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<ul><li> 1. CICOM BRAINS Inc. What is CICOM-ISL? l CICOM-ISL (Innovation Strategy and Leadership program) is an open enrollment business school for enabling leaders expected to serve in the top tier of management. Attendees will hone their decision-making and business development skills through the study of management subjects such as strategy, marketing, human resource management, accounting and finance. We also offer our MOT (Management of Technology) focused program which covers subjects such as innovation strategy. l CICOM-ISL is a program that has followed in the path of the Executive Management of Technology (MOT) Program launched by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management and CICOM BRAINS in 2003 with support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. l This program also offers an opportunity for ISL participants to expand their professional networks. </li></ul> <p> 2. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Program Outline Attendees will learn and discuss the topics/skills presented with front-line business people from a wide spectrum of occupations and industries. All courses will provide an opportunity for attendees to broaden their horizons and be exposed to other ways of thinking. Management Strategy Design Thinking Marketing-Strategy Planning Human Resource Management Accounting &amp; Finance for Decision-Making Basic Business Statistics Logical Thinking &amp; Problem Solving Refine the decision-making process in a variety of fields Plan strategies for turning ideas into products and services, and learn how to introduce them into the market Learn how to organize teams and build innovative organizations Gain knowledge of the assumptions for understanding and assessing corporate activities and learn how to make optimal decisions concerning investments and financing Gain the ability to reach optimal conclusions by correctly understanding the results of analysis Learn how to organize and present thoughts to improve communication Develop creative ways of thinking through a structured approach Innovation Strategy Learn how to assess technologies and efficiently make decisions regarding creating businesses based on them 3. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Operation Overview CICOM-ISL Program Schedule Term: January, April, July, and October Each course: every other week6 sessions Each session: 3 hours (18:30-21:30) on weekdays Qualification Managers who lead/manage people/projects Managers that needs innovation in various business fields Place CICOM Learning Center, Akihabara, Tokyo Class size 25 persons max. for each course 4. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Profile for the participants 4 20's 3% early 30's 10% late 30's 28%early 40's 38% late 40's 18% over 50's 3% Assistant Managers 25% Managers 47% Senior Managers 19% Directors, Entrepreneurs 9% R&amp;D 35% Engineering/IT 24% Sales/Marketing 15% Corporate Planning 7% Others 19% Manufacturing 48%ICT service/ Telecom 33% Banking 7% Construction 4% Others 8% Age Positions Job Categories Industries 5. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Instructor Profiles 5 Mr. Sugimoto graduated from Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Commerce. He engaged in strategy planning and execution support as a business consultant for client companies in a varied range of industries for six and half years in the Boston Consulting Group. He then entered Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and conducted startup of new business as a Senior Executive Manager of the Battery Materials Division. After that, he engaged in branding strategy planning for a major merchandising company and NEXCO in a consulting firm specializing in marketing and branding strategy planning, and execution support. He founded BonaFide Consulting, Inc. in April 2007. He currently delivers consulting services specializing in marketing and branding strategy planning for client companies. Shinichi Sugimoto Mr. Kobayashi holds a Bachelor of Law from the University of Tokyo and an M.B.A from the University of Chicago. He started his career at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation in 1982, He then joined Boston Consulting Group Tokyo. He later became Director of Strategy for BT Japan, where he focused on M&amp;A strategy for e-commerce and multi-media in addition to equity tie-ups. From March 2000, he worked for HSBC Securities as a Senior Analyst. He joined CICOM in April 2003 as Managing Director, before being appointed as COO in February 2006. He is the co-author of the MOT Innovation Guide (Nikkei BP), and co-translator of Business of Software by Michael Cusumano (Diamond Publication), and Democratizing Innovation by Eric Von Hippel (First Press), both authors are faculty members of the MIT Sloan School. Hiroaki Kobayashi Masahide Teraishi Dr. Teraishi holds a B.A and PhD from Hitotsubashi University and he is a professor at Otsuma Womens University, prior to that he was a professor of Gunma University. His teaching focuses on finance, statistics, and behavioral patterns of investors. He also works as a non-executive internal auditor of listed companies (SE Corp, Koshidaka Holdings) in Japan. He actively works as a consultant for regional development projects. His publications include "Dynamics of Venture Business" "Environmental Change and Corporate Management" and "Dictionary of Accounting and Finance." 6. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Instructor Profiles Masaya Ubukata Yoichi Tamura Mr. Tamura holds a BA from Sophia University and an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. His previous work experience as a project manager includes positions with Nomura Research Institute, Ltd, and Citibank N.A., with a focus on information system innovation in Asia, Europe, and North America. Later posts included positions with consulting firms for foreign companies in Japan, which helped to refine his expertise in project management and strategy formulation. He is currently focused on business professional training and helping clients to develop HR strategies for corporate change and performance management. He is also the author of several renowned Japanese publications on strategic communication and facilitation skills. Mr. Ubukata holds a BA from Tokyo University, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences. He engaged in business analysis and teaching for the suppliers of automotive parts in Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., He changed jobs to become a HR and organizational change consultant at William M. Mercer, Inc. (now Mercer Japan Ltd.). He started his career as an instructor and contents developer of Logical thinking, Problem Solving, Facilitation, and so on at a famous in-house training company in 1996. Currently he designs a wide range of human resource development programs, lectures at in-house trainings, and consults on the organizational development of major companies as a freelance consultant. He is also the writer of The way of problem solving studied by cases, The Practical Course of Conceptual Thinking of Scenario. 7. CICOM BRAINS Inc. </p>