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  • 11-Aug-15 CiCS Development Portfolio Portfolio of Projects: Page 1 of 5

    CiCS Development Portfolio Definition 2015 Portfolio of Projects Defining the portfolio of projects, with associated scheduling chart. NB This is a dynamic section of the Development Portfolio Definition which is updated throughout the year.

    1 Projects Statuses: Possible Proposed by SAG Accepted by SSB Approved to Start Starting Live [or On Hold] Closing Closed Projects with a pre-active status are in table 3 below, those with an active status are in this table, and closed projects are in table 2 below. Service Advisory Groups: BA (Business Activities), C&C (Communication & Collaboration), CI (Corporate Information), HS&T (Help, Support & Training), Infr (Infrastructure), L&T (Learning & Teaching), R&I (Research & Innovation)

    Project Status Purpose Manager Sponsor Customer/

    Business Visionary

    Service Advisory Group/s [Interested]

    Learning & Teaching MFD Student Reprographics Starting To improve student access to integrated print, copy and scan

    facilities by replacing the existing fleet of student printers and photocopier/scanners with a network of multi-functional devices (MFDs).

    Rene Meijer Yvonne Beach Patrice Panella L&T [BA]

    Personal and Academic Tutor Support System

    Approved To develop a system to support improvements in personal and academic tutor support, integrated with the current Student Attendance Monitoring System and including details of training and support for students.


    Research & Innovation Integrated Research Information Systems

    Live To rework our existing research management systems (URMS, CARMA and the range of web based workflows provided by RIS) to both address usability and process issues and to provide a properly integrated, manageable and extensible system.

    Simon Geller John McAuley Deborah McClean


    Research IT Live To improve and develop the mechanisms by which CiCS delivers the IT infrastructure required to support research activity at the University of Sheffield, including hardware such as networking, storage and compute and softer aspects such as requirements analysis, advice, guidance and training, resourcing and sustainability.

    Martin Rapier Robert Freckleton

    John McAuley R&I

    Communication & Collaboration Alumni Portal Approved To create a portal that will allow alumni of the University to be

    authenticated and gain access to alumni-relevant resources, and enhance Alumni Office, Careers and Departmental access to accurate alumni data.


  • 11-Aug-15 CiCS Development Portfolio Portfolio of Projects: Page 2 of 5

    Project Status Purpose Manager Sponsor Customer/ Business Visionary

    Service Advisory Group/s [Interested]

    Digital Media Hosting Live To create a common repository for digital media which may be deployed through various channels such as iTunesU, MOOCS, MOLE etc

    Darren Stevens Anne Peat Chris Stokes Jacqui Robinson

    C&C [L&T]

    Enquirer & Applicant Portal Live To enable enquirers and applicants to engage with the University online via a portal which will give targeted communications, calls to action and access to systems as part of the enquirer and applicant processes.

    Simon Geller Christina Edgar Sarah Bramall C&C [CI]

    Website Improvement Live To review the management of web content across the University and propose improvements to policies and processes and systems to support those.

    Simon Geller Chris Sexton Jacqui Robinson & Steve Thompson


    Help & Support Corporate Information Admissions Auto Emails Live To enable the University to send mass personalised emails to our

    potential students Darren Stevens Christina Edgar Sarah Bramall CI

    [C&C] Business Intelligence/Management Information Solution

    Live To deliver a new Business Intelligence/Management Information service including forecasting, modelling and improved dashboard functionality (eg MI View) with drill down to source data.

    Darren Stevens Mike Hounslow Tony Strike CI

    Confirmation of Acceptance to Study

    Live To implement significant changes to the CAS assigning process in order to improve overall efficiency, customer service and staff experience.

    Pablo Stern Christina Edgar Lynsey Hopkins CI [L&T]

    Learning Management System

    Approved To implement a single, University-wide LMS as the place for all development activity to be accessed, recorded and reflected upon.


    SAP Mobile Live To investigate and implement methods of delivering SAP functionality to mobile devices.

    Neil Campbell Chris Sexton & Andrew Wood

    Emma Chipchase & David Bebbington


    SHIP (Sheffield HE Achievement Record Implementation)

    Live To augment the University Transcript with verifiable, non-academic student achievements and produce the HEAR for each individual student on graduation, and make it available for several years thereafter.

    Anne Rodgers Anne Peat Helen Grindley L&T [CI]

    Student eFile Live To create a system for holding electronic documents linked to the student record.

    Roddy Flynn Andrew West Anna Kingston CI

    Student Systems Live To review student administration processes, specify overall requirements, assess available commercial and in-house options. Phase 2 to procure a new system and prepare for implementation.

    Chris Attwell Andrew West Exec Sponsor: Bob Rabone

    Chris Sexton CI [L&T]


  • 11-Aug-15 CiCS Development Portfolio Portfolio of Projects: Page 3 of 5

    Project Status Purpose Manager Sponsor Customer/ Business Visionary

    Service Advisory Group/s [Interested]

    Identity Management Approved To put in place processes and procedures to ensure that members of the University have appropriate and timely access to the services provided by the organisation, and that conversely those who are not members do not.

    Inf [C&C, CI]

    Business Activities University Branded Gifts & Merchandise

    Starting To ensure all customers experience a consistent service and to improve the buying experience of all University branded gifts and merchandise.

    Andy Turner BA

  • 11-Aug-15 CiCS Development Portfolio Portfolio of Projects: Page 4 of 5

    2 Projects closed this year

    Project Status Purpose Manager Sponsor Customer Service Advisory Group/s [Interested]

    Programme Information Live [Taken over PROMS and OPMS] To develop and implement an online system and processes to better manage all information relating to UG and PGT academic programmes, easily accessible by both academic departments and professional services staff.

    Darren Stevens Anne Peat Louise Woodcock

    L&T [CI]

  • 11-Aug-15 CiCS Development Portfolio Portfolio of Projects: Page 5 of 5

    3 Potential/Proposed/Future Projects Statuses: Possible Proposed by SAG Accepted by SSB

    Project Status Purpose Contact Service Advisory Group/s [Interested]

    myEcho Upgrade Possible To make lecture capture available in a greater number of teaching spaces and to provide advice and support for academics on effective ways to incorporate it into their teaching.

    Dan Courtney L&T

    Recruitment and Outreach Data

    Possible To provide a central system for collating, recording and assessing data for the Widening Participation Research and Evaluation Unit (WPREU) and Outreach and UK/EU Recruitment (RECOA) teams.

    Anne Rodgers CI

    Research Asset Register Possible To create a research asset register, following the RIS project on this. Martin Rapier R&I

    Research Data Management Archive Infrastructure

    Possible To develop/procure/sign up to and implement a research data archive to meet the University's requirements for RDM, in conjunction with the Library and RIS

    Martin Rapier R&I

    Service Oriented Architecture

    Possible To pull together disparate architectures and systems. John McAuley Infr [CI]

    Timetable Display Screens Possible To display up to date information about room bookings particularly outside of rooms that students may wish to make use of when not booked for teaching, and to display other appropriate information.

    Cliff Alcock L&T

    UCard Replacement Possible To introduce a replacement for the UCard which will provide more comprehensive functionality. Dave Surtees CI

    Unified Comms Possible To implement unified communications, which enables access through one interface to email, telephony, voice-mail, video conferencing, fax, instant chat and presence awareness.

    Rob Needham C&C [Infr]

  • ID Task Name Start Finish

    1 Admissions Auto Email Project Mon 01/04/13 Wed 30/09/15

    2 Review & Specification Mon 01/04/13 Fri 30/08/13

    3 Implementation Mon 02/09/13 Fri 29/08/14

    4 Pilot & Rollout Prep Mon 01/09/14 Wed 30/09/15

    5 Alumni Portal Tue 01/09/15 Fri 29/04/16

    6 Feasibility Tue 01/09/15 Thu 15/10/15

    7 Foundations Fri 16/10/15 Thu 24/12/15

    8 Increment 1 Mon 04/01/16 Fri 29/04/16

    9 Business Intelligence & Management Information

    Fri 02/01/15 Thu 07/07/16

    10 Feasibility Fri 02/01/15 Fri 29/05/15

    11 Foundations Mon 01/06/15 Wed 30/09/15

    12 Implementation & Rollout (T) Thu 01/10/15 Thu 07/07/16

    13 Confirmation of Acceptance to Study Mon 14/04/14 Wed 30/09/15

    14 Feasibility Mon 14/04/14 Thu 15/05/14

    15 Foundation Fri 16/05/14 Fri 11/07/14

    16 Implementation & deployment of core improvements

    Mon 14/07/14


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