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  • 2. What is the Australian citizenship affirmation? The Australian citizenship affirmation is a way for all of usto reaffirm our commitment to Australia. It is a statementof pride in being an Australian citizen. The words of the affirmation are based on the Pledge ofCommitment made by new citizens at citizenshipceremonies. The affirmation reads:As an Australian citizen,I affirm my loyalty to Australia and its people,Whose democratic beliefs I shareWhose rights and liberties I respect,And whose laws I uphold and obeyMaking a statement
  • 3. What is an affirmation ceremony? An affirmation ceremony is an opportunity for allAustralians, whether by birth or by choice, to publiclyaffirm our loyalty and commitment to Australia and itspeople by making the affirmation. Participation in an affirmation ceremony is voluntary.Affirmation ceremonies have no legal effect. The affirmation must be led by an Australian citizen. People who are not Australian citizens are welcome to joinin at the second line.Australian citizenship affirmation ceremonies
  • 4. Why were affirmation ceremonies introduced? Many Australians, particularly those born in Australia,wanted an opportunity to make a pledge to Australia andits people in a similar way to new citizens at citizenshipceremonies. Affirmation ceremonies were introduced in 1999 to markthe 50th anniversary of Australian citizenship. Affirmation ceremonies can easily be incorporated intocitizenship ceremonies or other events.Australian citizenship affirmation ceremonies
  • 5. The affirmation on Australia Day Australia Day is a special day for all Australians to celebratewhat we love about Australia. Australia Day each year also sees the largest number ofnew citizens making the Pledge of Commitment atcitizenship ceremonies all around the nation. On Australia Day 2013 around 17000 people from 145countries became citizens at 430 special citizenshipceremonies around the country.Australian citizenship affirmation ceremonies
  • 6. Including the affirmation in a citizenship ceremony Incorporating an affirmation ceremony gives everyonepresent a chance to participate and share in the occasion. Guidelines for incorporating an affirmation ceremony into acitizenship ceremony are set out in the AustralianCitizenship Ceremonies Code. An electronic copy of theCode can be found on the Australian citizenship citizenship affirmation ceremonies
  • 7. The affirmation on Australia Day Australia Day is the perfect opportunity for all Australians new and old to affirm their loyalty and commitment toAustralia. Existing citizens can express their national pride andcelebrate being Australian by making the Australiancitizenship affirmation.Australian citizenship affirmation ceremonies
  • 8. Why host an affirmation ceremony?Affirmation ceremonies: Enhance awareness of Australian citizenship Promote community involvement and participation Help people feel they belong to their community Help build pride in Australians about their citizenshipAustralian citizenship affirmation ceremonies
  • 9. Partnership with NADC As part of the governments ongoing promotion of Australiancitizenship and the affirmation, we have worked with theNADC since 2004 to promote the Australian citizenshipaffirmation. In 2009 the affirmation website was launched to encourageevent organisers to incorporate the affirmation into theirAustralia Day celebrations. See citizenship affirmation ceremonies
  • 10. Australian citizenship affirmation websiteAustralian citizenship affirmation ceremonies
  • 11. More information Australia Day branded affirmation cards for your AustraliaDay affirmation ceremonies can be ordered from theaffirmation website Generic affirmation products can be ordered throughoutthe year from the Australian citizenship More information on the Australian citizenship affirmationis available on the affirmation website or the Australiancitizenship website.Australian citizenship affirmation ceremonies
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