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<ul><li> 1. Op Amp Circuit Collection National Semiconductor Op Amp Circuit Collection Application Note 31 February 1978 SECTION 1 BASIC CIRCUITS Inverting Amplifier Non-Inverting AmplifierR2VOUT e b VINR1 a R2R1 VOUT e VINR1RIN e R1 TL H 7057 2 TL H 7057 1 Difference AmplifierInverting Summing AmplifierR3 J R1 VR1 a R2 R4R2VOUT e 2bV1 R1 J a R4 R1 V1 V2V VOUT e b R4aa 3For R1 e R3 and R2 e R4 R2R3R2R5 e R1UR2UR3UR4VOUT e(V2 b V1) R1For minimum offset errorTL H 7057 3due to input bias currentR1UR2 e R3UR4For minimum offset error TL H 7057 4due to input bias current Inverting Amplifier with High Input Impedance Non-Inverting Summing AmplifierRS e 1kSource Impedance for 1% accuracyless than 100k TL H 7057 5gives less than 1%gain error TL H 7057 6Fast Inverting Amplifier with High Input Impedance Non-Inverting AC AmplifierR1 a R2 VOUT e VINR1RIN e R3R3 e R1UR2AN-31 TL H 7057 8 TL H 7057 7C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL H 7057RRD-B30M115 Printed in U S A </li></ul> <p> 2. Practical DifferentiatorIntegrator t2 11 VOUT e bVIN dt fc e R1C1 t12qR2C1 111fc e fh ee 2qR1C12qR1C1 2qR2C2R1 e R2 fc m fh m funity gainTL H 70579For minimum offset error dueto input bias currentTL H 7057 10 Fast IntegratorCurrent to Voltage ConverterVOUT e lIN R1 For minimum error due tobias current R2 e R1 TL H 7057 12 TL H 7057 11 Circuit for Operating the LM101 Circuit for Generating the without a Negative SupplySecond Positive VoltageTL H 705713TL H 7057 14 2 3. Neutralizing Input CapacitanceDouble-Ended Limit Detector to Optimize Response TimeR1 VOUT e 4 6V for CN sCSR2 VLT s VIN s VUTVOUT e 0V forTL H 7057 15 VIN k VLT or VIN l VUT Integrator with Bias Current CompensationTL H 7057 19 Multiple Aperture Window Discriminator Adjust for zero integrator drift Current drift typically 0 1 n A C over b 55 C to 125 C temperature range TL H 7057 16Voltage Comparator for DrivingDTL or TTL Integrated CircuitsTL H 7057 17 Threshold Detector for PhotodiodesTL H 7057 20TL H 7057 183 4. Offset Voltage Adjustment for Inverting Amplifiers Offset Voltage Adjustment for Non-Inverting Amplifiers Using Any Type of Feedback Element Using Any Type of Feedback Element R1 J R2 RANGE e g V R5 GAIN e1aJR2R4 a R2RANGE e g VR1 TL H 7057 22TL H 705721Offset Voltage Adjustment for Voltage FollowersOffset Voltage Adjustment for Differential AmplifiersR1 J R3 RANGE e g VTL H 705723R2 e R3 a R4 R4 JR1 J R5R1 RANGE e g V a R3R2 GAIN eR1 TL H 7057 24 Offset Voltage Adjustment for InvertingAmplifiers Using 10 kX Source Resistance or Less R1 e 2000 R3UR4 R4UR3 s 10 kXJ R3UR4 RANGE e g V R1TL H 7057 254 5. SECTION 2 SIGNAL GENERATION Low Frequency Sine Wave Generator with Quadrature OutputTL H 7057 26High Frequency Sine Wave Generator with Quadrature Output fo e 10 kHz TL H 7057 27 5 6. Free-Running Multivibrator Wein Bridge Sine Wave Oscillator R1 e R2Chosen for oscillation at 100 Hz C1 e C2 Eldema 1869 TL H 70572810V 14 mA Bulb 1 fe2qR1 C1 TL H 7057 29Function GeneratorTL H 7057 30Pulse Width ModulatorTL H 7057 31 6 7. Bilateral Current Source Bilateral Current Source R3 VINIOUT e R1 R5R3 e R4 a R5R1 e R2R3 VIN IOUT eR1 R5 R3 e R4 a R5 R1 e R2 TL H 7057 32 TL H 7057 33Wein Bridge Oscillator with FET Amplitude Stabilization R1 e R2 C1 e C2 1 fe2qR1 C1 TL H 7057 34 7 8. Low Power Supply for Integrated Circuit TestingVOUT e 1V kXTL H 7057 91TL H 705735Positive Voltage ReferencePositive Voltage ReferenceTL H 7057 37TL H 705736 8 9. Negative Voltage Reference Negative Voltage Reference TL H 7057 39 TL H 7057 38Precision Current Sink Precision Current Source VINIO e TL H 7057 41 R1VIN t 0V TL H 7057 40SECTION 3SIGNAL PROCESSING Differential-Input Instrumentation AmplifierR4 R5 eR2 R3 R4AV e R2 TL H 7057 429 10. Variable Gain Differential-Input Instrumentation AmplifierGain adjustAV e 10b4 R6TL H 7057 43Instrumentation Amplifier with g 100 Volt Common Mode Range R3 e R4 R1 e R6 e 10R3R7 AV eR6 R1 e R5 e 10R2 Matching determines commonmode rejection R2 e R3 TL H 7057 44 10 11. Instrumentation Amplifier with g 10 Volt Common Mode Range R1 e R4 R2 e R5 R6 e R7 Matching Determines CMRR JR62R1 AV e1aR2R3TL H 7057 45 High Input Impedance Instrumentation Amplifier R1 e R4 R2 e R3R1Matching determines CMRR AV e 1 aR2 May be deleted to maximize bandwidth TL H 7057 46Bridge Amplifier with Low Noise Compensation Reduces feed through of power supply noise by 20 dB and makes supply bypassing unnecessary Trim for best common mode rejection Gain adjust TL H 7057 47 11 12. Bridge Amplifier Precision Diode R1R2 e RS1 RS2 1 JR1 VOUT e V a bRS1 TL H 705748 TL H 7057 49Precision ClampFast Half Wave RectifierEREF must have a source im-pedance of less than 200X ifD2 is used TL H 705750TL H 7057 51Precision AC to DC ConverterFeedforward compensation can be used to make a fast full wave rectifier without a filterTL H 7057 52Low Drift Peak DetectorTL H 7057 53 12 13. Absolute Value Amplifier with Polarity Detector R2VOUT e b l VIN l c R1R2 R4 a R3 eR1 R3TL H 7057 54Sample and Hold Polycarbonate-dielectric capacitorTL H 7057 55Sample and Hold Worst case drift less than 2 5 mV sec Teflon Polyethylene or Polycarbonate Dielectric CapacitorTL H 7057 56 13 14. Low Drift Integrator TL H 7057 57 Q1 and Q3 should not have internal gate-protection diodes Worst case drift less than 500 mV sec over b 55 C to a 125 C Fast Summing Amplifier with Low Input CurrentTL H 7057 58 In addition to increasing speed the LM101A raises high and low frequency Power Bandwidth 250 kHz gain increases output drive capability and eliminates thermal feedback Small Signal Bandwidth 3 5 MHzSlew Rate 10V ms6 c 10b8C5 eRf14 15. Fast Integrator with Low Input Current TL H 7057 59 Adjustable Q Notch Filter1 fO e2qR1C1 e 60 Hz R1 e R2 e R3 C1 e C2 e C23TL H 7057 6015 16. Easily Tuned Notch FilterTuned Circuit 1 fO e2q0R1R2C1C2 TL H 7057 62 R4 e R5 R1 e R3 R4 eR11 fO e2qR40C1C2TL H 7057 61Two-Stage Tuned Circuit1fO e 2q0R1R2C1C2 TL H 7057 63 16 17. Negative Capacitance MultiplierR2 CeC1R3VOS a R2 IOS IL eR3R3(R1 a RIN) RS eRIN AVO TL H 7057 65 Variable Capacitance Multiplier 1 JRbCeaC1RaTL H 7057 66 Simulated Inductor Capacitance MultiplierR1 CeC1R3 VOS a IOS R1IL e R3RS e R3 L t R1 R2 C1 RS e R2 RP e R1TL H 7057 67TL H 7057 68 17 18. High Pass Active FilterTL H 7057 71 Values are for 100 Hz cutoff Use metalized polycarbonate capacitors for good temperature stabilityLow Pass Active FilterTL H 7057 72Values are for 10 kHz cutoff Use silvered mica capacitors for good temperature stability Nonlinear Operational Amplifier with Temperature Compensated Breakpoints TL H 7057 7318 19. Current Monitor Saturating Servo Preamplifier withRate FeedbackR1 R3 VOUT e IL R2TL H 7057 75 TL H 705774 Power BoosterTL H 7057 7619 20. Analog Multiplier10 JVb R5 e R1V1 t 0V1 V2 VOUT e 10TL H 7057 77Long Interval Timer Fast Zero Crossing DetectorLow leakage b 0 017 mF per second delayTL H 7057 79Propagation delay approximately 200 ns TL H 7057 78DTL or TTL fanout of threeMinimize stray capacitancePin 8 Amplifier for Piezoelectric Transducer Temperature ProbeSet for 0V at 0 CAdjust for 100 mV C TL H 7057 81 Low frequency cutoff e R1 C1TL H 70578020 21. Photodiode AmplifierPhotodiode AmplifierVOUT e R1 IDVOUT e 10 V mA TL H 7057 82TL H 7057 83 Operating photodiode with less than 3 mV across it eliminates leakage currentsHigh Input Impedance AC FollowerTL H 7057 84 Temperature Compensated Logarithmic Converter1 kX ( g 1%) at 25 C a 3500 ppm CAvailable from Vishay UltronixGrand Junction CO Q81 SeriesDetermines current for zerocrossing on output 10 mAas shownTL H 7057 8510 nA k IIN k 1 mA Sensitivity is 1V per decade 21 22. Root Extractor 222N3728 matched pairs TL H 7057 86 23. Multiplier DividerTL H 7057 87Cube GeneratorTL H 7057 8823 24. Op Amp Circuit CollectionFast Log Generator 1 kX ( g 1%) at 25 C a 3500 ppm C Available from Vishay Ultronix Grand Junction CO Q81 Series TL H 7057 89Anti-Log Generator1 kX ( g 1%) at 25 C a 3500 ppm CAvailable from Vishay UltronixGrand Junction CO Q81 SeriesTL H 7057 90LIFE SUPPORT POLICYNATIONALS PRODUCTS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED FOR USE AS CRITICAL COMPONENTS IN LIFE SUPPORT DEVICES OR SYSTEMS WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN APPROVAL OF THE PRESIDENT OF NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORPORATION As used herein1 Life support devices or systems are devices or 2 A critical component is any component of a life systems which (a) are intended for surgical implantsupport device or system whose failure to perform can into the body or (b) support or sustain life and whose be reasonably expected to cause the failure of the life failure to perform when properly used in accordancesupport device or system or to affect its safety or with instructions for use provided in the labeling can effectiveness be reasonably expected to result in a significant injury to the userNational SemiconductorNational Semiconductor National SemiconductorNational Semiconductor Corporation Europe Hong Kong Ltd Japan Ltd 1111 West Bardin RoadFax (a49) 0-180-530 85 86 13th Floor Straight Block Tel 81-043-299-2309 AN-31 Arlington TX 76017Email cnjwge tevm2 nsc com Ocean Centre 5 Canton RdFax 81-043-299-2408 Tel 1(800) 272-9959 Deutsch Tel (a49) 0-180-530 85 85Tsimshatsui Kowloon Fax 1(800) 737-7018 English Tel (a49) 0-180-532 78 32Hong Kong Fran ais Tel (a49) 0-180-532 93 58 Tel (852) 2737-1600 Italiano Tel (a49) 0-180-534 16 80 Fax (852) 2736-9960 National does not assume any responsibility for use of any circuitry described no circuit patent licenses are implied and National reserves the right at any time without notice to change said circuitry and specifications </p>


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