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See what Clark University is all about and whether it's a the place you could see yourself excelling in.


  • C L A R K

    What will you do ?

  • Some colleges are dedicated to providing students with a traditional liberal arts experience. Others give students a great deal of control over what they learnto focus almost exclusively on building crucial knowledge and skills for career success. Clark University combines these two approaches into one life-changing academic journey.

    Clarks pioneering model, LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice), fuses liberal education with high-quality opportunities to explore the world and address real issues in authentic environments.

    c h a n g E

    W o r k h a r d . a s k t o u g h q u E s t i o n s .

    K n o w w h a t y o u r e g o o d a t .

    L o v E W h a t y o u d o .

    l i v e a l i f e o f p u r p o s e .

    c h a l l e n g e co n v e n t i o n.

  • Through LEEP, youll confront complex problems, collaborate with respected faculty, learn directly from industry experts and explore topics of global consequence. Youll develop the skillsincluding creativity, adaptability, resilience and persistencethat employers seek, the world requires and you need to flourish personally, professionally and civically.

    c h a n g E

    Clark gives you the chance to dig deep into the topics that inspire you, so you are fully prepared to make an impact on the world.

    But dont take our word for it. Read about the types of projects our students are able to pursue thanks to LEEPand imagine where LEEP can take you.

    Our World.

    c l a r k u . e d u / l e e p

    c h a l l e n g e co n v e n t i o n.

  • amy Kapitan

    Understand Your Impact MY L E E P I n t E r n s h I P CO U P L E d w i T h T h E

    O U TSTa n d i n g E d U CaT i O n i R EC E i v E d aT C L a R k

    h a S o P E n E d s o M a n Y d o o r s a n d m a d E

    m E Co M P E t I t I v E I n a to U g h j o B M a r k E t.

  • aMY kaPItan

    LEEP FELLoW Biology and Environmental science and Policy

    during her leep project, serving as a liaison between national grid and stakeholders within worcester and massachusetts, amy worked with national grid president marcy reed to plan and create a sustainability hub. amy was then hired by national grid as the data manager for the smart energy solutions program, analyzing the energy usage patterns and savings of its customers.

    L E a r n m o r E

    why choose Clark?

  • Whether focused on biology, education, economics or art, the LEEP Project enables you to build your knowledgeand effect changein the areas you care about most.



    knowledge of the natural world and human cultures and societies

    intellectual and practical skills

    personal and social responsibility

    ability to integrate knowledgeand skills

    capacities of effective practice including creativity and imagination, self-directedness, resilience and persistence, and the ability to collaborate across differences and manage complexity.

    C L a r k s d E F I n I n g Co n t r I B U t I o n

    apply Your knowledget h E L E E P P r o j E C tlets Clark students explore topics they are passionate about, express their learning in ways that reflect their interests, connect with off-campus experts, and demonstrate mastery of the 5 LEEP Learning outcomes:

    P R O J E C T P I O N E E R

  • CasEY EPstEIn

    LEEP FELLoW history

    during his leep project working with waterfirea nonprofit arts organization that transforms the canal area around downtown providence, r.i. several times each summerCasey interned under the guidance of Clark alumna and waterfire director of development Corinne Barber 07.Casey used both his classroom experiences and the skills he acquired as a history major in a practical, real-world setting: crafting grant proposals to persuade potential sponsors to support waterfire.

    Casey epstein

    w h E T h E R i wa S ST U dY i n g h i STO RY O R

    w R i T i n g g R a n TS fO R a n O n P RO f i T, C L a r k

    E q U I P P E d M E to k n oW h oW to h O n E i n

    O n w h aT i S i m P O RTa n T a n d E f f ECT i v E LY

    Co M M U n I C at E t h E B I g g E r P I C t U r E .

  • t h E L E E P C E n t E r I s designed to ensure that each student gets the most out of his or her Clark experience. in this on-campus hub, youll work with advisers to plan and launch your personal educational journey. with one-to-one support, group workshops, and targeted outreach, the LEEP Center helps you

    design a challenging and rewardingacademic program that includes intensive hands-on learning experiences. You will connect with professors, alumni, business leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, researchers, and scientists relevant to your field of study.

    Explore What Matters

    a c t

    o r i E n t

    E X P L o r E

  • kULani PanaPiTiYa diaS

    t h E g U I da n C E a n d s U P P o rt O f C L a R k

    FaC U Lt Y a n d P E E r s a r E I n va LUa B L E .

    h E a R i n g f RO m OT h E R S T h aT YO U R

    R E S E a RC h m aT T E R S a n d T h aT i T h E L P E d

    T h E m I s a n I n C r E d I B L E F E E L I n g .

    kULanI PanaPItIYa dIas

    LEEP FELLoW Psychology and English

    with her leep project, Kulani explored how ethnic groups in post-war sri lanka justify moral transgressions committed by their in-groups during times of conflict. after graduating from Clark, she went on to a pre-doctoral fellowship at the Bremen international graduate school of social sciences. Kulani is pursuing her ph.d. in psychology at princeton university.

    discover what other Clark graduates have gone on to do. return-on-education

    L E a r n m o r E

  • d i v e i n.

    YourWorld. your LEEP.

    s e e h o w l e e p w i l l l e t y o u P u r s u E y o u r i n t E r E s t s and make a tangible difference in your field before you graduate.

    r E a d Y t o d i v E i n ? c l a r k u . e d u /a p p l y

  • scope the facts

    Undergraduate enrollment . . 2,205male/female students . . . 41/59%international students . . . . . . . . 14%Out-of-state students . . . . . . . 67%aLana students: (asian, Latino, african-american, native american) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19%Undergraduates living on campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71%Study abroad programs . . . . . . 50+Student:faculty ratio . . . . . . . . . 10:1average class size . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21faculty holding doctoral degrees . . . . . . . . . . 96%faculty teaching undergraduates . . . . . . . . . . 100%applied in 2015 . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,045average high school gPa . . . . 3.66average Critical Reading SaT (middle 50%) . . . . . . . . 560-680average math SaT (middle 50%) . . . . . . . . 570-680average aCT (middle 50%) . . . . . . . . . . . . 27-31

    t U I t I o n a n d F E E sTuition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $41,590Room and Board . . . . . . . . . . $8,200 (standard double)Student activity fee . . . . . . . . . . $350

    Fa s t FaC ts

    at h L E t I C sOur highly competitive division iii varsity teams compete

    Womens varsityBasketballCross Countryfield hockeyRowingSoccerSoftballSwimming/divingTennisvolleyball

    sample Club sportsEquestrianice hockeykarateSoccerUltimate frisbeevolleyballwomens Lacrosse

    Mens varsityBaseballBasketballCross CountryLacrosseRowingSoccerSwimming/divingTennis

    M a j o r s a n d P r o g r a M s(majors in bold *most popular majors)

    ancient Civilization art (art history,

    studio art) asian studies Biochemistry and

    Molecular Biology Bioinformatics * Biology Chemistry Comparative Literature Computational science Computer science Economics education engineering (3/2) * English Environmental science ethics and public policy French * geography

    german global Environmental

    studies * history holocaust and

    genocide studies innovation and

    entrepreneurship * International

    development and social Change

    Jewish studies Language, Literature and Culture latin american and

    latino studies law and society * Management Mathematics medical Careers advising (prehealth)

    Music peace studies Philosophy Physics * Political science predental, prelaw,

    premedical and preveterinary

    * Psychology race and ethnic relations public health screen studies * sociology spanish student-designed theatre arts urban development

    and social Change Womens and gender


  • your visit at

    s M a L L + r E s E a r C h

    a W I n n I n g C o M B I n a t I o n

    research expeditions to russia focused on climate change. team-based projects on cloud computing. literacy studies in the local community. at other universities, opportunities like these are generally reserved for graduate studentsbut at Clark, youll have the chance to work with peers, graduate students and professors on consequential projects.

    Clarks location in worcester, mass. gives you a dynamic urban community to explore, and you are within driving distance of mountains, beaches, Boston (1 hour) and new york City (3.5 hours).








  • Photo courtEsy dyLan scott 11, m.a. 12

    L I B E r a L a r t s + U r B a nComplete an internship in a worcester public school. Collaborate with local business owners. pursue mutual goals with community org