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  • CIMS News

    Care & Cure Volume-1 | Issue-3 | October 25, 2010

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    Care Institute of Medical Sciences CIMS

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  • CIMS News

    Care & Cure Volume-1 | Issue-3 | October 25, 2010

    Care Institute of Medical Sciences CIMS



    CIMS wishes a Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year.

    Time flies fast. It just seems like yesterday, that we commenced


    Just over two months and we had over 1000 patients already

    registered at the hospital.

    The major departments at CIMS are in full swing including urology,

    orthopedics, gastro, nephrology, neurology, dentistry, gynecology

    amongst others.

    In this issue, we bring you back the feedback of our esteemed medical

    colleagues who have performed surgeries at the hospital. We thank

    them for the immense support provided to the hospital.

    We believe that the success of any medical institute rests largely on

    its energized and motivated medical and para-medical staff. We take

    our responsibilities to encourage and educate them seriously. A

    Training program is continuously organized within the hospital to orient

    our nursing and para-medical staff with the basic and latest advances in


    On October 15, Global Handwashing Day, a training workshop was

    held to create awareness about the importance of the day.

    The month has been hectic with academics in full swing. An

    Echocardiography Fellowship (October 18-23, 2010) was

    successfully held this month with majority of the registrants being from

    out of the city.

    "Arrhythmia and HF Education Curriculum - 1" Symposium was

    organized at CIMS Auditorium on November 23-24, 2010.

    We once again thank the medical community in providing us support in

    creating a world class health institute in Gujarat.

    Do write to us or communicate on

    Thanking you,

    CIMS Team

    CIMS is an ergonomically constructed hospital

    equipped with the latest

    technology. Infrastructure-

    wise, the hospital is latest

    right from the use of space

    to the latest instruments.

    As a surgeon I find the working conditions very

    satisfactory and would rate it highly for high-

    risk surgeries with efficient back up for any


    Dr. Digvijay singh Bedi

    (Laproscopic and Bariatric surgeon)

    CIMS hospital is in a true

    sense ecofriendly and

    state-of-the-art hospital.

    It was my pleasure to

    operate in ultramodern

    and well equipped operation theaters. My

    patients were very happy and gave me positive

    fe e d b a c k fo r C I M S . M y h e a r t i e s t

    congratulations to the founders of CIMS and I

    wish them all the best.

    Dr Himanshu shah


  • CIMS News

    Care & Cure Volume-1 | Issue-3 | October 25, 2010

    Care Institute of Medical Sciences CIMS

    A hospital by doctors unmatched in this part of

    country providing integrated health care

    delivery system with value added services. At

    CIMS, we provide multi-disciplinary capabilities

    with international standards of clinical care

    backed by ecofriendly hygienic environment,

    infection control standards, caring hospital

    staff and advanced technological update.

    Excellent medical care provided by well-known medical fraternity

    with strong academic and research background and long standing

    successful result oriented clinical experience is the backbone of this

    hospital. I assure you of the best outcome at CIMS - make it as your

    one stop final destination for medical care.

    Dr. Dipak Dave

    Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

    Care Institute of Medical Sciences takes cardiac care commitment to heart

    State-of-the-Art Imaging System Offers Enhanced Visualization for Treating Arrhythmia Patients

    CIMS is proud to announce that patients

    can now get the benefits of an

    unprecedented advanced imaging

    technology used in treating cardiac


    This three-dimensional imaging system

    allows our doctors to quickly and

    accurately visualize cardiac anatomy, and

    it will be especially useful in the treatment

    of atrial fibrillation, or AFIB and ventricular


    3 patients of post MI, LV dysfunction and

    VT storm have already been treated by this

    novel therapy in the past 2 weeks, thus

    saving their lives.

    The Carto 3-D Mapping system is an

    invaluable tool and complements the

    conventional EP system for treatment of

    complex arrhythmias such as:

    1. Ventricular Tachycardia (VT) that are

    difficult to tackle due to LV dysfunction,

    Post MI status, hemodynamic instability

    and multiple morphologies.

    2. Atrial Fibrillation.

    3. Atypical and Typical Atrial Flutters, Atrial


    4. Complex arrhythmias in patients with

    complex heart disease (congenital

    anomalies, RHD, Post CABG etc.)

    First time in Western India

    ` ` i f y o u a r e

    hungry for fast

    track surgical

    environment, I

    g e n u i n e l y

    r e c o m m e n d

    green hospital

    as was a pleasure working at


    Dr Abhilash Chokshi

    Consultant General and

    Laparoscopic Surgeon

    Specialist in Piles Stapler Surgery

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    CIMS News

    Care & Cure Volume-1 | Issue-3 | October 25, 2010

    Care Institute of Medical Sciences CIMS

    A press conference was recently held at CIMS to announce the launch of Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery

    (MICS) programme.

    Dr. Dhiren Shah and Dr. Dhaval Naik, Cardiac surgeons, have performed more than 25 Minimal Invasive Cardiac

    Surgeries. CIMS is the only centre which is fully equipped and set up for this kind of surgery in Western India.

    Press Conference at CIMS - MICS (Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery)

    It was a wonderful

    e x p e r i e n c e o f

    operating a patient for

    L a p r o s c o p i c

    cholecystectomy at

    CIMS. Extremely airy,

    very spacious rooms, bright and green

    atmosphere makes the hospital unique of

    its kind with all the latest gadgets like

    complete Storz laproscopy instruments

    including HD3 chip camera, chameleon

    endscope and Storz hand instruments

    making our task quite smooth. Co-

    operative, efficient and helpful staff

    attracts visiting consultant to CIMS

    Dr. Rashmi Thakkar

    GI and Laproscopy surgeon

    My Heartiest congratulations to founders

    of CIMS for coming up with a world class

    hospital. It's one of the best hospitals of

    our state as far as aesthetic value and

    aeration is concerned. It has wonderful

    operation theatres and efficient and

    friendly staff. It really is a shining example

    of the effort put in to come up with up such

    a marvellous hospital for patient care. I wish them all the best.

    Dr. Rajesh Shukla


    My experience with CIMS is flexible and

    patient friendly. The theatres and theatre

    staff are upto the mark and responsible

    about their work. The rooms are extra

    spacious and full of natural light giving

    early recovery to patients.

    Dr.Dimple Parekh

    Director Joint Replacement Surgery Parekhs Hospital

  • CIMS News

    Care & Cure Volume-1 | Issue-3 | October 25, 2010

    Care Institute of Medical Sciences CIMS

    1. Class 100 modular OTs for minimum infection rate


    n Jointless theatres

    n Antistatic, antibacterial vinyl flooring

    n Antibacterial wall colour

    n Hermatically sealed doors

    2. High-end laparoscopy and endoscopy instruments

    n HD system (Storz)

    n HD camera control

    n HD monitors & endoflator

    n Olympus endoscopy system



    3. AO/Stryker drills (Synthes) for total knee replacement &


    4. Inbuilt OT cameras for direct relay and transmission of cases in


    5. Facility for high risk surgery with international standard backup

    from hospitalists, cardiologist, in-house intensivist and cardiac

    anasthetist along with availability of your own consultant on


    6. Excellent OT Staff and paramedical staff.

    7. Full time surgeon to take care of all surgical patients and

    coordinate with them so that surgeons do not have to worry for

    the patient care.

    8. In house intensivist back up for all age from neonatal to


    9. Add-on services to all surgical patients in the form of dietician,

    physiotherapist and psychotherapist giving Holistic treatment.

    10. Doctor and patient friendly rates

    11. Time to time information about the patient condition will b