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This slide show will show you the basics for navigating CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) through HACC's Libraries.


  • 1. CINAHL Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature
  • 2. CINAHL Perform Keyword searches here. Add special limiters here (full text, scholarly, date ranges, and more
  • 3. CINAHL
    • These limiters let you search for articles:
    • Published within certain dates.
    • About a particular group of people (women, children, animals)
    • Scholarly Journals only.
    • Age groups
    • Type of research.
    • Much more
  • 4. CINAHL Use checkbox to find ideas for similar or related words and phrases Use drop-down menus to choose a particular place to search (title, author, etc.). (Not required, but helpful.) Enter most important search words here. (click add row if you have more words to search on.
  • 5. CINAHL Limiters Results list
  • 6. CINAHL Limiters: You may continue to limit the articles after the search, if you still have too many
  • 7. CINAHL Some articles in the results list will have full-text, while others will not. If no full-text, please look for that journal in our Journals A-Z list (or consult a librarian!). Click on the article title to get more information
  • 8. CINAHL Article citation page Link to the full-text article (if available). Printing, emailing, citing help, etc.
  • 9. CINAHL Journal information (name, volume & issue, date, pages Additional information about article (continue scrolling for more..)
  • 10. CINAHL Additional information about article, including abstract (summary) of the article.
  • 11. CINAHL Printing, emailing, citing help
  • 12. CINAHL PDF version of a full-text article. Be sure to use the print option at top-left for printing.
  • 13. CINAHL What if there is no full text?
  • 14. CINAHL You will need to use HACC Librarys Journals A-Z list to check whether the library can access that journal through another resource. If Library cannot find the journal needed, request the article through Interlibrary Loan.