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  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    W O R L D S A T W A R - D A R K E D E ND a r k ~ d e l ! - T h e a w e s o m e n e w S o u r c e b o o k l o rW a r z o n e !D a r k E d e n i s I h e j i rs l S o u r c e b o o k lO T W a r z n n e s e lo n M u l a n l C h ro n i c le s E a r th . I I b ri n g s e v e n m o reY a r i e t v t o y o u r f a v o r i t e g a m e .T h e D a r k E d e n S o u rc eb o o k f e a tu re s t h e e X l l l i c~ e H i n g 0 1 E a r t h , w i th c o m p le le i n fo rm a t i o n f o rw a g i n g w a r u n d e r i l s h a r s h c o n d i l i o n s , i n c l u d i n g : f u n d e l a H s o f t h e f o u r m a j o r n a l i v e D a r k E d e nt r i b e s a n d t h e l e c a l c o rp o r a te a n d B r o th e r h o o d

    e m i s s a r i e s l R u l e s f o r t a k i n g D a r k E d e n I r i b e s o i l - w o r l d , a n df o r b r i n g in g " n o rm a l " W a n o n e f o r c e s d o w n 1 0D a r k . E d e n l, . E x l e n s i v e c o v e r a g e a l t h e D a r k L e g i o n a n d t h e i ra d i v i t i e s a n d f o r c e s o n D a r k E d e n ! T e rr a in E f f e c t s , S p ec ia l A b i l i t i e s , B e a s t s , S p e c i a lM o d e ls a n d t h e m o s l e x 1 e n s i v e f o rc e I i s l s a n da r m o r i e s e v e r p re se n t e d l o r W a r z o n e ! N e w d y n a m i c m a r k e r s a n d t e m p l a t e s - a l l o nh e a . v y - s t o c k c a r d b o a r d !U N L E A S H E D S E P T E M . B E R J 9 7

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    E D I T O R I A U C O N l E N T SI N T H E S T U D I OB y the time you read thi s ,a t l east two-three monthswill have passed 5i nee Iwrote it. But. I thought I'dte ll you what has beengoing on. We have Set upa design surclo inEdinburgh, Scotland. DaveJones is coming fromPhiladelphia to Startworking here. and Imyselam on-site and steamingat full spe ed o nChronicles. Ro y Eastland.our latest addition to thes cu lp tc r c rew , w il l. ls osoon stan: work at thes tudio (actually he will bethe forst one to put hishands to c reating the newIine offan tasy fi gu res. Seemore abo ut that below],A n d Peter F 1 " nn ery h a salmost finished the firstmodel ever made withinthese wall s: a Dark Edenriverbull l I t is going 10 bea great b e a st ! T a s ty , Johnsa s. look for more ofPeter', work in the resinsection of th is i ssue.Soon you'I l be able tovisit, and playa game ortwo against US~ at theDesign Stud i0 (we'res e lt i n g u p someb. ttl e f elds, with loads of~gures. in the Studio'sc a ve r no u s a r ti e) .We are also discussingpurring up a web-site,where you will be able toget all the laresl news directf ro m th e s tu dio . This isjustinthe planning stages rightnow. and no officialdecisions have been made.But, the ide. isyou'll getf i rsthand information onwhat we're doing as ithappens . photos, previews,p ro gre ss re p o rts andupcoming release dates.So . did yOll not ice? No?Yes!Chronicle is sixteenpages thicker! AGAIN!Togive you more of [he best.Anel, since the fantasygame Chronopia isshaping up here in thestudio, we knew 3 2 p ag eswould not be enough.We're not even sure 48pages will do. RegardingChronopia. check au t t ilepreview on page 371011 . yeah I I almosr fo.-gollWe also asked Thomas0sterlie. one of ourChronicles contributors,to write" few wordsabout the Dark EdenSourcebook, due forrelease anyday now. You'lIfind his art icle followingrh Chrnnopia preview.That's a ll for now ITake care.


    C O N T E N T SF E A T U R E SD E N D E V I l 5 2 9A n ew v or ic nt fo r M i sh im o 'S S ui ci de W a rh ea ds .S I E G E ! . 3 1D ea d a f n ig ht a ll a la rm so un ds H eretics a tta ck! T his scen ario fea tu res a S ec retK oh or t o tta ck o n a c or po ra te f ir eb as e. L ot s a f a ct io n. w it h n ew r ul es a nd w e ap on s!C H R O N O P I A , . . 3 7Journey to C il ro no pi a! M e et E lv es , H u m cn s, D w a rv es , B la ck bl ao ds a nd t he D e vo ut . T hi s isT ar ge t's f ir st o ff ic ia l p re vi ew f or t he t hr il li ng n ew g a me . e sc ap in g t hi s a ll tu m n f ro m t il eh el lh oi e o f G a m e D e si gn .D A R K E D E N : , 4 1T ot al w a r is i ne v it ab le l T h e W a r ri or s o I th e LOSl P a ra d is e a r e c om in g . N e n /l in g ca n s topthem! In t hi s f ea tu re a rt ic le . T ho m as 0 st e, ./ ie , o ne o f t he D a rk E d en c on tr ib u to rs a ndp la y t e st er s, g iv es u s h is c omm en ts on t il e e xc it in g n ew b OQ k/D E P A R T M E N T ST H E B U L L E T I N B O A R D 4N E W F I G U R E S , . . , 6N E W R E S IN S E T S 1 4T H E A R C H I V E S 1 6A n e w C h ro n ic le : s ec ti on d e vo te d to a l/ y ou f an s ou r there.I N T E R V I E W " ' 1 9Wi th Ne il McKellz ie!Q U E S T I O N S & A N S W E R S 2 0P R O D U C T C A T A L O G U E " . 2 3L O C A L P A G E S 2 7P U n y T O U C H I N G 3 5Jer emy s ho w5 U 5 s ome E r ad ic a t or Dea lh d ro id c o n ve r ,; o n5 .T H E A R M O R Y 4 6R e li cs o f t he F a i t i r : B r ot /l er /w o d A r ti fa c ts fo r W a r zo n e.

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    PUBL I SH IiR: JiJrgfl GnmesED I TOR ' I N en Iff: Smnj Si"~rvl i

    ED ITOR IA L A 1DE S D E CAM f~ D a . .. j o "e s ,jo hn R ob er t SOli

    GRAPH IC & P AGE DES IGN : Som i S i n ., 'v i iA , /? T D IR EC TI ON : N il s G u ll ih o nEN G US I f L AN G fb lG E E DI TO R : LegionCONTRIBUTORS: Tlmm, , ; !'J,terlie,je ",m y W eb b. us Robertso", P(nti,kCanno " , JorrQrha" W . Coulr t r . Ug ian , jimWil / jom50" , Jana5 Moses , St, jO"

    IJ'ungqYisr, 110 " " ,1 , R ." e -Cowan , FredWhi t ! ' . Cees Kwad i j k , S t e ff m Nai r , PatricB 'a c k/ u" d , F r ed r i. M a i m b e rg

    I Ifl ER I OR A R n vO R K ; Pau l Bonner .Smdia Parente: Paolo Pare"re & AlexHar le y , Pe te r g"llii"g. )e,! M;rocQla,Jo lm MOrlO/ ' , Jamie SimI' , M a rm ,Thor el l, Mor e ;" 1 ( o"C ' l' o kows ki . / \ dr ianSmi th . M G r k Du b o is . N i ls G u l li k so n

    F IG URE PA lN TER S ;) a r l c i e / 'rowF IGURE SCU I .PTORS : Mark Kay. Pl,jj L.w".K e v Whi te . Neil M en zk , T im P ro \\ .!P e tc r

    flc"nery. R o y [astlond. ! e m f ' K lo c h.WEBSm :W I " " '. t o r g e r . s e[ -MA IL :

    [email protected] l . seCOPYRIG f I T i l : > 1997 1 i l RGET GlMts. AL LR IG HTS R ES ER VED. W AR ZON, M UTA NT[lig ON /e US , D AR K E DE N, !1 00M T R!I OI 'E fi.e ffR ON /C U S, C H RO IIOP IA . A I ID AI.LC l iA R A C T E R / lAM E S AN D tilE DISTlNcr !VEHKEl l tSS / 51 Tl IE I1EOo A M E T RA lJ EM M KS O FTA RC ET W lM ES A I!. M UT iW T C I'R ONICU 5 15

    T H E B U L L E T IN B O A R D

    W O R K I N P R O G R E S S :

    THE HURRICANE WALKER,Im p er ia l's m ig hty w ar m a ch in e, th e H urr ic an e W ~ lk er , h as re ac he dits fina l ph ase o f develo pm ent. P hil lew is h as, w ith sw ea t andb lo od , c ra fted o ne o f th e g rea test w alkers ever m ade. H ere yo ucan see a ph oto graph o f th e " th ing" th at w il l be go ing into th e1 1 1 0 1 d s any day now ; som e pa rts w i II be c a st in resin and som e inm eta l. Du e fo r relea se end o f '97.

    T H E Y E L L O F T H E S T U D I O M A N A G E R :S om e th ou gh t it w asn 't po ssib le , so me h oped it w asn 't po ssib le and som e ju st th ou gh t, T a rget Gam es' D esign S tu dio is no wo ffic ia lly o pe n. S et o n th e shores o f th e g rea t m isty lo ch in a h igh to wer in th e fa bled city o f E din bu rg h, th e S tu dio heralds anew era fo r T arget G am es.T he D esign S tu dio is respo nsib le fo r c rea tio n a nd develo pm ent o f a ll o ur m in ia tu res a nd pu blica tio ns. It is sta ff ed w ith itso w n g ra ph ic s, m o d el in g, photography a nd g am e d es ig n d ep ar tm e nts . In f u tu r e is su e s ofChronicles th er e w ill bea regula rfea tu re o n th e stu dio to g ive yo u insigh ts in to a spec ts o f o ur indu stry .S ta rtin g in th is iss ue . I'd l ike to in tro du ce th e m em bers o f th e design team . First, I su ppo se , c om es m yself. M y na m e isJo hnRober tson . S om e of yo u m ay know m e from m y days at F an ta sy F or ge a nd . perhapsmore r ec en tly , a t G re nd el P ro du ctio ns, B u t.plea se do n't h old th at aga ins t m e: I w as yo ung a nd im pressio na ble th en . I' a m th e stu dio m ana ger , w hic h is j us t a n o ff ic io u sw ay o f sa ying th at I keep th e ar tis tic types in h and. O th er du ties inc lu de develo ping new ideas. s tory l ines and con cep ta r tw o r k . O c c a si o na l ly I get to indu lge m yself in a. bi t of p utty to u ch in g, th e B io -G ia nt f ea tu re d in Chron ic les #8 is one o f m yla test c rea tio ns. W ell . eno ugh se lf -indu lgence . L et's m o ve o nto so m e o th er m em bers o f th e tea m.

    S am i Si l l e l' l li i i s the edltor-la-chlefef C hro ntde s m a ga zin e. S am i w as q uite h ap py liv ing in S to ck ho lm , u ntil b ru ta lly u pro ote dand du mped in th e edito r's c ha ir in Edinburgh. He is re sp onsib le f or m e ltd ow ns. la yo uts, g ath er in g a nd cornmissicning o farticles and a rtw ork and genera l ly bu gg ing m e to ge t things do ne fo r th e m aga zine tin timel). T ho se o f y o u fa m ilia r w ith th em a ga zin e w ill a lr ea dy k no w a bo ut Sarni 's R o ge r M o o re im p re ss io n.Davejones is o u r r es id en t mil'S gu ru . He's r ec en tl y b ee n sh ip pe d 01'1'1'

    from s u nn y P h i la d e lp h ia . He is g ra du al ly f am i lia rizin g h im s el f w ith o u rstra nge S co ttish c usto m s: h un ting th e g rea te r spo tted J la gg is o n th eskree slo pe s o f o ur lo ch s, sa m plin g sin gle m a lt w hisk eys a nd le arn in gto lo ok to th e righ t w hen cro ssing stree ts , D espite h is b iza rre newenv iro nm ent, D ave m ana ges to w ork h ard , bu ild ing ga ming bo ards andterra in , a nd w riting ru les fo r D ark Eden and o ur new fan ta sy T TGs ys te m C h ro n o pia .We i ! , t h a t' s i t fo r th isissue , I l o ok fo rw ard to you reading m e next tim el

    johflS tu dio m an age r (an d a iD t m o re .. .)

    S ee y a,

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    T H E F I R S TC H R O N O P I AF I G U R E S !rLJU. flIIlJllU.r,r o W " k.! ~"~ fo r _ ~ . , . . r fto . . . . " " " " "to !'~,",,(, fo r r I < E I ' ' '' ' ' ' . .. . !otI I f! 1 '< 1 1a t !'0II1

    tIowwtr, *ftu fu f .,

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    Ae.OLYTES: A c ol yt es ( Ir e t h e . Io we st -r nn ki ng m emb er s o /t he S ec re t K oh or ts . T he y ( Ir e r e ce nt r ec ru it s t oA ig er nt h's v as t l eg io ns o f H e re ti cs , a nd do n ot y et p os se ss a ny g if ts .



    INI'TIATES: A co ly te s w ho re pe ate dly p ro ve th eir d ev otio n t o th e K oh or ! o n . th e b a tt l ef i el d (w it h ou t dyi l lg) ar eeve t1 tua l/y p romo ted to In itia te . In iti ate s c an l ea d s qu ad s a f A co ly te s, b ut, c on a lso f o rm th ei ro wn sq u ad s led by G N ea om ag uz , D es tr oy ers o r R ea pe rs o f S ou Is .



    SUPREMENEC'ROMAG'US: TECHNO-MANCER:T h e S u pr emeN e, ro m a gu s i s t il ed ra co ni an p at ri ar ch o fo Temp le o f Destruction .The nex t step fa r aH e re ti c r om e r hi s [ or i nt he S e rr e t K o ho rt s i stransformation into af ol l-f /e dg ed w ar ri or o fA i ge ro th : a N e ph a ri te ,P r et or ia J l S ta lk e r o rs im il a r s u p er n umaacreature.

    Th e Technoman c er s a reA J ge ra t h's f ar em a s tI I U J l J a n technicians,sta nd ing on the v eryv e r ge o f b ecom ingT e kr -o n s. T h e y u se t he ira bilities on theb a tt le fi el d t o s up p or .td am a ge d v eh ic le s. A nd ,a s . th e y a r e e x c ep t itma Imechsmi th s , tney ar ea lw a ys e qu ip pe d w it hth e v er y b es ttech /lalogy.



  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09





    R id in g th e s tu rd ie st o fm ou nt > - bred t(l endure tl!es a v og conditions o f theplanet 's n oto rio us ju ng le -V en us ia n M a rs ha ls g az e o utfr om b eh in d th e s a m e s ku ll[acep ! ores as th ose w orn b yB a u ha u s'f am e d R a n ge rs .Their a rmo r d emo n s tr a te st he . im p o rt an c e o f theMarsha ls to Ba u ha u s sD c ie t y, ;o n ly t il e most c ou rag e ou se nd t en ac io us a re p er m it te dto w ea r th e hO l lo r ed wh i tes pe ci al fo rw s m a sk .


    PAINT SCHE.ME:A rm or is w hite , w rapped in ab ro wn fu r c lo ak. D eta ils su ch a sg lo v es , in si gn ia a nd belts a re darkblue or red. Ma rs ha ls d oo c ca sio n al ly w e ar c a m o u fl ag ea rmo r , though. depend ing o n [h er e r r a in be i ng p atr o IIe d _




    IMMACULATE FURY #2(#9676)


  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    -B'R.OTH'E~HQOPPI'LG_RIMS:P i lg rim s" or e m a in ly u se d a s e s co rt a n d r e co /l un it s' on 'm i ss ii il 1 U1 y 7e .> 1 p ed io o ns i nu nk no wn t er ri to rie s. T ile y a re b ra ve w ar rio rs d ed ic at ed to t il rouse o f th e Ught.TllI?yrarely tUrtl fro m a ba ttle a ga in st tile m in io ns o f D a rk ne ss .




    D.ESERTSCORPIONS:'Tile m a rt ia l! d es er ts a re d ea dl y to norma l men. T h en a ga in , C a pt lo l D e se rt S co rp io ll sa re a ny th in g b ut n or ma l. T he y s pe cia liz e i n d es er t f ig ht in g, a ,n d c om ba t in sim ila r "h ar sh e nv ir on me nts . A nd r um or s p er sis t th ot th ey 'v e m ou nte d c ov er t m is sio ns a ga in stt he D a r kn e ss all J up ite r's m oo ns , v io la tin g th e h oly L aw o f t he C a rd in al .


    CAPITOL DESERT r : : . . . - .~ SCORPIONS(#9541)



    seO:R:PION:'T he S co rp io n's m is si ol l o n t he b at tl ef ie ld is t o e l im in a teth e e ne my b efo re th ey c all b ri ng t he ir w ea po ns to bear .T i le S co rp i o n is a s le ek , p ow er fu l w ar m a c h in e t h at isvel) ' I l O r d t o s to p .


    PAINT SCHEME:Armor is painted the most commoncolors of their local environment;brown with red shading in theDeserts of Mars, white and cyan inthe Polars of Venus and black in theCaverns of Mercury. Whatever colorscamouflage their pads and plates,their under-armor suit is always paleblue, drybrushed white,


    Metallic blue or greencovers the Scorpion'sbody. Small details arepicked out in black andsilver. The Scorpion haspale green eyes.

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09






    T h e C r im s ,, ,, D e vi ls r e. ", . 0 k om i, o r s pir it . c om m on to m a ny ti me -h on or ed M is him e se w ar s to ne s. Theys ay th eir k om i p os se ss ed a d ev ill ,u nd r ds o f y ea rs a go . a nd d id m an y good d ee ds fo r t he M i sh im ts epeop le . S om e s w ry te ll er s sa y doo t d ev il w o , on e o f t he fi rs t N e ph a ri te s w a p pe ar ; w h ir l, wa s ill t~rnpossessed b y o" e o f th e S e ve n S a ge s komi . W ha t th e tr oth is. nobod y k n ow s . B u t. t he C ri ms on D ev il snever s lw w f ea r in bame ; th .y kn u w th e ka m iw i l l ml1! f or th ei r 50U/, shou l d rh e y die .



    DEATHBRINGER:S ome rare S h a d ow Walkersdisplay ",d, t o te n ; a n dc u n ni ng , c o n du c ri n g everym i SS '/ ln w it h d ea d ly e ff ic ie n ~t ha t t ne ir sense i o f fe r s r lo e mb io g en e ti c a n d r yb er n et icenhonam fnt. T h e ir b o d ie s Q remod. f1I/llfll/ainou5 wj t / ,gra ftea musc l e . d o e , r eye , ar ei m p ro v e d w . it h l ig h t' 5 en 5 i ti v es c r eensand SOm e are evenl a~gh t t he a n r k w a y.

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09



    D i sc ip le s f or m t he c o re o f t he L ut he ro ll o rm y . T he y a re e xt re m el y l oy al. m o re th an",iil ing to s ac ri fi ce t he m se lv es f or t he ir k in .






    JAKEKRAMER:Cap i t al ' s J o lw Krnm e l' i s 0 V ! 't er a n o f rou nt fe~b att le s a nd s ec re t o pe ra ti on s. H e j oi ne d th efi-.e Mor ines 05 a f ee na ge r, a nd t he w a rz on eshave been h is h om e e ve r s in ce ,

    JAKE K,RAMER(#9682)

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09





    A s th e b ackb on e o f Ih e S tro ssrru pp e. S o ld at T ro op ers a re th e 10 r .g es t b r an ch o f th e R asp utinmili ro ry T he y m o Vl' /a~tand pa ck hea 'Y f irepower.


    SOL.D.AT SERGEANT(#9893)

    FLAMMENTROOPER:Pyromaniu01T ha t is w ha tt he S a ld a tF l ammenT r oo p er s a r e,T he y a ree qu ip p ed w it h!WO l argef lame thrower s.mnnec t .ed tou (e n t ra ! t on kOn their back s .Withthe:;erhey se a r th een~my .


    BLE.SSEDVESTAL. LAURA:L au ra w as D n c e a sim ple g irl.fro m a p oo r L un a m issio na ry /a mi/yo T henf ve ry .r l li ng changed. S h e a w ak en ed e xc ep ti on a l u n de rs ta n di ng 0 / th epawm of the lighr -rh e A rt. L au ra jjJ'5t e nr ol ed i n t h~ D ir ec to ra te ofth e M ys tic s, w he re sh e le ar ne d th e A rt's fo un da tio n d is cip lin e5 . S heth en J Oin ed th e V alk yr ie S is te rh oo d. T he re 'ih e qUIck ly proved r o b e no ton ly a m aster a/rhe A rt. b ut a grea t wa r ri o r a il a .


  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    CRESCENTIANBROTHERBOUNDS:B ro th er bo ll nd t ro op er s a re t ' l r e fo o t ! ol di er s o f t he C re sc et ui anmi/irory. a s s uc h /lIe, su ffer a la rm in g d ea th ra te~ . T heir ro le is top to te c: th e C re sc en ria n C av alry fr om a tta ck . T he y sa cr ific e th eir ./il'l1 5i n d rove s d Q in g s o.





    Raga tho l is a h u g e c r eat l lr e , t ow e ri ll g fi tl l y 13 fe et, a lldw eig hi ng o ve r 5 00 p ou nd s, A m e re l es se r N e ph ar ir e o fA lg ero r/l , he h as no ne th ele ss m ade a n am e for h im se lf a mo ngh is p ee rs . T he y se e hi m a, a s tr on g a nd p ow e rf ul c om p et it orF ew k no w, h ow ev er , th ot i l1 sid e h e is a c ow ar d (i n Nephar.iteterms , o f c o u ne i ). D l1d w i l l a lways bGck down if o ne o fh is p lo tss ee rn sa bo ut to b e r ev ea le d.


  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09



    H ord e T ro op ers a re th e m ~in sta y5 0f a ny T em pla r a rm y T hey ar e le d i n c (J nf/ kl b y p rtJ ~d a ndp ow e rf ol C en tu rs , am i d 'Bn t prayers r o increase their a gg re ss io n a nd t.rr.ify rheir enemies,C en t~ rs le ad fr om th e r ea r o f t he ir H ar de s, w hi pp i~ g th e tr oo pe r: into a b l o od- fr e n zy ,




    STAHLER:E rw in S ta hl er h as s om e 0 / Bauhaus ' m o s tn o bl e b lo o d runn i ng t hr o~ h IIi s " " in s . A tl ea s ., f ha t is w ha t m os t p eo ple b elie v e. B ut ,n ot o ll ly n ob le blood c o ur se s t hr o ug h h im.T i li n te d b y th e in ftc No ." p ois on a /D ar k I,e re zy ,S tah ler is on e a fNepha r it e Golgotha 's mostdevo ted se rvant s .

    STAHL.ER > c :z(#9678)

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09



    NEW RESIN SETSTHE DARK LEGION CITADEL RANGEThis series of bltsrers enableS'!y u tf) build your own customized Dark legion temple. All pieces areinterchangeable, permitslng a~se.mbly in various configuratioris. lines models are specifically designed for

    Wartone. But this range wooltl mtke excellent background for any diorama, too.

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09





    T hi s p ac k c on ta in s J ou r p ie ce s. T he n' a re two la rg e a rr an ge m.n ts o fc as es c on ta in in g a ss or te d w e ap on 5 /1 n d ammunit ion. A l so t h er e I,also aweapons cbes ; an d IIl a rg e c a r go - st y le a rm s p od .

    This pack contains s ix p ie ce s. T h er e a re f ou r d if fe re ntMm ng em en ts o fje rr y inS. ail drums . f o e l ! ank s and can is t er so j v c ri ou .! s iz e s. Also included i,II l a rg . annored foel pod andan L -sh apo d w ail o f s an d b ag s.

    B t 1I TL F .F IE L D ENHANCER #3: AM MO DUM P (#4W 9)

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    T H E A R C H I V . E S

    T he Archives is an all-newsection in Cbroniclesl lnthe Archives you wil l f indfan-made Mutant Chronicles,Warzone and Chronopiamaterial, such as paintedfigures, drawi ngs, dioramas.buildings and more. Thesea re Y O U R pages to A l i i Theaddress is.:

    I _ E A R C I V E STarget Games UK Ltd.44 Constitution Street. 2 Fl.EH6 6RS EdinburghScotland

    T H E A R C H A N G E LMade by : Bill Refs land

    Unfortunately we are unableto few many mater ialsseIIIto US.

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    T H E A R C H I V E S

    T H E A R C I V E ST H E B R O T H E R H O O D C A T H E D R A L

    By : Marcin Konczakowski

    F R E E M A R I N EC O N V E R S I O NPainted and converted by: Tim Prow

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    .T H E A R C H I VT H E A R C I V E ST H E M A C E

    A CYBE.RTFl:ONIC VE.liIICLE -Constructed by:John Mangold

    By your esteemed Editor-in-ChieflF I G U R E C O N V E R S I O N S

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    I N T E R V I E W

    I N T H E S T U D I O W I T N E I L M C K E N Z I EC h r o n i c l e s : Wh ichi s yo u r favori tecorporation in MutantChronicleslWarzone? Why?N e i l : I like all of [hem. But, I thi nkCybertronic is one of the mostinteres ting because of their shadowymotives.

    Neil has sculpted many of the ne w creations chat haveescaped from the Target Games Design Studio, Some of themost popular figures he has done are the Mourning Wolves,many of the personalities OakI ' Kramer, Nick Michaels and BigBob Watts) and the new Chasseurs (seen in Chronicles #8),His current assignment i the Sons of Rasputin: find a few inthis issue.F u ll n a m e : Neil McKenzieA g e : 26R o r n i n : Liverpool, EnglandC h r o n i c l e ! : So Neil! What were you doing before you startedwith Target Games, and what kind of experience did youhave?N e i l : I used to make and repair musical instruments, and then Iworked in a game shop. I 've a lways enjoyed painting , makingscenery and collecting figures. I've done that since Iwas 13.This seems more like a hobby than a jobl I was lucky enoughto meet my favorite figure designer and speak to him a fewtimes. He was very positive and helpful. Watching him workwas inspiring.

    C h r o n i c l e s : What do you think of theMutant Chronic les universe? How doyou feel about it?N e i l : Iwouldn't be making the figuresif I didn't like Mutant Chronic les! Thebackground detail and wealth ofgaming poss ibilities are the bestthings about it. 1 really like the inter-corporate warfare aspect.C h r o n i c l e s : A typical day for y o u : what IS i t l ike?N e i l : I d on't really have any, other than that I'malways making models. There's it new challengewith every figure. and I tend to focus ondifferent areas each day.C h r o n i c l e s : And now you have been doing figures for Target

    Games fo r how long?N e i l : Since August 1996.C h r o n i c l e s : Can you give any hints to our readersinterested in sculpting; what to start with, how[0build up your sk ill? A few words of wisdom ...N e i l : Tha 's hard, as I'm still a beginner myself]First, you have to study anatomy; you can't playthe game until you know the rules. Start bychanging an existing model; cut off the arms orhead and make new ones, and slowly build up to making a fullfigure , Learn from your mistakes and AIM for perfec tion. Youhave [0care about your work, or you won't get very far.

    C h r o n i c l e s :How didyou cometo SCUlptfor TargetGames?N e i l : I made

    C h r o n i c l e s : Do you spend your spare time onsomething special, or is it just more work?N e i l : Mostly I work.Though, I also studyjapanese, collectJapanese books an dmanga, draw andsculpt.C h r o n i c l e s : Plans for thefuture?N e i l : Iwant to improveall aspects of my workand make the bestfigures! possibly can ..All other plans are topsecret!C h r o n i c l e s : What ofthe work you've done are youmost proud of?N e i l : I'm never satisfied with my figures as I can always see

    room for improvement. Let's just say the best is yet to come.some figures as anexperiment. InquisitorNikodemus. FemaleMortif icator and FemaleHeretic were my firstcomple te figures . I sentthem to Bob Watts in theU.S . and within a week Iwas making personalitiesfor Warzone! I was rea llyth r own in at the deepend!

    C h r o n i c l e s : Thanks, Neil! Just a few quick final questions:F a v o J il e F i lm s : J like too many to list; I don't really have afavorite.F a v o r it e M u s ic : Anything and everything. c lassical to industr ia l. Ilisten to Nine Inch Nails when Imake Dark Legion figures!F a v o r i l e D r in k : Waterl

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09




    QU:E;STION: How often does a squad have to take a Panic orRout test from an enemy individual 's b r squad's attacks?ANSWE:R: Only once for each enemy individual's or squad'sactivation,

    KICK ,HIM,WHILE ,HE'S ,DOWN!QUEST"ON: Can you target a dead model, to teleport it orto cause it more wounds, so it cannot be revived?ANSWER, No: you cannot target a dead model. lMan, youguys are sickl]

    YOU'RE: ,NOT THAT HEROICIQUESTION: Is it possible to drag or carry a dead model outo f the line of'fl re?A NSWER, No: dead models must remain where they fall.I FEEL BETTER THAN I 010 BEFORE,!

    QUESTION: When a model dies, you la y him-on his side,and wait for the medic to arrive. When the medic revives himdo you set him back up right where he lay, or can you

    him to your deployment zone?A,NSWE:R: He would continue from thepoint where he was revived.

    QUESTION: From Wanone, p 57; 'Youcan add 4 to your chance to successfullyspotting someone for every extra actionyou spend trying to spot." The examplethat follows helps some, but lamwondering if there isn't an unstatedrestriction in there ... does the +4 perex tra act! 0n contl nuI' to 0ceu r when I tryto spot additional models?ANSWER: No, it does not. O nce a modelthat you are attempting to spot has been spotted, and you

    attempt to zero in on a different model, you have to start overagain.

    SPELL. WA,ITING?QUESTION' Can a Waiting model use a Use Special Poweraction?ANSW,ER, No; unless the Spell or Dark Gift states it can beused by 0Waiting model. -

    L.ISTEN TO ME! I'M IN CHA.RGEAROUND HE,REflQUESTION: Can an individual model Give Orders to anotherind ividual model?ANSWE;R: A model may Give Orders to another individualmodel if its Leadership is higher than the model being givenorders.


    QUESTION:. A re you allowed twoindividuals of ' the same type? Like if I wereplaying Bauhaus, could I have a ll myindividual models be Venusian RangerKapitans?ANSWER: As long as you don' t exceedthe individual to squad ratio. Rememberyou can only have one individual model pesquad you have.

    I'M EXTRA SPECIAL .. , NOT!'QUES'noN.: How many special power actions can a playerlise during his turn? Is it one per turn, or one per model?ANSWER: Each model may take one Use Special Poweraction per turn,

    THIS IS A.ON..EMAN .SHOWIQUESTIO'N' How many INDIVIDUALMODELS (underStructure) can you have in your army?ANSWE:R: You may have 1 individual model fo r every squadyou have; it's a I: 1 ratio.

    LEAVE ME ALONE, I'M .A.IIQUESTION: Do Als get a resistance roll AND an immunityroll?ANSWER: Only Cybertronic Ais are al lowed Immunity rolls.This Immunity is 11 result of their manufacture by Cybertronic.It is not sim ply a bonus for being an A I . .A l ! models get aresistance ron, both Al and non-Al,

    WHATJ? ME ROUT?1QUESTION: Does a panicked unit have to be broken from aprevious at tack before taking 1l Rout test from a new casualtyor does a casualty that causes a panicked unit to becomebroken cause it? Fal example,S panicked members of an 8man squad remain at the start of the turn. In the first enemyattack, one is killed leaving 3 4-m31l squad (Broken). Do theytake a Rout test now or after their next casualty from adifferent attack?ANSWE,R: They would immediately have to take a rout test.

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09



    THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN!QUESTION: Is therean upper limit to strength? Forexample, can a Mi s h ir n a D e a th b r in g er be given a CyberneticPower Arm to get a strength often?ANSWER: There is no limit [Q strength. The Deathbringermay have the powerarm, but I don't advise going into closecombat with him if it can be avoided!MY EYES ARE BETTER THAN 20/201

    QUESTION: 1 f1 am inside a wooded area 3 inches deep,people in the open can't see me. I on the other hand may seeout of the woods. 1 5 th i correct?ANSWER: NOBODY(an see through 3 or more inches ofwoods. So you would not be able to fire, nor would you haveto worry about them firing at you.I'LL MOVE WHENI'M GOOD AND

    READYlQUESTION: Is'it legal [0perform a move action as await action?ANSWER: No; a wait countermay only be used forcountercharge or dive for cover"movement" actions.I'LL CHARGE


    QUESTION: On page ofDOWunder the section of"using a wait action" it doesnot lis t Charge. On page 10under the charge section issays you may charge whilewaiting. Is this just an omissionof acceptable actions on page5? Or, can you charge fromwaiting as written on page 1O?ANSWER: Amodel may lisehis wai t counter to perform acountercharge. This isthe only"rnovment" action permittedby a wait counter, besides dive ~for cover. Unless of course, aspecial rule (e.g., the MercurianBanshee rule in Chronicles #6) makes an exception.

    AS THE WORI-O TURNS?QUESTION: Amodel is facing away from an enemy model(out of his forward 180 view). Can the model charge themodel behind him or must he spend a movement action toturn around in order to see the model. and then use anotheraction to charge?ANSWER: When a model makes a move action, it may turnas many times as desired. So, a model may tum and charge anenemy that is behind it in one action.I AIM AT EVERYBOOY ... AT THE SAME

    T.IME?QUESTION: IfI take one aim action, do 1 get the +4/+4benuse for the rest of the tum?ANSWER: The 4/+4 bonus is only good for firing at onemodel. If that model dies, and you target another, you losethe aiming bonus. can spend another action to aim ata different model. Also, when your aiming model ends hisactivation, he is no longer considered to be aiming. Thismeans that you don't get an aiming bonus from a waitcounter,



    QUESTION: I'm still wondering howtriple damage, like the Mortificators'special attack, works with a weaponthat already has a damage modifier. Hitonce and 6, or 9 ( l ], armor rolls to resistdamage?ANSWER: No; the weapon's modifierBECOMESx3. For example, if a weapondoes DAMI4(xl) , its damage is 14.The x2 is the modifier. So in this case,the weapon's damage would remain14, but, i ts new MODIFIERwould bex3.

    STABLE AM I?QUESTION: Whenspending an action tobrace, do you need tore-brace to changetargets during thesame turn?ANSWER: No; oncebraced you remain sountil you stopshooting (i.e., you doany action other thanfiring), or, until yourturn ends.


    IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE!QUESTION: Is releporring into dose combat considered asneak attack, as from a Hidden model (no parry orcountercharge allowed)?ANSWER: No (iftt was, thar would be stated in theteleportation rules); there are such intense gatherings ofenergy at both ends of the teleportation that surprise isimpossible.

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09




    ,QIJESTI'ON: Can you parry a sweep attack?ANSWER: Each model under the templatemay arrernpt to parry, A su(cess fu l parry 0nlyprevenrsthe attack from hitting the model thatparried .. It does not stop the sweep.



    QUESTION: When the Warzone booksays one model in a unit may exchange hisstandard armament for a heavy weapon,does that mean it must say it is a heavyweapon in the descnptlon, or, may he takea L IGHT machine gun?ANSWER; There has been a lot o fconfusion on this point, What we meantwhen writing the book was that a modelcan exchange his r ifle (for example) fo r anyweapon with ",., heavy weapon ... " in itsdescription. from the specified Armory lists.For example. the replacement weapon

    couldn't be asniper rifle.because sn iperrifles ar e NOTheavy weapons.(Rememberthough, that inCassalr les of War itis sta ted that a llmissile weaponsexcept sidearmswith a DAMmultiplier a,reconsidered heavyweapons . )



    15 THATCHEMIMAN EFFICIENT, ORSHOULD WE SCRAP HIM?QU.ESTION: Does the CybertroriicChernirnan have a Mark Ior Mark II grenadelauncher?ANSWER: The Chemiman is an exampleof Cybertronics' battlefield technologyexcellence. Nothlng less then a Mark I]

    would be acceptable. It also uses the Explosive weaponstemplate ( ignoring rhe negative modifiers] ,

    CONCENTRATE. ONiETIMEIEven though War:mn~ allows cumulat ive concentrate act ionsthis, in fact. is not permitted. Multiple concentrate actions areonly allowed when a specific Spell or Dark Gift states such.Sorry for any misunderstandings,

    PERFECT A,RMOR ROL.LA perfect success (a natural 11when rolling for armor is alwaysa save, For example, iF a weapon does DAM22, but yourarmor is only 20., you would still save on a 1.


    L e s R o b e rt so n . '17I0il:t l r ing f i s l [email protected] te rne t -95 .com .


    QUEST:I'ON.: Do models need to be in base-to-base contactto makesweep attacks 7ANSWER': The attacker must be in base-to-base contact withat least one enemy model. AI! o ther rnodets that fall under theappro pria te sweep attack tern pIate may the n also be hit.TAKETHATf OK, THEN TAKE THAT!

    HOW ABOUT THAT? HMMM ,..QUES,TION: Can sidearms/shotguns be parried?ANSWER: Yes; a parry could be as simple as knocking theattacker's arm away, JUSt enough for the shot to blow pastyou,JUST HOW DEEP DO.ESTHAT WOUNDGO?ClUESTI;ON: If you roll a 1 to hit in dose combat, with aweapon with a damage modifier (e.g 14(x2)). how manyautorna tic woun d s does th e target ta ke?ANSWER: The target would take the first woundautomatically, but would be able to save against the second.

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]
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    I I S T ! N G 0 F P R O D U C T S

    L I S T I N G O F P R O D U C T SM U T A N T C H R O N I C L E S R P G 9525 Fury Elite Guard9526 Venusian Rangers4001 MCRPG 9527 Karnophages4010 Me RPG 2nd Edition 9528 Destroyers4002 Brotherhood Sourcebook 9529 Bauhaus Dragoons4003 Imperial Sourcebook 9530 Bauhaus Blitzers4004 Capitol Sourcebook 9531 Trencher Regulars4005 Freelancer's Handbook 9532 Mourning Wolves4006 Algeroth Sourcebook 9533 Sunset Strikers4007 Bauhaus Sourcebook 9534 Cybertronic Chasseurs #24008 Cybertronic Sourcebook 9535 Ash iga ru4009 Mishima Sourcebook 9536 Cybertronic Shock Troops4011 lliaru The Mistress of the Void 9537 Acolytes4012 The Second Seal of Repulsion, Adv. 9538 Initiates4013 The Four Riders. Adv. 9539 Sacristans4014 Beyond the Pale, Adv. 9540 Brotherhood Pilgrims4015 Heimburg--City of Sins Sourcebook 9541 Capitol Desert Scorpions9542 Mishima Crimson DevilsW A R Z O N E R U L E S 9543 Lutheran Disciples9544 Sons of Rasputin Soldats9401 Warzone rulebook 9545 Crescentian Brotherbounds9402 Dawn of War, Compendium # 1 9546 Templar Horde Troopers9404 Beasts of War. Compendium #2 W A R Z O N E S P E C I A L I T Y9406 Casualties of War, Compendium #39408 Dark EdenW A R Z O N E U N IT P A C K S M I N I A T U R E S9601 Cardinal Dominic9501 Capitol Troopers 9602 Nepharite of Algeroth9502 Blood Berets 9603 Valpurgius, Nepharite of9503 Bauhaus Hussars Alakhai9504 Mishima Samurai 9604 Razide #19505 Undead Legionnaires #1 9605 Pretorian Stalker # 19506 Blessed Legionnaires 9606 Pretorian Stalker #29507 Wolfbane Commandos 9607 Mortificator #19508 Cybertroni c Chasseurs # 1 9608 Mortificator #29509 Capitol Special Forces 9609 Ezoghoul9510 Cartel Special Agents 9610 Nepharite ofDemnogonis #19511 Undead Legionnaires #2 9611 Nepharite Alakhai9512 Brotherhood Troopers 9612 Curator9513 Necrornutants 9613 Necromower9514 llian Ternplars 9614 Attila III-Cuirassier9515 Screaming Legionnaires 9615 Nepharite of Demnogonis9516 Brotherhood Elite Troopers #29517 Heretic Legionnaires 9616 Nepharite ofIlian #19518 Hellfire Cart wI Crew 9617 Nepharite of Muawijhe #19519 Hatamato 9618 Zenithian Soul Slayer9520 Etoiles Mortant 9619 Rams Air Cavalry9521 Martian Banshees 9620 Brotherhood Mystic9522 Combat Warheads 9621 Brotherhood Keeper of the9523 Suicide Warheads Art9524 Machinators


  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    U S I I N G O F P R O D 'U m#96J3

    9622 Immaculate Fury#1

    9623 Nepharite of Semai9624 Callis toni an

    Intruder9625 Bio-Giant9626 Eradicator

    Deathdroid 9661 Sean Gallagher9627 Unholy Carronade w I Crew 9662 Agent Nick Michaels9628 TA6500 Light Recon Vehicle 9663 Bil ly the Heret ic9629 Death Angel 9664 Fenris Bike9630 KA-67 Crear Gray 9665 Female Heretic9631 Purple Shark 9666 Inquisitor Nicodemus9632 Mercurian Maculator 9667 Female Mortificator9633 Attila Variant 9668 Machinator w I Hvy Wpn.9634 Zenith ian Slaughterrnasrer 9669 Weapons Pack #19635 Spawn of Demnogon is 9670 Weapons Pack #29636 Deathbringer 9671 Golgotha9537 Shadow Walker 9672 Demon Hunter9638 Vince Diamond 9673 Scorpion9639 Cyril Dent 9674 llian Templar wi Hvy Wpn..9640 G.T. Offroad B-52 (resin) 9675 Razide #2 (replaces 9604)9641 Dragonbike 9676 Immaculate Fury #29642 Pegasus Scout Bike 9677 Raga t hc l9643 Dark Huntsman 9678 Stahler (2 f igure blis ter)9644 Yojimbo 9679 Blessed Vestal Laura9645 Crenshaw the Mcrtiflcator 9680 Technornancer9646 Big Bob Watts 9681 Supreme Necromagus9647 Max Steiner 9682 Jake Kramer9648 Brass Apocalypt 9683 Bauhaus Venusian Marshal9649 Golem of Darkness 9684 Nepharire War.lord9650 Mitch Hunter 9685 Lutheran Patriarch9651 Tatsu 9686 Templer Horde Std. Bearer9652 Edward S. Murdocl19653 Eaonianjustifler W A R Z O N E S I N G L E9654 Tekron9655 Reaper of Souls # 1; M I N I A T U R E S9656 Reaper of Souls #29657 Chemiman 9801 Capitol Captain #19658 War Medic 9802 Capitol Sgt. #19659 Dr. Diana 9803 Capito! Trooper w i Hvy Wpn.9660 Valerie Duval 9804 Blood Berets Captain

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    L IS T I N G O f P R O D U C T S#9611

    9837 Brotherhood Trooper wi HvyWpn.9838 llian High Templar9839 Brotherhood Elite TrooperSgt.9840 Brotherhood Elite Trooper wi

    HvyWpn.9841 Heretic9805 Blood Berets Sgt. #1 9842 Brotherhood Sacred9806 Blood Beretswi HvyWpn. Warrior #19807 BauhausHussarKapitan #1 9843 Brotherhood Sacred9808 BauhausHussarSgt. #1 Warrior #29809 BauhausHussarwI !-IvyWpn. 9844 Brotherhood Sacred9810 Mishima Samurai Leader Warrior #39811 Mishirna Samurai Hero 9845 Brotherhood SacredWarrior9812 Mishima Samurai wi HvyWpn. Sgt.9813 Wolfb;lne Commando Chieftain 9846 Brotherhood Assassin9814 Wolfbane Commando Hero 9847 Brotherhood Valkyrie #19815 Wolfbane Commando wI Hv y Wpn. 9848 Brotherhood Valkyrie #29816 SeaLion Sgt. 9849 Brotherhood vesrel9817 Sea Lion Hero 9850 Brotherhood Inquisitor9818 SeaLion wI HvyWpn. Majoris9819 FreeMarine Sgt. 9851 Necromutant wI9820 FreeMarine Hero Tormentor # 19821 FreeMarine wI HvyWpn. 9852 Necromutant wi9822 Cybertronic ChasseurSgt. Tormentor #29823 Cybertronic Chasseur Hero 9853 Centurion #29824 Cybertronic ChasseurwI HvyWpn. 9854 Hatamoto Leader9825 BauhausHussarKapitan #2 9855 Hatarnoro Hero9826 Capitol Captain #2 9856 Etoiles Mortant Sgt.9827 Wolfbane Commando wi Shotgun 9857 Etoiles Mortanr Hero9828 Capitol Hero 9858 Martian BansheeSgt.9829 Bauhaus Hussar Sgt. #2 9859 Martian BansheeHero9830 Capitol Sgt. #2 9860 Fury Elite Sgt.9831 Blood Berets Sgt. #2 9861 Venusian RangerSgt.9832 Necromutant #1 9862 Venusian RangerKapitan9833 Necromurant #2 9863 Venusian RangerwI Hvy9834 Centurion #1 Wpn.9835 Brotherhood Trooper Sgt. 9864 Destroyer Sgt.9836 Inquisitor

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    L IS T I N G O F P R O D U C T S

    9865986698679868986998 709871987298 7398 74987598 7698 7798 7898 79

    Bau h au s Dragoon Sgt .B a uh au s D ra go on K ap ita nB a u h au s D ra g oo n w/l-lvy Wpn .B a u h au s B l itz er S g t.B a u h a u s Blitzer KapitanB a u h au s B l itz er wI Hv yWp n .T re nc h er S g t.T re nc h er S n ip erT rencher w i ChargerT re nc he r H eroM o u rn in g W o l f C h ie fta inM o u rn in g W o lf H er oS un se t S trik er S gt.S un se t S trik er H er oC yb ertro nic S ho ck T ro op S gt

    9880 C yb er tr on ic S h o ck T ro o p C a pta in9881 C yb er tr on ic S h o ck T ro o p w i Hvy Wpn .9882 Ash iga ru wI H vy W p n9883 Aco l y t e w i Hvy Wpn .9884 Initiate w i Hv y Wpn .9885 S a c r istan wI Hvy Wp n .9886 Im peria l P a th f inder # 1 ..9887 Im per ia l P a th f inder #29888 Im peria l Headh unte r #19889 Im peria l Headh unter #29890 Im peria l W arh o und9891 L u th e ra n D is cip le S g t.9892 Lutheran Greymom w i HvyWpn .9893 S ons o f R a spu tin S o lda t S g t.9894 Son s of R a sp utin S o ld a t K omm a n da n t9895 S ons o f R a spu tin Soldat F la mm e n T ro o pe r9896 Crescen tia n B ro th erbo und w i Hv yW p n.9897 Crescen tia n B ro th erbo und Sgt.9898 Temp l a r Centur9899 B ro th erh o od W atchm an9900 Crescent ian ProphetW A R Z O N E R E S I N K I T S4101 D ar k L eg io n C ita de l A r ch w ay4102 D ar k L eg io n C ita de l W a lls4103 D a rk L e gi on C ita d el C o rn er s4105 Nepharite's Throne41 0 6 G .T . O ffro ad B-524107 Ba t tl ef ie ld E n h an c er # l-Cr a te s4108 B a ttle fie ld E nh an ce r # 2-F ue l D um p41 0 9 B attle f ield Enh anc er #3-A mm o Du rnp41 1 0 Dark L egio n C ita del R u insW A R Z O N E P A I N T B L I S T E R S51 0 1 B a sic5102 Metal l ic51 0 3 Venu sia n Ju ng le5104 Ma r ti an D es er t5105 Algero t h51 06 Da rk S ym m etryD O O M T R O O P E R C O L L E C T A B L E C A R DG A M E880 5 Doom tro oper S ta r te r D ispla y880 6 Doom tro oper B oo ster D ispla y880 7 Inqu isitio n B oo ste r D ispla y880 8 W arzone B oo ste r D isplay880 9 M ortif ic a to r B oo ste r D ispla y8810 G o lg o th a B o o ste r D is pl ay881 1 A po ca lypse B oo ste r D ispla y8812 P ar ad ise L o st B o oste r D isp la y881 3 R agna ro k B oo ste r D ispla yD A R K E D E N C O L L E C T A B L E C A R DG A M ED a rk E de n Starter DisplayD ar k E de n B o oste r D is pla yG en es is B o o ste r D is pl ayE xo d us B o o ste r D is pl ay

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    L O C A L P A G E S


    The Dark Legion approaches,leaving a wave ofdestruction in its path. New Citadels are erected, someeven crushing outposts that were loyal to their DarkSoul. Can nothing stop their quest for dominance? Toanswer this onslaught the Cartel is establishing theirown line of defense.A Cartel affiliated retail store is knowledgeable aboutthe MUTANT CHRONICLES universe, especiallyWARZONE and DOOMTROOPER.They also stock agood selection of Heartbreaker products and holdHeartbreaker events year 'round. More outposts will beformed every month.



    WA R & PIE CE S MYTHICA L RE A LMS T HE G O BL IN 'S L AIR7" South M ain St. 1 2909 U .S . 71 Hw y. 1 29 14 - 9 7t1 1 S t.W. Hartford, cr . 061 07 Grand View, MO 64030 E dm onto n, A B C ana da( 860 ) 2 32 -0608 (816) 763 5075 (403 ) 41 3 -8042 T 5E 40 C o M ac tjim Q b ou t W a rt an e W a rto ne e v e . l y S a tu r da y m o r n in g C o nta ct -).B .L e agu e s

    McCORMICK'S W AR D O GSG RE E N HO U S E G A ME S M I N I A T UR ES + HO BB IE S 2580 A tlantic B lv d, S HOW CA SE C OM IC S II279 H arriso n A ve . 1 600-0 M ang ro ve A ve . J a k so nv ille . F L 3 2207 G ra nite R un M allG ard in er. M E 04 34 5 Chico . CA 95926 (904) 399-1 975 M ed ia . P A 1 906 3(207) 582-6486 (91 6) 3453 949 C on ta ct - jo e o r Rich ( 61 0 ) 8 9 1 -9 22 9 M u ta nt C h ro ni cle s e ve nt e ve ry C on ta ct - S te vemonl ' h F LIG HT O F T HE P HO E N IX S HOWCA S E C OMI CS I IIG AM IN G R EA LM 8 473 W ate rs A ve . 620 Sou th S t.M ISSIO N GA MES 69 S , Ma rke t St. S av an na h, G A 3 1 40 6 P hi la d el ph ia , P A 1 9 14 73 31 28 F irs t A ve . F re de ric k. M D 2 17 01 ( 912 ) 354 7079 (21 5) 6 25 9 61 3M ission B .C. V 2V 1 G4 C AN A DA ( 3 01 ) 6 6 2- 42 63 C o nta ct - ja m es( 6 04 ) 820 3224 C on ta ct - To ny FAN-QUEST C a llf or i nf o o n t he M i ss io n T HE GA ME PL ACE 2241 S . A venue A #30G am e s r a g a n d t he W a rz ar lt ' le a gu e T HI NG S F O R T HI NK E RS 1 21 07 D arne sto wn R d. Y um a, A Z 8 53 6421 55 E . U niv ersity D r. #1 01 G aith ersbu rg . M D 2 08 78 ( 520 ) 329 -9088LEGENDS Tempe , A Z 85281 ( 30 1 ) 2 08 -1 9 70 C on ta ct - D ia ne3 76 Sta te St. (602) 968-881 9

    N orth Ha ve n, C T 06 473 C on ta ct -jo hn B ass S HOW CA SE CO M IC S I N EW HCllO N HO USE(203 ) 2303 686 874 W. L a nc as te r A v e . 1 806 5 D ixie H wy. W a rto rle L ea gu e e ve lY F ri da y T HIN GS F O R T H IN KE RS #1 B ryn M av r, P A 1 901 0 Homewood, IL60430o n a w es om e d io t ab le sl 4500 E . S pee dw ay S uite #40 ( 610 ) 527- 6236 ( 70 8 ) 2 06 -1 3 3 0T u cso n. A Z 8 57 12 C on ro rt - M i ke C on to cl - R i ch a bo ut W a rzo lle( 520 ) 326 -7679 l eague C on ta ct - L o rn a

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    L O C A L p~

    VVANTED!FREELANCERSThe Solar System is a mayhem of chaos.The DarkLegion's heretical minions conspire and makes waranywhere possible. Desperate humans try to doanything to protect themself from the growing anarchy.Though, the darkest age is yet to come!!! But there liesfaith in the number of still anonurnous warriors that canbe found all over the Solar System.The Freelancers!A Freelancer is knowledgeable of at least one ofHeartbreaker's games, featuring the Mutant Chroniclesuniverse:Warzone TIG, Doomtrooper CCG,MutantChronicles RPG among other.A Freelancer is willing totravel through land and country to garnestores andconventions to do demos. Of course, as a Freelancer,you always get paid in some sort of way. For yourservices you get figures, products, and the latestinformation from the Mutant Chronicles universe.




    Heartbreakerdo Walrus & Carpenter1 sr Floor97-99 Argyle St.P arra rna rta ,.N.S.W . 2 1 SOAUSTRAL I A


    Emai l : hr tb rk [email protected] .com

    HeartbreakerP .O . B o x '!O 5F olsom , P A 1 903 3U.S.A .

    Heartbreakerdo CarnecraftA16 Gardner's RowLiverpool, L3 6JTENGLAND

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]
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    D'E~ DEY.' LS

    B y T h o r n . , IhlerlieDEN DEVILS

    the lush gardens of his Lengshore palace, accepting neitherfood nor drink. Even h is f av o rit e c o nc u bin es and ge ish as were forbidden from Seeing him.On the seventh day lord Moy~, debilitated by his fast, rose.His weakened body supported by attendants, he entered thecouncil chambers to inform hi ssubordinates of h is decision; adecision which would bediscussed within Mishlrna's highcommand fo r years to co rne - toestablish the Den Devils.A profane combination of menand machines, the Den Devils is akamikaze unireonsisring ofdishonored Samurai, Ronin,leading mechanical SuicideWarheads, T he se R onin, o ncecounted among Mishima'smighty Samurai and Hatarnoto,are eager to prove themselvesworthy of regainlnga positionwithin keiretsu ranks. Forshowing cowardice in face of theenemy, or disobeying an order ,

    rhey have beenbanish ed fro rn the irunits. A l l they desirenow is to prove theirworth, or die in theattempt. Wi th in th eDen Devils they aregiven thatopportunity, servingas con t ro l l e rs forsquads of SuicideWarhead A ls ,From the start, theDen Devils was a largeunit. Many

    , dishonored warriorswho had fled thecaverns on Mercury,and who were lessdiligent aboutcommitting seppuku,signed upImmediately to makepeace withthemselves, And theforce has had IIsteadypool of recruits eversince,Den Devils were putT O use eve r Y \ ' l l h ere,and soon proved theirvalue in rooting outDark infestations,Wid, inter-corporate conflicts throughnurtheSystem, and ongoing carnpalgns against the DarkLegion, there are plenty of soldiers with honor inneed of restoration. Recently, Den Devils have beendeployed against the Dark legion on other planets,and not only underground either. For example, inhis commitment to the Cartel, lord Moya sent adetachment of Den Devils t\l serve with the multi-corporate force at Barnes River GOI~ge.

    BAC.KGROUNDDeep within Mercury's caverns, Darkness is taking hold. Newcitadels sprout from the living rock, transforming lushgalleries filled with bountiful plants, and teeming withwildlife, into caverns of dread. The once-vibrant atmosphereof these caves turns sour. Animals able to avoid corruptionf le e . P l an ts fade, blacken and die.Using Samurai to fight this new threat has provenIIn s u c c e s sf ul , Those not k illed or d r i v en insa n e by th edarkness, close confines and horrors of the Symmetry routfrom the caverns, broken by their experiences. Lord HeirMoya even committed his own Guard to the struggle, buttheir losses were' appalling as well. Shocked and broken, thesedisciplined warriors also found the Citadels too much of achallenge.Their fl ight from tn e caverns had tarnished nor only [heir ownhonor, but, also that of their families and, ultimatelyM ish lma's as well. There was only one atonement for suchdisgraos . seppukuLong did Lord Moya sit in meditation, For days he ponderedthe new threat, and possible responses to it. He wasconcerned not only with divining an appropriate reaction tothe Dark Legion, but, also with preventing a large parr of hisforce from having to commit ritual suicide. He sat for days in


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    APPEARANCEThe Ronin of the Den Devils wear a camouflage uniform ofdeep blue splashed With mustard yellow. algae brown-greenand b lack , The warheads are painted the same pattern.Their color scheme for surface operations is very different,however. In keeping with Mishima military doctrine, theiruniform is not meant to c on ce a l t hem . The uniform isintended to help allies locate them on the battlefield. and rodearly identify which unit they belong to. The uniform of DenDevils assigned to surface duty is. therefore, patterned withshades of blue" orange and yellow. Ronins' shoulder pads areorange-yellow, as are their arm and leg plates. The uniformdoth is camouflaged in yellow tone-patterns.

    ORGANIZATIONA5 part of his personal warhost, the Den Devils are controlleddirectly by Lord Heir Maya. Despire this, he often commands

    (hem to assist other Mishimese forcesthroughout the System, in the never-ending struggle against the darkness.

    THE FORCE LISTOnly through fighting the Dark Legioncan Ronin prove their courage. YourMishima force may include as manysquads of Den Devils as you wish. aslong as one of your opponents is DarkLegion. AlthOllgh originally intended forsubterranean combat, they now serveon battlefields throughout The System.


    SPECIAL RULES Den Devils Warheads are given commands by their Ronincontroller . While turned on they will fol low him whereverhe goes. They must stay within normal command distanceof their contreiler at all.times.

    Den Devils Warheads may be held in check by theircontroller; he may release them whenever he chooses. DenDevils Warheads must THEN take a ll o f their actions [0 runtoward the c loses t enemy foot troops (they al.! targetdiffe rem rno d e l s) .

    Den Devils Warheads may nor-at tack. Once they end a move action within 2 inches of an enemy,they detonate themselves. Detonation causes a DAM 16(:

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    Though one of your corporation's most respectedcommanders in the Warof'68,Joseph Conrad is nowconsidered a renegade. Few know what happened to him:many believe the war's toll was too great; that he wentinsane. Others claim he turned-coat. that he made a pact withthe Dark Soul i tself.Your force has been sent deep into the Venusian jungle tofinally track him down. He is suspectedof staging attacks against his formercorporation's basesthroughour this sector. Yourmission is to locate him andreturn him to headquarters, for"debriefing". If he really is a

    Heretic, he must be terminated. If not, he will be "retired".One thing is certain, having-a madman like Conrad on theloose is asking for trouble. Intel ligence indici ltes he remainsin command of a substantial force; most of these menunaware the war they've been fighting ended 11 decade ago.

    .S,ET-UPAfter the terrain is set up, the corporate player may place liveClaymore Mine markers anywh ere 011 the table. These markersare numbered 1 through 5. Before placing them. he writesdown two numbers. [0 be dummy markers. Dummymarkers can not be detonated: they're just to confuse theopponent. For information on Claymore Mines see NewEquipment. below,

    The players have assigned deployment zones (seemap}, Roll normally to decide who deploys first.Deployment is standard.


    When fighting at night, models have a rnaxirnu mvision range of 1 5 " . In darkness. all firing is at6 tohit, in addition to range and cover modifiers. Spottingchecks are also made-ax 6. in addit ion to normalmodifiers. Figures with Bionic Eye Implants have amaximum vision range of25": al l other modifi .ersapply.

    GUNEM PLAC EMENTSA gun emplacement is considered a trench, and usesth e s ame ru l es (see (as ua l ties of War]. Each gu nemplacement is fitted wlrh a heavy weapon. Thisheavy weapon rnusr be' bought as pan of a model'seither an individual model's or heavy weapon

    , troopers equipment. The heavy weapon may befitted with a biped (see New Equipment).

    VICTORY CONDITIONSThe scenario lasts 7 turns, or, until one side yields oris wiped out. The Victory Points listedbelow replace those in Warwne.Victor), ConditionEach gun emplacement held at game's endHolding the bunker when the game endsEvery 50 points of enemy troops killedEvery 100 points of friendly troops escaping the batt lef ield

    Corporate V P2311

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    0 10 4 h ou rs , M o nd ay . 12 Augu s tY ou e sta bl is he d y ou r f ir eb as e th re e d ay s a go . S ev er al p atr ol s I la veg an e in l'D tile ju ng le to lo ca te C on ra d's fo rc e. B ur , m in ute s a goy ou r l ie ute na nt w ok e y ou , Sen tr ies r ep or t s om e on e c lo si ng e m yourc amp . A sta nd -to ha s b een o rd ere d. an d a ll y ou r m en a re a t th eirpo sts. Ya u g ea r up . A s yo u leave th e c ammand b un ke r y ou J ee l tilet ells io n in t h a ir . Y ou a re u n d er s ie g e!

    THE FORCEChoose an army from one corporation Force list (not theCane! or Brotherhood) worth up to 750 points. Since it'sanexpeditionaryforce, it cannot contain vehicles (alas. noAirstr ikes for Capitol forces). Both gun emplacements must bemanned heavy weapon-armed models .Your force must include one demolitions expert. to fire theClaymore Mines deployed around the perimeter. Therefore, atleast one individual model must be included in the force. Thismodel must be given the Demolition heroic special ability(see Hi,red GU(lS, in CltW #3) .. for an additional 10 points.Only this model may detonate the mines. He may fire any, orall. of them at any time. by expending one action.Additionally, you may fire one Phosphorous Flare (see NewEquipment) during the battle .


    DEPL.OYM;ENTAlthough your army might include models that canbe deployed anywhere on the table (e.g. BauhausB!itzersj, or even later in the game (e.g..,CapitolHelicopter Deployment) , you MUST place yourentire force within your deployment zone duringinitial set-up. Except for , . . .

    L.RRP.One of your squads may be out on a Long RangeReron Patrol. Instead of deploying them during set-up, you may elect to have them enter the tablelater in the battle. If. at the beginning of any want to deploy the patrol. declare so beforeroll ing initiative. Roll a D20 mid divide the result byJ (round up). If th e r es ult is less than or equal tothe number of turns played so far (exclud ing thecurrent one], you can deploy the patrol along anyedge you choose, up to 6" onto the table. Thesquad may then be activated normally this tlJ rn.but, if the result is higher than the number of [Urnsplayed thus Far. the patrol may not deploy at thistime. You el l n atrem pt to ca II in the patrol ev e ry'turn.

    THE SECRET KOHORTThe time is r ipel You've been wait ing, preparing,and praying fo r so long, but a t l as t the time hascome ..The comet has passed: th e seal. has beenbroken. It is time to lay waste humanity. In oneshort month the onslaught begins ..Unfortunately, an enemy army has penetrated yourterritory. It must be destroyed before your attackcan be launched. Everything must be perfect. Hehas said so. So you direct a c r us h in g blow againsttheir forces. Under the cloak of hallowed Darknessyou attack. The enemy must die!THE FORCEAssemble your Secret Kohort from the force list inBeasts of War; your force may be 750 points


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    --II...Jstrong. Rue" it may not jnclude a Supreme


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    Any LMGcan be fitted with a biped. for improved stabil itywhen firing. It costs one action to attach: after which theweapon is always considered braced: or detach, A figurecannot move with the bipod attached. Bipeds ar GeneralA rmo r y equipment. COST: 2 points,

    T he tw o b lack l ines on th is pictureindicate th e f lameth rower /sho tgunt empla te . AllY thing e v e l l partiallyw i tl li n t he l in e s i s caugh t by theC l aYmo re m i n e. In t h is e x am p l e,t roopers 1 a nd 2 a re h it by th ed is ch ar ge , a n d m us t m ak e threeA rm or ro lls v ers us D A M 14.

    CL.AYMORE MINEA Claymore is a directional anti-personnelmine. It discharges a lethal cone offragments through its targets. When fired,place the flamethrower/shotgun template soit covers the triangle on the marker (seeexample). The mine inf iets a DAM 14(x3) hit

    on ever~ modeltouched by thetemplate. The hail ofmetal cannot hitmodels behind hardcover.PHOSPHOROUS

    FL.ARE111isnight- fightingdevice fires anilium-nation flare intothe air,which thendrifts on IIminlanireparachute. castinglight over thebattlefield. The flarel ights up an area witha 5" radius. Place amaker to indicate thecenter of theillumination. Rollonce 0I) the deviationtable as soon as tileHare is fired. The flareimmediately deviates D20" divided by 2 (round up). Anything

    caught ill the glow is treated as if' in broad daylight Iflares n"tgarethe penalties described under Night-fighting, above), but,models caught st il l suffer negative modifiers for shooting andspotting targets outside the light see Nightfightil1g).At the beginning of every tum, roll a 020, adding S for.every rum after the firs! that the flare has been in play, Ifthe result is less than 2.0, roll once on th deviationtable. moving the flare D20" divided by"'2(round up). Ifthe result is 20 or more. the flare has burned out:remove the marker from play.


    add a further element of uncertainty to movement of troopsunder cover of darkness, One possibil ity. to simulate theSecret Kohorts' observation of the corporate force, is to allowonly the Algeroth arnly to use these rules.

    ADVANCED RUL.ES FOR HI.DEOn a real battlefield. it's almost impossible for enemies toknow the exact composition of each other's forces. InWarzone this is not the case. Although you place a Hiddenmarker beside a model, your opponent can plainly see whichof the hidden figu res are carrying heavy weapons, which areindividuals and so on. He can men avoid them.The rules below are meant to correct this. They will add somecomplexity to your games, but will not bog you down.

    PREPARA.TIONSYouwill need a few sheets of Hide markers . With a pen orpencil, one that doesn't show through, write a number on theback of each marker; one number for each squad you willfield. You're making Hide markers for every figure in yourforce, identifying: separate units and individuals by assigningthem different numbers. You could also use unit names, suchas Squad jeremiah, Alpha Squad or Hishotiro's Squad. It's upto YQu , as long 3- S you know which set of'Hide markersto each squad and ind iv idual .You will not need to know which specific trooper a markerbelongs to, since troopers are troopers, whether they're johnDoe or Graham Gamer. You will, however, need to makedist inct markers for leaders and special ly armed models {i.e.,those with heavy or support weapons) in each squad. since itcan marter who, and where. they are.Now you should be set to go!

    THE RULESThe basic rules ar-ereal ly simple. When a f igure goes intohiding, replace the miniature with the appropriate Hidemarker. When the model loses its hidden status, return themodel to tbe table. When you Rut the model back on thetable. you are free to face it whichever way you like; it isassumed he is looking in the most advantageous direction.rules for Hide and SPQt in Warzone apply normally.These are optional rules (like jungle Rules. in Dawn of War)you C3n use in any Warzone,.game, not just this one. A5withother optional rules, players must agree to use these beforethe battle.

    VARIATIONSThis scenario can be played equally well with twoopposing corporate forces, or, with the Dark Legion,at tacking or defending, The possibi li ties are endless.What if the corporate player layssiege to Secret Kohorts' camp? Whatif the defender is al lowed specialevents, instead of the attacker? ~nwhich case the defending forceshould be downsized to 600 polnts.)Whar happens after the scenario? Dothe corporate forces locate Conrad? Ifso, what happens? This coulddeveloop into a very excitingcampaign. In fact, I think I'll sink myteeth into that and write it L 1p for myown group.For added suspense, you can use theAdvanced Rules for Hide, below. They

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    ERADICATING WEAPONS0 KI S arni gave me ~ cal l and asked me to do anotherconversion (I di d the one inChronides#8}.I thought aboutit, looking over the mass of;fi~res cluttering my desk,waiting to be cornple ed antrally I agreedtl shoved all tnehalf-finished projects asideJ and began a new one, but, thisone is a little " more-complex. TI,is t ime, we' ll be tacklingthree di!feren t c on ve r si o n son th e rad ica to r De ar hd r oi d ,from a simple repositioning of two weapons, to a completerebuildof the entire f igure., including tlie feet!

    MATERIALSA!; before, we are using several tools and materials that c~n behazardous if used impruperiy, Remember the golden rule: BECAREFUL ! Now, for this project you'll need a bObby krnfe, file~jeweler's saw, CAg lue, clippers and some type of putty (e.g. ,Milliput). Another handy device is a Dremel teo!' With thiselectric multi-tool you can drill, grind, cut and shape almostanything used in modeling projects. A Drernel isn't cheap,

    B y J e re m v W e bbhowever. and you should re~lIy think hard before spending"rbar-kind of money. I will try to show you how to do theseconversions without such tools whenever possible .Other useful materials include brass and plastic. tubing.

    wire. modeler's flock and ballast sand. PV A glue (e.g., Soboland some plasticard liS" to 114'"thtck, These are used foradding details to )/our conversions. pinning joinrs togetherand creat ing bases, for your custom figures.

    ER.A.DICATOR #tThe first two eradicators were left In their origi~al pose. Isimply moved or changed t~ir weapons around.On th e f ir st Eradicator .1dtd the simplest conversion] couldthink of: I swapped the Chain r ipper and Magmascorcher arms.To do-this, carefully saw the weapons from their arms, abovetheir elbows. Then lise a file to smooth and dean-up theweapons and arms. Carefully drill a. hole in each weapon,when~ it' a ttached to the arm: put a short wire pin In the hole,Coat the protruding end of the pin with red paint. to markwhere you will drill into theelhow After drilling a hole in thearm, glue the pieces together,wi til the wire pin fitting bothsockets. Use putty to fill the Jointas neces sa ry .There YOIl hav e i t; the arms areredone wlrh their we~pOI1Sexchanged!You can also use this technique tobuild an Eradicator with twoMag,mascorche.s (For looks only ofcourseu, Yeah. ! hear you callingfor my head, since YOLI can'tduplicate weapons 011 aDeathdrold. But, if you want yourEradlca to r to have sorn eth ing:other than the Chainrippar, atteast it wi!I LOOKabout right,Or, y ou can do what I d id with rh enext Dearhdroid,

    ERAPICAT'OR #2Idecided the second figure was ge,t ting all-f lew weapons forits arms ..Looking through Dawn of War, I saw that the TitanMegablasterresembles Cybertronir's squad heavy weapon.The Anti-personnel System also looked interesting. My bitsbox surrendered the Cybertronic heal!Y weapon, as well as aCapitol heavy weapon that conveniently matched the shotgunarm. Sa the next phase of my madness beganlTo start, saw the weapons off your figur~sarms same as withthe first Eradicator. Toss those weapons into Yflur bits box, for

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    l,Ise a t so m e u nk no w n future orne. (l i l lo-off. and m e down anygrips 011 the new weapons to be used. LJsiogw ire pins lasbeforel . attach th e w ea po nsto the a rms . N ow com es th e

    re:\.. f u n l ( Js in g either yourimag ina t i on , or the D aw n o fWar page illustrated withErad kator weapons, sculptdeta ils in tj) th e pu tty yo U Puto n . t h e arms. The object is tomake; . the weapons i

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    T hr ou gh ou t th ese g lo om -r id de n c en tu rie s, a ll r em e m be redo ne th ing: th at th eir o ff-w orld kinsm en h ad abando ned th em .On distant Luna, th e B ro th erh oo d a wa ken ed to . th e renew edEarth. They w itnessed th e pro gress o f c ivil iza tio n. and th eyfelt th e ta int o f D arkness. T hey lo oked u po n th eir lo ng-forgotten birthplace with drea d. Fo r th ey knew a sinisterp ar ad ise h ad a rise n. A p ar ad ise for ed b y w ar , tr ib alism a ndth e stenc h o f ev il. T iley rena med tH e E arth , in referenc e to itsb leak im ag e .., D A R KEDEN !T his m o nth sees th e Felea se o f O arlC Eden,lA e fo urthsu pplem ent fo r W a rzo ne. D ark E den is an in tro du ctio n to th eD ark E den setting, a lrea dy Iarnllla r to th ose o f yo u play ingth e CCG. It c o vers th e O ld Eu ro pean co ntinen t o f po st-E xo du s E arth . U nlik e any setting y ou 've seen befo re , D arkE dell is a u niqu e S ynth esis o f anc ient a nd m o dern h isto ry ,b lended w ith a lo t f n ew id ea s,

    WHAT'S DIFFERENT1D ark Eden is a S ou rce 'bo o fo r W ar:w ne. using rhE ' ru le syo u've kno wn and lo ved ever smce their r ele as e tw o y ea rsa go (h as it r ea lly b e.e n tlia t l on g? ). 0 p ortra y th e u niq uesetting o f des ro yed a nd c onta min ated E arth . so m e exc itin gn ew ru les have been d evelo ped. I'm su re yo u w ill l ike th emas m uch as I d o.

    TERRAIN EFFECTST he 'b la cken ed E arth , h er so il bru ta lized by yea rs o fc or po ra te e nv ir on m en ta l a bu se . f in all y p un ish ed humanityw ith th e c onsequ enc es o f th eir o wn fo lly . T h e a tm o sph eresurrendered to p re -Exod u s p o .l lu t'i qn . T h e planet's a limatea nd e nv ir on m en t a lte re d r ad ic al ly . T h e f ra ye .d

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    Dark Eden introduces ninenew special abilitiesavailable tQ the nativeforces of the ScorchedEarth. All are unique tothis sett ing, and designedto sin ulate the natives'novel styles of fighting.

    The Gunfighter specialability allows a model tofire two weapons in one

    action. The zealots ' Sacrificial Run is akin to Banzai Chargebut with more dire consequences for both the model using'hand the model being attacked. Uttering an enraged scream,the zealot charges the closest enemy at double move. andinitiates a close combat he won't leave until he, or all enemieswithin sight. are dead. Other special abilities includeMartyrdom, Herding, Storming 'and Lamented, [0 mentiononlya few.

    BEASTSToward us, thundering over thewasted battlefield camenightmare beasts, hulkingcreatures' intent on killingeverything In their path. Thatmeant us. Ridden by the mostcourageous native Warriors, thebeasts were terrifying to bothfriend and foe. Standing in theirpath was madness. But, 'tnere Westood. to receiv their charge.Each native force in Dark 'Ed!!nhas its own beasts; be theyRasputin Cossacks, Tem:plarCavalry. Triad Cavaliers or


    Crescen ian Eclipse Mammoths. All employ great lumberingbeast~. all fwhich rage across the battlefiel .Rules for beasts are faithful to the style of War zone -imple, yet realistic. Beast and rider are handl.ed with oneprofile. After all, they fight as a single creatu e. so a secondprofile is redundant. They fight.and one model.Each native force uses its beasts differently, but reest aredeployed as mobile firing platforms or close cornbatjuggernauts. In close combat, either the rider or the beastmay attack. Beasts can be very deadly because many ofthemcan make several close combat attacks in one action.That's not something you want to face on the battlefield,

    Unless of course you've also got one to counter it,SPECIAL MODELS

    The standards of the Sons Of Rasputin always flutterominously over their battlefields, trengthening the resolve ofthe Sons' army. At the same time, the dread banners and iconsalso strike fear in their enemies' hearts.Special models are a new class of troops introduced s, in DarkEden. Only certain units may be accompanied byspealllmodels, which are neither squad members QI indiViif'u~Jmodels. Special models range from standard bear s tounusual weapon troopers. They semi-associate With squads:they have to remain within 6" of ANYsquad member. not justth squad leader. Special models add still more varietY. to allour WarlOne forces I

    AND THE FORCES?Old Europe is the stomping ground for four major powers, allwarring against ach other fer hegemony: the Sons ofRasputin. the Lutheran Triad, the Templars and theCrescentians, Each errib dies a unique and distinct imagery,erafted from an innovative blend of mythological, historicaland onternporary themes.!:Nary Warzo:ne supplement adds new forces to the game,and Dark Eden is no exception. Th se four new armies fakeWarzone to the next level; their force lists are quite differentfrom chose in other books. Being less technqlogicallyadvanced, nijtio;reweaponry emphasizesfig htin g a t shorterranges, There is a lotmore close combat ill.Dark Eden. makingWarz_one. if possible,even faster and morefUE-QUSthan before. Waron Dark Eden isextremely savage, withno quarter given.


  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09



    During play testing J found the lack of ranged weaponrymost difficult to neal with. At first it led to widespread,swirling melees on the battlefield. Being used to regularWarzone battles, I s aw no other way to use my troops. Asplaytesting progressed. I realized close quarters fightingdoesn't necessarily mean close combat. a revelation thatadded many new dimensions to my games.

    SONS OF RASPUTINThe Sons Of Rasputin are strongest in northern andnortheastern Old Europe. Their ever-expanding Reichrecognizes no boundaries. All who resist their technologicalwar-machine suffer dire consequences.The Sons of Rasputin are my favorite force. I prefer thembecause of the great diversity in their troops. They have thebest firepower among the native forces - their selection ofheavy weapons is unmatched - and are relatively wellarmored. But, they also have Some cool special troops; likeJaeger Commando Soldats, poorly-armored madmen who taketo the skies suspended beneath hang-gliders. This diversity introops, combined with their imagery (which counts a lot when

    choosing a force),makes them amust-have for mycolleen on.The backbone ofthe Sons' army. theStosstruppe, i~theSoldat Troopers.We\ armored, andarmed withowerfuJ assaultrifles, their

    specialty is intense fire-and-movement. Reinforcing theTroopers are Shock Soldats.commandos armed withterrifying gas weapons.The Stosstruppe couldn'tbe what it is without the

    Cossacks. Astride their largeRivetbulls, they charge theenemy with sabers whirling.Supporting their charge aremassive Cossack Heavies,hug bestial weaponsplatforms.In addition to the core

    forces, the Stosstruppe hasseveral Special Forces units.TheseindudeJaegerCommando and ShockSoldats, as well as CossackScouts, 0 name only three.

    bARt< EDEN


    III the north and west, theLutheran Triad defends theiran estral lands against theonslaught of the Sons ofRasputin from the east, andthe depredations of theTemplars from the south.Massively outnumbered, theyplace their hope in and kirr. To survive in their forsaken world.all Lutherans are surgically altered at birth,resulting in completely smooth lower faces.Along with this identifying mutilation, telepathiclinks powerfully bond Lutherans to their faithand tribes.In playtesting I found the morale of LutheranTriad soldiers unbeatable. They can withstandenormous punishment before they panic or rout.Th0Ugh not the best in long-range combat, theyexcel in close quarters fighJ;ing, making them oneof my playtesr group's favorite forces.The Lutheran Triad are three kin-groups joined

    by onecommonality: theirland. Each ofthethree - the Ash Kin.the Kain Kinandthe Wrought Kin-have special traitsmaking them

    unique. So, the lutheran Triad aremore like three forces in one. AshKinare known for sudden stigmataafflictions. Kain K i l l adornthemselves with tattoos believed to

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    OAf'K EDEN'

    bestow mystical powers. Ex t eme1ysuperstit ious toward all thingssupernatural, Wrought Kin aregranted an immunity to mystiaalpowers, be they A rt Spells , Dar eilisor the arcana unique to Dark dell,Lutheran Patriarchs can perform battlefield Rituals one of

    the two types of Dark Eden ystica powers, Rituals atelimited in scope. compared to the An or 'Dark Symruetry. but.their effects tend to be mo r e powerful.Supper d by rheie Cavaliers. the Lutheran riad is a tougb

    #9898 f ( ; ) ce to beat.Playing the riad is a c h a ll enge ,

    for two reasons. First. ecause they'reactually three forces in one, selectingyour tropps can be a triaL Second, theyrequire a solid grasp of tactics to makebest use of them But, when playedeffectively they're a j oy to game with.

    TEMPLARSThe 'Ii mple of the Deified Children ofMother Earth reigns supreme insouthwest and central Old l;urope. Notonly are they the mos organized of th enative tribes. they are also zealots. Theyare a race-of mutated humans, perrect\)ladapred ro Dark, 'Eden's toxicenvironment.Being able to qreath& Dark Eden's causticair and live off its contaminated soil. theTemplars see themselves a~ tbe land'schosen inheritors. With their battlerry"Ferro Et lgne", Horde Troopefs, th~ ranand file ofTemplar force, charge inrocom bat. 'Thei r Centurr squad leaders hipthem i rrto.afrenzy which.combined


    With their irnrnurfiry to panic and tout,makes them ghastlY' dose combatopponent's.The Gendarme, both Hunters and Bestals,are the finest soldiers the Ternplars have.Bestals are animal handlers; each controls2 ferocious Cleanser.battle cats.Spearheading Ternplar forces is their,Cavalry, fierce warriors riding beast calledProphets. The faster first wave consists 0regular Cavalry, while the Heavy Cavalrysurges forward as a second wave. todeliver the final blow to shatter enemyforces, Supporting these Cavalry attacksare Heavy Cavalry Harpoons. massiveweapons mounted on the larges ofProphets, making the Templars theundisputed rulers of central Old Elwope.

    CRESCENTIANSRooted in the outheast, the nomadic tribe ofCrescentiaroam eansranr' in heir endless quest fora home. Thesenomads herd tremendous beasts that serve as laborers,guardians and battlefield support. The Crescenttan's chosenleader, he Khan, guides them with pride. confidence ant! thepower of their l e gend , uttered or visual i zed by the holyProphets.Although a nomad i c pl!.Qple, Crescentian military forcesconsist mainly of infantry, well trained infantry.Driven byreligious fervor. troops lik jihad Infantry, brutal warriorsfollowing the words and visions of their Prophets, and theLamented, warriors having had visions of tilei r own deaths.tharge into combat. Crescenr ian soldiers are zealots; most o(their troop-types are immune to panic and rout.keadin these fortes are the Prophets, holy men who divine

    Prophecies on the battlefield. These Prophecies, the secondtype of niystical powers in Dark Eden, aid their forces duringbattle.

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    You're worried about no t aeing able to.pse the Warzonefigures you've already go , aren't you? No to worry, it's a llbeen taken care of.

    THE CORPORA.TI'ONSAll five megacorptrrarlqns ignored Dark Eden until recentl ,Perhaps they have returned to take what few naturaresources remain unplund red. Perhaps they need room toexpand. Or. perhaps there is another reason ...A fact known to precious .ew citizens of the},sfem is that thecorporations occasionally dispatch expeditionary forces toDark I?den. All of the corporations, and the Brotherhood, haveindependent Special Forces troops permanently stationed on

    Dark Eden. Thesesold iers are tjJ I I , ) !equipped f.or cneplanet's harsh!;ondit'IPIl,S,Eachcorporation hasseveral new troop-types in the book,especially designed terDark Eden battles.Ther re times whenthe Dark Edene:opediflbnary forcesrequire assistancefrom regula corporatetroop ,Af an ." " i I additigna epst forlif -suppoftsystem ,you mayfield regularWarzone forces onDark Eden. Youcanuse all yourWarzone models.Pitching corporateforces againstnative a rmies isinteresting. I~'s likestarting to play thegame anew,becau se the mfdViopposition is likenothing you'vfought before.While on DarkEden,yourcorporate troopersmus t have what iscalled an operationoverseer , The


    operation overseer is one of the troops from yourcorporation's, expedlncnar force. An experi needindividual. used to flgJ:itinll on Dark Eden, heunderstands the terral nand poten rial oP1J05ltion.But it doesn't end here, l.fy,ou wish, you cae field a

    lllixeg force, of both cnrporate troopers and DarkEden natives! This allows you the fle)(~bility to fightbattles on Dark Eden before ou epm. lere" yournative force.

    A if all that wasn't enough" you can even fieldDark Eden natives in off-world WarzoJ:le battles.imply by adding an operation overseer to yourcorporation force, you may field Dark Eden allies onother planets, There is a downside to this, of course.As with all alliances, mixed corporate and Dark Edenforces. suffer a -4 to initiative,Ibet you're pretty sure your corporate forces will

    beat the crap out of the natives. Aren't you? Well,think rwicel I've never had so much trouble beating aforee as When playing corporate against native.BtCallse the natives' traits and tactics are soifferent, Ilost time ann again. Then I realized Icouldn't play corporate forces the way I asaccustomed to doing. J had to devise new tactics.setting me back to square one again; an experience 1very much enjoyed. Being a so-called dia I ~ear ~elf~procJ.aiml:'d?) Warzol'le expert, I knc tl'legamethrough and through. I thought. Fighting' with, andagainst, these new forces was an unprecedentedchallenge (some expert, eh?).

    THE DARK LEGIONAnd through it all, the Dark Legion toiled. Theybefriended tribal headmen, and made enemies of thepure. They coexisted with humanity and werewelcomed with open aFiTIS by many. They taught.they controlled and they grew in power.In addition to a whole range of new Dark Legienmodels, you call use every figure presented inpi: vious publications. A s such, the Dark Legion isone of themost diverseforces on DarkEden; withtheir Nassals,CorncrcianEmasculators,asca Raz.rdesand Infernal

    Corroders. Andnaturally, thesenew modelsmay be used inbattles onother planetsa s w e ll . TheDark Legionknows noborders.Youcan even

    assemble aCovenantorganized by an infiltrated Heretic. This allows you 0select models from one native force l lst in addition toyour Dark legion models. ow, what is'thl:!only thingmissing? Fielding your Covenant in off-world battles, Youmay,simply by paying life-support costs fo t youn native forces ,A s you can see, Dark Eden has been d signed for maximum

    flexibility. There was no reason to create a new setting th aexcluded your old figures, so it was.created accordj'ngl~

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    The, B ook o f L aw sco rns a ll invasive m an-m ach ineinte rfaces nd fo rbid th eir u se by fo llowers o f th eB ro therh ood . S pec ia l e u ipm ent su b jec to th e"Card ina l's B an inc lu de: B 'lO N IC EY E IM PL A N TS ,C Y B ER N E TIC P OW ER A RM , H Y PER A C TIV A TO R ,SON A R IM PLA N TS and SUB DER MA L A RM ORIM PLA NTS . A s rem inders o f the h o rro rs w rough t byth e Th inking Engines in th o ld tim e, th ese devic esa re a na th em a t th e Cardirial 's f lo ck. N o

    B ro th erh oo Cl m o del m a y.~~l1 1 plo y th em .B ut. tlie L igh 's adh erents despa ir no t. Fo r

    w ith in the B r the h o od , th Th ird Direc to ra te 's Cell o fA rtifac ts h o lds m any a rcane re lic s in sto ra ge . Ho ly andb lessed ite ms, secreted aw ay in spraw ling ca tacom bsbenea th th e Cath edra ls, a re issu ed to the fa ith fu l's elec tin tim es o f need . A nc ient and m ystica l devices, theseA rtifac ts a re sa c red ic ons bo rne io ba ttle on ly byrankin& , m em bers o f th e B ro th erh o od 's First a nd S econdDirectorates .

    B elow are eleven A R TIFA CfS fo r u se exc lu siv Iy byB ro therh ood fo rces, B ro th erh o od squ ad leaders m ay begiven eith er o ne piece o f sanc tio ned spec ia l equ ipm ento r o n A RT IFA CT . B ro th erh o od indiv idu a l m odels m ayc a rry th ree item s, in any com bina tion o f appro vedspec ia l equ ipm ent o r A R TIFA CTS .These ru les a re optiona l! How ever. if players agree touse "any o th er optio na l ru les, suc h as Extra Cover , Hero icS pec ia l A bilities o r Ju ng le R ules, A RTIFA CTS m ust bea llowed a lso . Th ese ru les am end th o se on pages l l l -1 1 2 o !\W a rz on e.

    B V l e g i o nAVATAR

    Th is o rna te ba ttled ress is w orn by ranking m em bers o fth e Inqu isition . Its a ll-enc lo sing c a rapa ce prov ides anA rm or ra ting o f30 . A nd du e to L igh t energ ies su rgingth ro ugh the a rm or 's m atr ices, th e wea rer 's M V ISinc rea sed by + 1 inch . A n A va ta r m ay only be issued to aVa lkyr ie, Vesta l, Inqu isito r o r Inqu isito r M ajo r is. CO ST: 7points.

    ENLIGHTENED AMMUNITION.A lso known as S ilver B ullets, these a re blessed ro u ndsfo r tified w ith the power o f th e L igh t. Th ey inc reasetheir f ring weapon's DA M m odifie r by + t whensho o ting a t any Dark L egio n, Here tic o r Cu ltist m odel(e .g ., DA M 12 becom es DA M 1 2(x2), DA M 13(x2)becom es DA M 1 3(x3), etc ). A ny B ro therh ood handgun ,S G, assau lt r ifle o r LM G can fire S ilver B ullets. B ut,E nlig hte ne d Amm u n itio n '5 on ly ava ilable toB ro therh ood indiv idua l m ode ls, and m ust be pu rch asedsepa ra tely fo r each w eapon (i.e. fo r an Inqu isito r 'sJ st(f ier a nd A GA IN fo r h is N e esis) so , u nlike o th erA RT IFA CTS , a m odel m ay pu rch ase S ilver B ulle ts m arthan onc e. COST: 6' po in ts per eapon ,

    EXORCIST GLOVESB a thed in th e L igh t o f the Cardina l's co un tenance, th ispa ir o f tigh t-fitting w hite g lo ves a llow s th eir w ea rer to

    cast ea h spell ~n th e A spec t o fExo rc ism once per ba ttle. Th eGlo ves h ave an inna te PW o f 1 ,wh ich is u sed instead o f th eirw ea rer 's PW va lu e. YOLI m ay no tco ncen tra te w ith th e G loves'spe lls. A ny B ro erh oodind iv idua l m odel o r squadleader m ay u se Exo rc ist Gloves.prov id ing th e fa ith fu l w ith adegree o f ba ttlef ield m edica l a idwhere it is m o st needed . COST;8 p oin ts .

    FORCE SHIELDTh is a rcane sh ield is fo rm ed from a glow ing b lue energyfield. t r adds +6 to its bea re r 's A rm o r ra ting (up to am axim um o f30 ). A dditiona lly , th e ca rr ier o f the Fo rceS h ield m ay parry enem y c lo se com ba t a ttacks by ro llingaga ins h a lf h is CC sco re (ro u nded up) PLU S 3 (i.e. aM ystic beanng a Fo rce S h ie ld pa rr ies o n a 9 ((CC o f] 2 !2 =6) + 3} o r less). Th ese bonu ses o n ly apply versu ssh o o ting an c lo se c om ba t a tta cks aga inst the m odel'sfron t fac ing. A Fo rce S h ie ld do es no t pro tec t aga instflam e-th row ers, explo sives, grenades, ga sses o r sim ila ra rea -effec t w ea po ns. A ny Inqu isito r, Inqu isito r M ajo r is,M ystic o r Keeper o f the A rt m ay be issued one. CO ST: 8points.

    POWER STABILIZERTh is devi e is a backpack display ing th ree to sevenupw ard-ju tting tu bes, vagu ely resem bling a Cath edra l

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 09


    pipe organ.TIl roughprocessesunderstood byonly a fewMystics, aPowerStabilizerlevels thesurges andebbs of theLight's Row so its wearer may wield the Art moreeffectively. A Power Stabilizer adds + 1 to its user's PWscore. AJ'lyBrotherhood individual model that can usethe Art (this does not include users of Exorcist Glovesetc.) may wear one. COST:2 points.PROTECTOR

    Also called Savior, this ancienrcoffin-shaped shieldadds +4 to it bearer's Armor rating (up to a maximumof30). The Protector also lets its bearer parry enemyclose combat attacks by rolling againsthalfhis CC score(rou~ded up] PLUS2 (i.e. a Sacred Sergeant so-equippedparnes on a 10 (rCCof 16/2==8)+2) or less). However,these bonuses only apply versus shooti g and dosecombat attacks against the model's front facing; TheSavior does not defend against flame-throwers,explosives, grenades. gasses or similar area-effectweapons. Because each Protector is a revered warrior-relic belonging to the Second Directorate, only a SacredSergeant, Fur)! Elite Guard Sergeant, Inquisitor orInquisitor Majoris may carry one. COST: 5 points.SIGN OF FEAR

    This is a sacred icon worn as a gorget, a symbol ofoffice, by select officers of the First and SecondDirectorates. Any Dark Legion, Heretic or Cultistindividual model or squad coming within 6 inches ofthe figure SO-decorated must immediately make apanic test. Except for A!s and personalities, thisunnerving illumination DOES affect models, whichare otherwise immune to fear and panic. Once aunit or individual passes this panic test, it