chief on your crew. This is your responsibility. Realize that some associations are not able to provide food due to health code restrictions Act professional. Remember you are being paid to work the games. Look professional. Clean uniform. Do not get dressed on the field. Be prepared.
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  • Youth Football Points of Emphasis! Get it right. Talk things over if not sure. Work with the newer officials. Help them out. Be willing to work at multiple locations during the season. If assigned to work with newer officials count it as a privilege, someone had to work with each of us to help out at one time or another. Make sure you pay is correct before you leave the field. Again be professional in addressing league officials.
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  • Youth Football Points of Emphasis! Dont be too overly officious. Dont embarrass yourself or the AzFOA! Assignors will not accept calls, emails, etc, on Sundays. Have Fun!
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  • Certified Rule Meetings Definitions
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  • Video 5 Blocking & Holding


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