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  • Cigna Leave Solutions® iAM SELF-SERVICE User Guide for Employees

    August 2016

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    iAM Self-Service User Guide for Employees

    Table of Contents

    Section Page

    Introduction 3

    Accessing Employee Self-Service 3

    Disability/Leave of Absence Page 6

    Employee Home Page 7

    Navigation Links 8

    Create New Leave Request 9

    Intermittent Leave Request 18

    Time Off Absence Request 23

    Reduced Work Week Request 25

    Change Leave Functionality 27

    Change Leave Dates 30

    Cancel a Leave 31 All Cigna products and services are provided exclusively by or through operating subsidiaries of Cigna Corporation, including Life Insurance of North America and Cigna Life Insurance Company of New York. The Cigna name, logo, and other Cigna marks are owned by Cigna Intellectual Property, Inc. All models are used for illustrative purposes only. 08/16 © 2016 Cigna. Some content provided under license.

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    Introduction Cigna Leave Solutions® Interactive Absence Manager (iAM) self-service portal offers employees 24/7 access to their leave information, such as the status of their leave and hours they have used as well as hours remaining for a leave plan. The iAM Self-Service User Guide for Employees presents and illustrates the self-service functionality and tools available to users. This will include how to create a new leave request and/or change a leave end date. The objective of the iAM Self-Service User Guide is to provide employees with an understanding of the self-service capabilities that are available to them. This guide will also provide instructions on how to navigate the web-site, use the tools to access information and complete leave-related activities. Accessing Employee Self-Service Go to the URL to access the iAM self-service web portal to submit a disability claim, request a leave and/or check the status of their leave. Once you are at, enter your User ID and Password to access myCigna. If this is your first time logging in, instructions are presented on the log in side bar under the “Who can register for myCigna?” header.

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    myCigna Home After logging on to, the user’s personalized home landing page will be displayed. From the home page, the user can access information about their Cigna benefits and services provided through their employer using the horizontal navigation bar on the top of the page. The navigation bar has three tabs: “Review My Coverage,” “Manage Claims & Balances” and “Manage My Health.” The user can either click on the tabs in the navigation bar to go to its main page or ‘hover’ over the tab to view the drop down menu to access specific their individual benefit/service coverage and claim information.

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    Review My Coverage Tab Using the “Review My Coverage” drop down menu, the user will see his/her available coverage types displayed. Select Disability/Leave of Absence to access plan information and self-service tools to request a leave.

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    Disability/Leave of Absence On the Disability/Leave of Absence page, the user can access his or her leave account on the iAM leave system by clicking on Submit a Disability Claim; Request a Leave or Check Your Leave Status. This will take the user to his or her Employee Home page on the iAM system. Information pertaining to the reasons that an employee may qualify for a leave and the functionality available to users through this self- service site is provided.

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    Employee Home Page The Employee Home page is the first screen that a user sees when he/she has accessed the Employee iAM self- service portal. Self-service capabilities and available leave information is identified on this page to help the user find the information they need.

    The Employee Home page has three sections:

    1. Introductory Welcome Message that includes a list of available capabilities (e.g. view summary of open and closed leave, cancel a leave that has not yet started, etc.)

    2. Leave of Absence section where the user can access the Create New Leave Request wizard and access Open

    and Closed Leaves 3. The employee’s personal (demographic) and employment information that is provided by the employer and loaded

    into the leave system

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    The Employee Home page provides navigation links that enable the user to access leave of absence related resources and tools. The following section of the iAM Self-Service User Guide for Employees describes these navigation tools. Navigation Links Navigation links also provide users access to resources applicable to their leave administration program. These links appear above in the upper right hand corner of any web-page in the self-service application. The links include:

    • Documents & Forms • Settings & Preferences • Site Help • Log Out

    Documents and Forms Link Clicking on Documents and Forms will provide the user access to resource documents, such as family state leave laws summaries, Cigna Leave Solutions’ standard certifications and forms, as well as company-specific documents (if applicable).

    Settings & Preferences The user can edit or change passwords for the site or their email address.

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    Site Help Link The iAM User Guide for Employees can be accessed via the Site Help Link.

    Log Out Link The user can close and exit the application by clicking on the Log Out Link. Navigation links appear on all pages throughout the self-service application to provide the user easy access to leave-related resources and tools from anywhere in the self-service application. Create New Leave Request When clicking on Create New Leave Request, the user is presented with a series of pages that direct the user to review and verify information and enter pertinent leave information (such as leave reason, dates of leave, etc.) to submit a new leave. The user can stop and save the information entered at any step in the process (for instance leave reason, provider information or leave type) and finish it later by clicking on the Save and Finish Later button in the lower right- hand corner of each page. All fields with a “*” are required fields. The first page that the user sees is the Personal Information ‘header bar’ highlighted in green directly under the user’s name. The instructions direct the user to review and verify his or her pre-populated personal information to ensure its accuracy. If any of the information is incorrect, the user should update the editable fields as well as notify his or her employer to update any non-editable fields. The user clicks Next to go to the next page and continue the leave request process.

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    Employment Information The second header bar displays the Employment Information (shaded in green) located directly under the Personal Information header bar, which is now gray. A user can return to the Personal Information page by clicking the revisit link located on the far right hand side in its header bar. Each subsequent step will automatically be displayed in the header bar. The user can return to any step in the process by clicking on the revisit link in a header bar. The Employment Information screen presents pre-populated employment information that the user needs to review to verify that it is accurate and notify his or her manager to update any non-editable fields.

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    Leave Reason The third header bar displays the Leave Reason (shaded in green) located directly under the Employment Information header bar. The user can select the leave reason from a drop-down menu. For our first example, we will create a leave for “Pregnancy/Maternity.”

    When the user clicks on Next, the system will automatically display the applicable screens that the user needs to complete for a specific leave reason. The information asked for can vary depending on the leave reason. Provider Treatment Dates The user can enter the provider name and phone number and first, last and next treatment dates. Up to three providers can be added

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    Pregnancy The user must complete the “Related Person Information” section when the user wants to include leave time to care for the newborn child immediately after birth for bonding. The user must click on the radio button adjacent to “Add New Contact/Family Member” to create a new contact or the radio button adjacent to the “family member name” listed if previously entered for a prior leave. When a family member needs to be added, the user enters the family member information and relationship type, and then clicks Next to proceed to the next step. Note* If the newborn baby’s name is unknown please enter baby for the first name and the employees last name.

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    Leave Dates The user needs to enter the Start Date and End Date of the leave or estimated dates, as well as the Last Day Worked. If the Start Date and/or End Date are unknown, the user can select the Unknown checkbox and enter the last day worked.

    “Estimated return to work full duty” is the


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