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Circus Maximus Sari Goldstein

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Circus Maximus. Sari Goldstein. Background. Between the Palatine and Aventine hills Could seat up to 250,000 people There was 3 stadiums The first 2 burnt down uses Chariot races gladiator combats. The First. 6th century BC Tarquinius Priscus (5 th king) had the track made - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Circus Maximus

Sari Goldstein

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Background• Between the Palatine and Aventine hills• Could seat up to 250,000 people• There was 3 stadiums– The first 2 burnt down

• uses– Chariot races – gladiator combats

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The First• 6th century BC• Tarquinius Priscus (5th king) had the track

made• seven wooden eggs were placed on top of the

central wall in the arena. • Burned down in 31 B.C

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The Second• rebuilt by emperor Augustus • added an imperial box• A large obelisk from Heliopolis was added in

for decoration• A fire in 64 A.d destroyed this one. It was the

same fire which destroyed most of Rome

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The Third (and Final)• rebuilt by Trajan in AD 103• Biggest one of them all (2000x500ft)• Made in stone 3 stories high– First story made in marble

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