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  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 03


    n e w i s s u e :r e d G u n s F r e e l a n c e r sW a r z o n ee w s l a t s , r u l e s a n r la p o n s f o r t h ed i c a t o r D e a t h d r o i do r d M o y a ' s G u a r d .s p e c i a l u n i t o fi s h i m a S a m u r a io t s o f n e w p a i n t e da r t h e w o r d s o fa p i t a n W i l f r e d S t e l n , e r :a r t m e n t sT h e ~ e p h a r i t e ' s R a g e "


    T R R G E TG R M E S

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 03


  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 03




    Her e we Ol'f a g ain , w it h a t hr il li ng n ew i ss u e o fCh r on i de sfro m th e W arz on e. I've g ot so m uc h to t e ll y ou , IdOI l' t k nowwh er e to s ta rt . Icould m en tio n th at F org e W o rld M od els inth e U SA ha s r e le a se d a r es in v er sio n o f th e G riz zly ta nk . a ndit i s r ea ll y h u ge ! W e a ct ua ll y d ev el op ed a n d p la y t e st ed tiler u le sJ o r t h e Grizzly. and tha t w as a c ha ll en g e. T h e re arearound 20 bi g gu m on the t hi ng , w it h 10 oc.tive crew

    members t 1 1 0 t fir e th e g un se ve ry t ur n. T h at gives yo u qto ta l o J a ro un d 3 0 sh ots p ertum. T he p ro ble m w ith tileGrizzly. t hough , is th at its lineo f s ight is q uite lim ited a nd it isr e al ly s low , and it is so b ig th atit ca n be sho t a tJro m a lm ostanywhere on t he ba t tl e fi e ld (ifth er e a re n't m o un ta in s a ndg re atjo re sts in tile w ay ).. B ut a

    m od el th at b ig d eser ves to b eplayed no ma tt er w h at "!Ir bo u gl Jt t ho t I 'd a ls o t el l

    y ou t li ot some o f th e a r ti cl es i nthis i ss u e and fu tu re iss l ie s a r epre v iews f rom tIle WarzoneCampe nd ium s . .. but t he f ina lCompend iums will h a ve f arm ore tha n w hat yo u see here inChroni cl es ! A nd t h at 's onlysome o f th e o rtie /e s y ou se ehere - tllere is a lo t in eachis su e o JC hr on id es th at y ou c an 't get anyw ll er e e ls e .Hmm . A c tu a l/ y. I 'v e ri m ou r o J rh in g s to s a y. We l l, t ha t 'stll tH..see y ou n ex t is su e!

    " Ka pi la n W il fr ed S te in er / fl au d on "t ad d/ 'l ?"me 115Ka pitan , d on 't a dd re ss m e. Idon '.1l ik e t ocoli my se lf a wamor. becQuse rm no t one. t'mIIsoldier. Idrive IIr ank . S ome time s i t' s 0 smallta nk , o th er 1 7m ~s it', a b ig ta nk ... b !l[ n oma tt er I lOwb ig il i s. 1 " 1 / be d r iv ing il in Y O lI rdirection."Myf at he r. g ra nd fa th er . a nd .wry grml-g ra nd fa dl er b ar k f ou r g re o! , h as b ee n i nchorge .a f my s q ua d ra n . I" m in dlOrge na ~ Ird oe sn 't ta ke m uc h fa h il s ome b od y with IIeI"b.or , Ike 'em up w i tl ) Q k n if e. A n yb o dy cal) p a poJ! a gun, olld if da.,n ' /Iake ski t! tn shootsomeone in combo t: Bu t ildoes . toke 5kill toma v e l en Ian s o f sleelwhere yo u wont IIto go .S topp ing rigl!t,aim in g on th e m ove. Laking 01 1 tarmor be fOfe it I'r:rkeso ut ya ll . .. than wilerut he r ea l skill is.itlwf/dred n orm a l m e n ra n 't s tD p o ne DlmnredrD.nk .A tank i,th e man's wily to f ig h t . .. ,"

    S a m i S i n e r v a , T h e D a r k S o u l

    CONTENTSEDThe e itoi"~hbWs 1115true nature.QUpSTIONS & ANSWERS ,. 4We .(ootfnue 0 answer some of {our most common questions.N,_EWFIGU RE RELEASES _. 5N~Wnicely paintell ru tn iamres for \l\.tal'zonr::.."Tf\E lSIE'PHA_ ITE'S RAGE~'...8One of tfie worst; hings)'ou ever tould rtleeJ;;pnthe battlefield IS one of tl,~few:a Nepharite.ERADICATOR DEATHDROID 9Encased in blue, cold steel, is the Eradicator Dearhdrcid. Here is a new andimproved model with updated ru les .

    IHIRED G,UNS .." " , " , 1 . : , . . . . 11There are many people in the solar system who sell their services - andthemselves" Put"i 'lp che money imd;ou can have your own bodyguard, hitrnanor bad-ass on the Ibatfiefield. LORD MOYA'S GUARD 'f 4The el i te of the elite, these Sarnural arej specially trained to Rght incloseCl,uarters. They know th e lay of the land Oil Mercury ' i l t t ; theyknow the backs of~Ileir handTHE WO'RLD OFMUTANT CHRONICLES 16

    i o ! ! J I ' 1 1 l i l 1 l ) e l&Heilrl~_E l l I Il l R l ~ t H I E f S a m l ' l l l o D O l l

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 03


    QUEST1QN: T he re is no r es tr ic ti on i n th e SpecialE 9 uip m en t li st tll'!,t k ee ps m e fr om g iv in g a n in div id ua lm o de l t hr ee c o P i e s o f th e sa me pIece of e qlllp men t (fa rinstance, t n r e e C(iogulant auto-in jectors) . A m / allowed tod o th at?ANSVYER: N o.. Each m od el m ay o nly ha ve on e co pyo f a n)' g i.v ~n p ie ce o f sp ecia l e qu ip me ntQUESTION: My o pp on en t sa id that according to th erille s; h is M ish im a S am ura i g et a f re e h ea vy w eap on du e toth el oll ow in g w or din g: "On e Samu r a i m ay re pla ce a S ho gu na ssa ultrifle w ith a h ea vy w ea po n from th e Mishima orGeneral A rmez y L iS ts ." !'Worzone, pg. 81) He b eli ev es t ha tsince the w o rd in g s ay s " te pl ac e" h e wn pay/or a Shogunassault r f [ l e a 11 din ste ad g iy e th Ntlo de l in q ue stio n a h ea vyweapln at n o e xt l" .[ Jp a in ts c a su .f ie f i. lF th e r b e li ev es t ha t b ypayingfor mo r~ he a l( }' weapons he c a n eq ui p e v en I JI qr ep fh is

    Samurai V l ! J t h heaVy weapons . 1 5 t ha t t ha a se ?ANSWE ~NO*YOIl m ust pay the po in ts cost fo r eve ry h eavyw ea po n ca rrie d. Th ere a re n o fre e re pla ce me nts o r upgra de sin 1;h co rpo ra te fo rce . N or m W'0u h av e.,m ore th an th eIndicated n um be r o f h ea vy w ea po ns in a squa d, a s d ete rm in edby , h e fo rce li~t,a nd tbe te xt o n pa ge 65 o f W arzo ne ("U sua Uy,.no squad can con ta in m ore th an o ne heavy w eapo n . .. ").

    QUES'TION: Dea thb/ "i ~ger s andS had ow W alke rs are a ble to i$r loret erm in p ena lt ie s, a c co rd in g 1 " 0 th e b oo k.H ow s ho uld Iha nd le th eir m ove me nt u pr eal ly l arge hil ls , m ou nta {n s, a nd otherstructures? Is it Just t lm l : th ey c ou ldw alk '"throu gh " th e terra in (o r e ven e ndu p.ln $id ~ It? ) o r c an th ey sim ply w alkup a ll iJ a v er t he s ur fa c e. o r o n top of it,o n l y consIdering the h o ri zo n ta l d is ta n cefo r m ov em en t ... o r d o Ih a ve r of ig u reth e v er tic al ' m o vem en t i nv ol ve d?,ANSWER: Y o u h av e to f igure th evertical m ov em en t. E xa mple : I f aShad ow W alke r stand s in fron t o f a5" w all and h e w an ts to clim b it, yourneasu re r 18v er ti ca l d is ta n ce a n dch eck h ow fa r th e m od el com es."Youron a lw a ys p ic k o ut t he green s onceth e br ief ing starts. Tile v et s k no w n ot toas k quest ions. if yo u n~ed to know it. you'lIb e to ld . O th er wi se s hu t u p. T h e g re en s,

    t hough . . ..t he y ;v a / ln a k n ow : Yo u conte Ii ifit's tlleir f ir st , s ec ond , or third miss ion. justby the number o f q l le s ti o ns they ask. TheyU5[ la/ly learn by t he f our th , if they're stillalive."M e, I 'v e p u t siKteen f iJ l/ scale bat t lesunde r my b elt, p lu s a f ew b ar fig hts an do ne d ue l. T he d ue l does/l't reo l ly Cou l l t,though. since Is ho t t he bastard in th e b ac kb e fo r e t h e cOIm t wo s f in is he d . B li tIdall'tlike tv f ig h t p eo p le . Ilike t o f ig h t s te el .BQllhl luS ta nk s a re built better (11011 an yo th e r , a n d it s h ow s . .G imme my squadronan d I'll ta ke a n an y t a nk . a n ywhe r e.Nobody beats Bauhaus."

    QUEST'[ON: 15 t he p o in ts c a st c o rr ec tf or t he h e ot -sw or d l is te d in t n e Cybert ro -n ie sect ion? t tseems t o be , po in t {o r -po in t ,infer iol to a Pun isher sho rt sword.ANSWER: There a re a few lin esm i s si n g. F i rs t . it sh ou ld h av e D AM 1 2.S eco nd . be fo re y ou gO i n to c lo s ecom ba t o r w hen you are in closeto mb at. y ou m il.} 'be at u p th e sworda s o ne s pe cia l p ow e r a ctio n .. in w h ichc ase it will d o D AM 1 2(x 3) w h en n extu se d. A fte r ft h as bee n used on ce , th esw ord is coo led an d m ust be h ea teda ga in to ge t th e bo nus. R em em be rth at yo u m ay o nly use o ne spe cia lp owe r action e ac h t um . F in a ll y, yo um ay m ak e sw ee p a tta ck s w ith it.


    QUESTION: W ould it b e co rre ct to assu me th at B mthe rh oo din div id ua l m od els C A NN O T u se sp ec ia l e qu ip me nt th at in vo lv esc yb er ne ti c e nh an cem en ts ( e. g. , c yb em e ti~ arm, i1yper-activator,eyimpl an ts , s ub -d e rma l amlOI; and poss ib l ) ;._ fombat drugs)? A fte rit is suggested i n mul tip le places il he .r () lg-p /oying:so{JrcrbR1/ !that th e Brotherhood frOWI'l5 great jy_ upon cyberne tiC enhancemeno f/H lm a n b od ie s.A.NSWER: I t 's up to you w ho pray . if y ou w an t to fo llow thh! .j_u .tan tC h r on i cl es s e tt if la , ~ ro t he T ho o d ! ?o d e l~ _s h ~l Il d n obe a l lowed to use cyberne tlc , B u r there r s nq thmg 11 1 [ h er ul eb oo k _t ha t s ay 's n o lQUESTI ON: Do S hq ck G re na de fD Q v e a ny u se ..a ga in s~ D a rk( eg ion f igu res?ANS - R~r e s , a ga in st t hQ SI "who m a y n o rm a ll y R an ic .QUESTI QN;V;itl!~ U Iquad if r in ~iv id ua l m ay p urc ha se as ca nn er a t POiCl t5 .'Doe$. t l l i mean thaI only tile s er ge an t h as tscanner oraw s w ery trooper U l th e s9 ua d h ay e 0 sccnner?ANSWER: E ve ryo ne m Jh e squa d h as a sca nn ers~ EST.ON: P e l t i le campaTgr l el (R.el 'i enc~rules. Indildduals o n~ am e xp er Je nc e[ or k il lin g m o ae J! fb y< s llO .Q t in g or Jn c lo se c om b at

    __ l does no t spe ii ji ca l ly>saxi J llO t ~h l 2enen& is ao1:gamtd'15)' ki l lmgs0)11eth ing w' t l! the Art. ) '{& I so d h es n' t s aj th a U ) S', U S Ir 1$ th ec am p aig n e xp er ie nc e r ule s, d o in 'ifi vld ua ls g aif l e xp er if nc e lo rk il li ng mod el s b X uSln~ t l~Art?ANSWER: T he rule bo o R s Bo ul d s ay [Ila [OU als9 . ge te xpe rie nc po in ts Fo r k iliin g w ith A rt a nd D ark Sy mm etry ,9-UESTION~ IC a U10 d el h a $ p g re n ad e l au ll ch er 111J15~h e b uyg re n ad e s s ep a rt ft e1X fi lr rl Ir aw ll U I !a n d u se i n t he l au ll ch e r - [o up oin ts Jo tb e { Ja nd .t hf D ijllI 0 I1 dfo ur f or th e la un ch er ?ANSWER No.QUESTIONn/! Df{ l thfocMrl . l lU h a s a n i nt eg ra te d grellQd~i J;wn6her .Ml l s t Ibl~~be grellR,de?sepamtely?ANSWER: Yes .QUESTIO N~Awo(ld i s burs t: fi r ing ap" mo de ls , e ac h ofwl1ich is Waitin g. H is a tt a c k h a s ,_ Q llIultiplier a J 3, He w as te s di ef ir s.t fig ur e. B efo re h e rolls agC!I Ist the s econd f igu re j'n l ine, ca nt hat f igu re i f s e b is 'Wai t a c ti on to . r etu JP .p re b efo re g et tin g w as to r tides l I e IIav e i' U wdib u n t o i f tile en ti re ac ti on 1s "comp te t ea?A!"SWER; H e h as fb w a it un til th e e .!)-tfr eF ire a ctio n is d onQUESTI ON: Can F u ; f A l i; ! ,. /t r u se d o n a n ind ividuarwl t /1 mul t ip le\Qunds? /f'50 WQuid r:/1~w o U f i ' d (jf110Jl/,atalr:.=l/tliere OJ!Htil tWOI1 e f t ) have ttl b e c u "d bmr ' e till' Cl f tx t 'act ira t io (J(aswith a~e-woundC O S L l O l t y J , or WIJld it D e h ea le d a 'ts om e la te r d t J e . l n th e game?ANSWER: Y o u c an D il ly u se E ~r s~ Ai d a ga ln s' C

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 03


  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 03



    T he re a re b ra ve w arrio rs, a nd th ant he re a re r ea lly b ra ve w a rr io rs .Th e Sa cr t' d W a r ri or s l ir e b e yo n ds uc h c la ss lf ic a Do ns . T h l'} fight th eD a rk L e gi on a n yw h e re it shows itsf ac e. u si ng A v en ge r s w or ds t o d ec -i rnate th e L e gi on s a n d Re{rlbuwrcarbines to finish the job.

    ARTSome of th e Mystics. rhe best of rh ebest . ge t th e ra re honor to b e o n!' ofthe fe w s el ec t: t o become a K eepe r o fthe Art. These men an d w omen areprobab!y ihe most powerful of hu -mankind that have ever existed in theM uta nt C hro nicle s u niv erse . T he y havepower s th at. so me tim es. n or e ve n th eDark S)'111m~lry c an w i th s ta n d .

    poun ds . w ith a face o ,"vil-no mouth a n d ja w , o nly av er tic al s rr er ch o f m e r a Istripes. These creaturescharge into b a tt le . h o w li ngululating cries a n d d ri vi ngth e hum an force s in to panic.

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    UNHOL.Y CARRONADEThis cannon spews out pure evil, pure Dark Symmetry ... Nobody would ever want to s and In the way of this rhing! Soldiers panic at the mere sightof it, Two Undead legionnaires. bearing ammunition. drag the Carronade lnro battle. led by a Necromuram or Centurion.

    !. te s , lie s . lie s . .. . R e m em b e r, truStno one. especially not a ephariteo Semai. Their souls are made oflies. There is but one meaning intheir li fe, and it is Deceit. By decep-tion and the Dark Symmetry. theNepharites ofSemai subrly takecontrol. They try ttl dominate punyhum an m inds . a nd do so withstartling success. Beware ...

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    The Centurion's Skalak blade sliced througi1 ti1e air, tearing a gaping hole in Weber's throat. Blood gushed o~t ilke araging river,drenci1ing the front of the dead !Ooldlerand the ground beneath him. I fired my Deathlockdrum, and chunksof the Centurion fel! from the aIr IIke rain. With my finger sti II squeezi n9 the trigger, J cha r!!led forward, leaving a trail offallen Undead Legionnaires In my wake. I felt e)(hausted, but I refused to stop fightin(;j. The only way toend the battlewas to kill or be killed, and I'm no quitter. An enormous, bloodthire;ty Razide came at me out of nowhere, and I thoughthie;Nazgaroth would finish me for sure. Regardless. I aimed my Deathlockdrum and puHed hard on the trigger. sprayingbullets as the giant stood in front of me. Thankfully, he fell before he had a chance to fire back. Pieces of hisdisconnected tubing spewed some sort of thick green liqUid Into the dirt around my feet. I stumbled, but quicklyregained my footing and pressed ahead with my men following swiftly in my bootprints.Just when things had started to look up, the unbelievable happened. From the distance came a bearer of the Dark

    Gifts: He wore light purple robe5 that covered most of hit>grotesquely deformed body. He 6tood among hie;mutantbodyguard5 and starte.d to laugh. pulling his "lack lips into a sneer that revealed his rotten yellow teeth."Nepharite!" someone shouted ...ATIACK!"Machine gun fire rang out from both 6ides of the battlefield. Black bullet5 whizzed past my head and bounced off my

    helmet. One caught Hender60n in the temple. He screamed ae he went down. not realizing how lucky he was to have diedsuch a qUick death.The air became thick with the ener~y of the: Dark Symmetry. An archway appeared infront of the

    Nepharite mage, the doorway to a tortured dimene;jon. The high-pitched wails of the evil spirits on theother side of the portal seemed to plead for redemption. Turning away. I plugged myfingers into my ears, "locking the image as "est I could. Iordered my forces to do the same. The lucky ones heard meand saved themselves, "ut others turned and fled, drivenmad by the Nepharite's !:ipell. Preparing for round two,the master of the Dark Symmetry closed the portal."Retreat!" I commanded. "A"andon all offensive

    maneuvers!"Before I had taken five steps, a tidal wave of acid washed

    over most of the remaining soldiers, submerging them in a seaof death. The corrosive liquid disintegrated their armorand flesh. eating them alive. I ran faster. praying forthe Cardinal's mercy. Glancing overmy shoulder, I sawthat unearthly flames..nad erupted on the battlefield,torching the bodies of all who had fallen in battle. Thestench of burning hair and flee;" caused me to gag,and vomit streamed from my mouth as I continuedsearching for shelter. I puahed myself harder, feelingthe heat of the fire creeping toward my back. In all ofmy years a5 a soldier, I have never witnessed suchpower. It's hard to believe that one "eing can causeso much destruction.A Bauhaus rescue squad found me several days

    after my miraculous eacape. I was disoriented andseverely dehydrated. but 1was alive. They airlifted m e toa hospital where a team of doctore and 5urgeOnl"treated my wounds, and members of the Brotherhoodexamined me for the taint of darknese. I was released with aclean bill of health. but my 5uperiors relieved me ofduty. Thank the Cardinal for thatl I know now that thevictorious Nepharite was Valpurglus, Archmagus ofAlakhai the Cunning. His maniacal laughter haunts me

    constantly. even ae we speak. and I see his twistedgrin in my nightmares. Every morning. I visit theCathedral and pray that no soldier will beforced to face hie;fury again.If only humankind should be 50 luck,y...

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    Th e ET

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 03



    is hit 11ere' and fails its rmqr a d self rnerhanlsm r II. It tal 5 onewound.WEOI"ON SYSTEM \.2 8 < 3~Declare before the bartte be j wharweapon is represented b)' eachwe-apo.n When .ilWl'apon ihit and rhe armor rol] i ffiiTed,ch ~Eradic. . tor Deathdroid dmes not}l wounds." YOL I f(illlfor: the self-repair mechanism. bll~ i t l . ! : J l y fixethe weapon tin ~ roll of 8 or less Ifthe selfsre air roll is failed, tlie

    inta Ur i ! p ai nt ed b y, o im i reiTlillen



    WEAPON CR MX RM DAMTitan Megablaster 36' 75 16(x3)This upgraded S.SW4200P is so heavy that 1 1 0 . human couldpossibly carry it. It can only be fitted onto the reinforcedchassis Eradicator Deathdroid. Has burst-firecapability.


    WEAPON CR MX RM DAMAR3002 15 30 -3 13lx21This upgraded version of the AR3000 is capable offiringtwice as rapidly as its predescessor.SASG80 SHOTGUNWJ:APONCR MX RM DAMSASG80 S 13 per shotAnti-personnel System. This glln is a unique invention ofCybertronlc, It is an automatic shotgun. To.represent this,it may make twO shots far every Fire action. Fires twiceper Fire action.

    M in ir rm m r an ge o f2 0 in ch es. M a y n ot b e lIse d a g ain st ata rg et c lo se r th en th e m in im um r an ge .... M in im um ra ng e o f 1 2 in ch es. C an n ot b e used againstt a rge t .S c loser then 1 2 inches .

    WEAPON CR MX RM DAMSSW6000 30 . 60 "2 13(x3)The squad support weapon 6000 is Cybertronic's onlyentry in the autocannon class. I t is a standard weapon ofthe lang ranged Eradicators and is also used in severalvehicles. Uses explosion template.

    WEAPON CR MX RM DAMMagmascorcher T 14(x2)The Magmascarcher is a flamethrower especially designed forthe Eradicators. The double barrels ensure high reliability;when one barrel reaches a critical temperature, the weaponautomatically shifts over to . the other while cooling the first.Uses magmascorche.r template (see the Warzonecompendium. The template is triangular, about 6"x6"x6.S'').GIGAOEATH CHAINRrpPER CHAINSAWWEAPON CR MX RM DAMGigadeath CC 12(x3)Only an Eradlcator's internal generator can power thissuper-powerful chainsaw-based weapon. Can be used tomake sweep attacks .

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    On tile battlefields of the war to r !J I ITl ive r se o f M u ta nt c 'h 'orlitlesW s n o t u n lJ s u ll /W see /ree icmGtrcS f ig h ti ng f or ! lI e m e g ac o rp o ra ti tJ 't lSA s s as s in s ' li re d to eliminotf imporl a l11 o f fi cer s , Bombespens blowrn_gup bljoker , Infiltrators on S uting m issi; 1 1 an a Bofla se s wr~kini"!Jovpare a ll Q urs , if y ou 'v e g aL t he c a sh . F re ela tic er s a re xpendo le a nd rea/ways given t he t ou g he st missions; if they 5U ce e g~ ; if th ey fa il, le tn om e r f re e/m I te r tr y.

    FREELANCER RULESNo more [han half-of the individual models in your forcemay be freelancers. Freelancers do not add ro the total!. lumber of individuals in your force; i.e. YOLL can have yourul l quota of individuals and additional fr elancers . TheDark Legion does not LIsefreelancers,

    NEW SPECIAL ABILITYemoli tiofJj To place an explosive charge. the model withthis ability must be in base contact with the object itWishes to blow up. and then itmust use one action toplace the explosive. First choose which kind 0 explosiveyou will use, then roll a dio. If the result is 10or less,the mod pi succeeds in placing and preparing theexplosives; if not. the action is wasted (but not theexp osive charge), If yo u did succeed. rem rnber to notethat you used a charge. In the case of'a fumble (ifyourolled 20) the charge immediately detonates; place tne xp lc si cn . ce mp l at e over the mod el and use the exploslvewith the highest damage score that the model is carr irtto determine what value all models und~r the templatemust make an armor m il against.Wh a 'explosive charge has been placed. lise a coin orsome other kinCl.of marker] [0show whe~e the ella rgewas placed. The mod el ran, detona e ~ny char e usfngone actiorr, an tliis i;_anb done from anywnNp- n thebattle field. When the chargt detonates al~l:erralll underthe template beoorrres rubbfe and-counts as Tougll terrainAl l models untter the ~mpl~te rnu make1an armor allagarn s r the explosive s cdamage-sc~re. Blliltlings that armore; than Half~overed b [he template are turned intorubble, and you should replace them wLth fU ins. (If youdon't ha y a model for ruins, you can lise small pebblesand place them where th!>'buil ing was), Models inside ablown-up buildln~ musr rnake an armor.roll against theexplosive's dam ~e scor wi til :i4 modifier to theirarmor taring.

    FREELANCERS CC MW PW LD AC W ST MV A COSTBombexper t 11 12 12 4 1 0 4 24 40Hi tman 14 17 1 5 4 2 1 3 22 60Badass 15 16 12 4 3 4 3 26 52Inf i l t rator 1 5 15 13 4 2 0 4 22 S5

    SPECIAL RUL:.ESDemolition anCle r n rnando training.EQUIPMENT

    Bombexpe r r s ('ar~ shotgun or a sidearm from anyo f the C;PT~ rations' ~ rnories or the general.armory.Born experts can carry-up to seven .exlalo5iv charge II its.

    L e . t r r r~ t el l y o u 0 s to ry . T he re w os o nc e ap er so n n am e d Y O Il . Y O I I were i n t ra u bl e . A nyOIl (OIlldp ic k o ne p er so n to b e yo urb ac ku p. W i lo w v uld y ou p ic k: y oa r b ro th etw ho yo u'v e g ro wn up with, who ~'now5e ve ry on e a nd e ve ry th in g y ou d o, w ll O t hi nka nd ji gh ts li ke y O Il. .. o r s om eb od y w ho s aih e'd ji gh t w iL h you if y ou paid h im fo r it ?T he re i sn 'l m uc h r imier i n t h~ t . Idon ' thire my guns. I ge t th em f ro m Balli iolls.bemuse Iknow t l ley ' /I b e dependable . HolYdo YOIi pa y a Jreela(Jcer 7 If YOIl g iv e h imcash up f ront; n e ' s g on e b ef or e tile jig/I!. Iy ou h old it back , he 1VOII't j ig/11 a t a ll. Ify ou g o 5 0-5 0. he co n still split w ith yourmo ne y. A n d Ir e knolYS holY to fig llt, so itain't easy CtISl1 W g et b ac k. U l ll es s y ou 'v egot a tOllk, o f course.

    BOMBEXPE'RTUsually Bdrnbexperts amuse them selfv.:ith blowin IIbank vaults. safes. and the occasional building.Bornbexperts go into battle for many reasons, most often

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 03


    HITMENHitmert are.hired to single our and elirninare ene-my officers and individuals. lt's expensive andtime-consuming to train really skilled snipers, sothe corporations often hire hitmen with a good"reputation" when there's sniping to be done.Freela.nciJ1g hitrnenare often better then armysnipers, because they can't afford to fail a mission.Ifa n h itm an fails a lot of m iss io ns h is ca re er as anhitman is probably over. on the one hand because.h iS reputation hits rock-bottom, and on the.o!).. .er.,}land because he's either dead or his targets oli". . _ . . . r : : : : : : : : : : : ; : ; ; = = : : : - - - 1 the battlefields will make sure that he I s t)lat veryqn.

    SPECIAL RUL!ESBitmennever panic. Hitmen gets a +2 damagebonus when using'sn iper r if les, Hi r rnen can set upanywhere: outside the opponent's deployment zoneon the battle field. Hitmen are hidden and waitingwhen the game begins.

    EQUIPMENTHitmen are equipped with a sniper rifle andasidearm (usually a Punisher shortsword or the Elim-inator SMG) from any of the corporarions' armoriesor the:general armory.

    STRUCTUREHitrnen are Individual models and free-lancers.

    BADASSSeven feet tall with bulgingmuscles: kicked out of the armybecause of insubordination,extreme violence . and beating uphis superior officers ...that's atypical Badass.A Bsdass stalks the battlefields,harvesting lives with a hugemacliine.$un clutched in his fists.sadasses. crewcut, unshaven, crgar~smoking. bad-mannered, noisy,bullet,spining kill ing machines. Inshor . they're old-fashioned

    ml"Icenarices.SPECIAL R-ULESa a J a s s : e s do npepanic as the resultQFwound;:;" they can sri11pan ic as a

    result of the Art. the Dark Symmerryq r other special effects, Badasses cannever hide~ they think it'cowaJd]y.

    EQUIPMENTBadasses carry' a heavy weapon and ,

  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 03


    I IJ.. .



    CR MX RM DAM COSTEliminator 4 8 -2 12 8Th e Eliminator is a. popular assassination weapon. It has abuilt-in silencer and suppressed muzzle flash, whichallows models carrying it to fire when hidden withoutlosing their hidden status. The eliminator is a sidearm.S.HERMAN MOD. 7 "ENFORCER" HANDGUN

    CR MX RM DAM COSTEnforcer 3 6 -3 13 3The Enforcer is large caliber revolver that has becomepopular among f ree lancers because it's easy to purchaseand hard to trace. It is a sidearm.DYNAMITE EXPLOSIVEDAM COSTDynamite 12(x3) 5Ordinary dynamite. Dynamite takes lip one charge unit.Only models with the Demolit ion ability may usedynamite.DEMOLEX EXPLOSIVE

    DAM COSTDernolex 13(x4) 12Dernolex is an extremely explosive substance, used by themilitary to sabotage bridges, relay stations and buildings.Demolex takes up two charge units. Only models with theDemolirion special ability may use Dernolex.

    CR MX RM DAM COSTMephisto 40 80 -3 15 2 IThe Mephisto is the best sniper rifle on the market and isused both by the famous Doomtroopers and theMortificators of the revered Brotherhood.NITROSYN ITE EXPL.OSL VE

    DAM COSTNitrosynite 13(x5 ) 20irrosynite is an explosive that's only been on the markerfor a while. Nitrosynite must be contained in a specialcasing, because i t's very unstable. Nitrosynite takes upfour charge units. Only models with the Demolit ion abilitymay use nitrosynite.ANTI-TANK 60MB EXPLOSIVE

    DAM COSTAT-bomb 19 15This bomb is specially made for taking out vehicles on [hebattlefield. A model with a anti-tank bomb can place it ona vehicle by standing in front of a it and successfullyjumping our of the way just when the vehicle is going toram him. The model does not need to succeed with aDemolition roll but must have the ability. When the bombexplodes you don't use any explosives template. Insteadthe bomb does damage on three separate locations onthe vehicle (roll three times on the Hit Location Table). AT-bombs takes up three charge units.

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    Under the direct control of Lord Moya, the Guard numberssljghtly less. than 1000 warriors and is specially trained Intunnel fighting, ;r, l1eregiment, all Mishima Samurai withexrensive additional training, is stationed on Mercur _ 1 0rRe'undercities an d mines 0 1 ' Mercury the Guard's seecialtramin is of obvious use, and the * n J carryover tosewer fighting beneath other cities in the solar' system.Squads f~td Maya's Guard stay in tile tunnel he athMeYalr\, for weeks or even months at a time. Tbe~ often

    rna el in nearly c om pl ete d ar kn e ss , for any light in the~mde.rgrmllld darkness will immediately give away theirpositio. Toe dark. cramped quarters are sometimes so'tight that man GInn r stand upright, and members ofthe Ciuard may be r quired to fight entire campaigns on

    their 'hauncHes. Spen in months without stretchingseeing a light other than a rifle's flash can drive normmen insane, so. il' i s imperative that no member of the~!lar 'bave even the s1ig_hJestrill~e of claustrophobia.Ehgibility {OrLord Maya's Gua d IS 011 a volunteer bAn :amurai"can volunteer to undergo the tests thatI" passed to join the regiment. The tests emphasizemental endurance'jn re than anythllJg else. In one teth'e aspiring Samurai is locked in a completely darkenroom. The Samurai is given rite key that will open thed9Q.rand allow him to leave. To pass the test the Sammust sit in the r am, blinded, i h a stimulation aninteraction with the outside rid, for at least one mbeforSt,;o OSlO :i D com out. The longest recorded sthe room WA S 6 days, D Lbrd MOJa himself, but evehad to. l

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  • 8/7/2019 Chronicles 03


    calle d apo ca ly pse a nd w ill be re le ase d fa ll '%.Thisexpansion indudes a [O ra lly n eW ty pe o f card

    The C hron icle con tinue s, and) lo t of n ew stuff is 011 its way ! R um o rs a re s lip pin g t hr ou g h. t ho ug h [ he C a rd in a lf ig ht s t o s up pr es s th e free w ord , ..THE WARZONE COMPENDIUM. PART 1

    TIle compood ium should be re le ased an y dav now -He r e is aU y o u need to be at y ou r e ne my any tim e ,an yw here . an d an y w ay .. , N{'\\ rule s, n ew m on stersan d t ro op s, p e rs o n al it ie s . AI en han ce men ts a ndprograms. necrotecbnology and vehicles!

    BATT1.E LINES - FORCE CARDSBatt I \: lin e s is r I sing Force C ards, so th a t youcan easil ' keep track 'I f your force's combat values .specia l bilitie s, an d equi mel1~. T his m a ke s YOUrgam in g m ore sm oo th an d en jo yable .

    FORGEWORLD MODELSForge W orld M odels con tinues w ith its n ew lin e ofmode l s fctr W arzonc. ruff tha t is on its w ay or hasalread b ee n r el ea se d: T at su -C ig ar ne k. W o lf da w

    ....,.-=~-------' JB T, G E V 1 2 C ob ra , G E V 1 0 K ra it, H e llh ou nd !'ie cm#951 4 Tank. Reaver APCand lots m o re . ."'-=---'

    ORIGINS '96Just as a no te - som e rea lly happy new s lo r usW arzo ne guy z an d girl~1 A fe w months ago. W