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  • Although Direct Mail is droppingit's still by far the highest spend

    Direct Mail TV Press Door Drops Outdoor Internet Radio


    Royall Mail launchnew small parcelformat on 2otI""1

    C:3ctober in readinessfor Christmas

    Royall Mail reduce 2nddass small parcels by Ell

    as promotional offeruntil 19/O1/15 to m"n

    more business

    Royal Mail isoffering Sundaydeliveries within

    the M25

    Royal Mail recruiting 19,000+ peoplefor Christmas 2014

    Royal Mail is openingwer 1OO delivery

    omces on Sundays forcustomers to pick up

    their Chr"istrnas parcels

    15,000 England1,100 Scotland600 Wales400 Northern Ireland2,000 Worldwide

    UK shoppers set to spend El3billion onChristmas shopping in 2014

    Increase of Of all December Of UKonline Christmas 2014 retail customers said

    shopping transactions will they'd be buyingtransactions in be online more online in2014 vs 2013 2014 than in


    These are additional toRoyal Mail's 124,000+permanent staffYodel an independenparcel delivery firmalso hiring 5,000+temporary staff

    will buy onsmartphone

    Will buy on atablet


    Example ideas for inclusions within your Christmas direct mail campaign, 12 ideasfor seasonal cheer, all featuring brands own promotional messaging:

    Gingerbread Christmas Tree Food Includedman

    Calendar forNew Year

    Christmas Recycled Advent calendarcracker Christmas cards

    SnowglobeUSB withChristmas music



    Open houseinvitation

    Increasedresponse rate

    Mini Christmascatalogue

    Reduced costper customer

    ;Elo MillionReturn on a El

    million investment

    Littfewoods .-mail/direct mail CampaignAn initial email was sent, based on responses aproportion were sent a "'A Merry Uttle Christmas"'direct mailshot. The campaign delivered:

    fl.3 MillionCustomer lifetime value

    Virgin Holidays "Cheeky.. BurlesqueChristmas/New Year SaleVirgin aimed to achieve bookings for May -September period through a Christmas/New Yeardirect mail campaign. Cheeky Burlesque girls werefeatured, covering their modesty with sales offers.The campaign delivered:

    50%Uked the design of the mail

    Salvation Army Christmas AppealThe campaign ran by direct mail for 24 daysleading up until Christmas. Gritty images ofthe people Salvation Army were sentreminding them of the reality of Christmasfor many. The campaign delivered:


    Saidtheywerelikely to respond

    Increase inVirgin Holidays


    105,000New supporters

    SQurces:htIflmage.slidesharecdn.cQm/gcodbifesmchfistmasappealspresenfaficn725l3-1308Q971447-phpappOl/95/gcQd-bites"Qn"christmas-aflpeals"joly"2Q13 8-638,fpghtIf)://www slideshare,net/piff]eybcwes/sending-lQts"Qf-parcels-hcw-tQ-maka mis-fasljve"seascn"yQur-best"everIlttp://www theguardian mm/f)usiness/2Q14/ccf/2Q/rQyal-mail"recfuif"19Q00 peoplehelpwifn-christmasrushhltIf)"shQppers"set"tc"spend-l3bn-this-cfiristmas-forecasVhltIf)://www minfef cQm/press-centre/retail-press centre/mintels-christmas-2Q14 predicficns-cnBne-sales-fQ"surgehltIf)://www slideshare,nef/arlfosfrnailmedia/dired-mail-casestudies-fmm"fundraising-secfQf-in-irelafidnfIfl://www figarodigital,cau dy/cfiristmas-lifflewocdsasnfIfl://www getmemedia ccm/ideas/casestudy-lIl1rgin-hcRdays-burlesi:fuesalediiecf"maii/lrnail-media-cefee.fIfrnlnfIfl scfii.crg/c salvaticfi-ermy"uk-chfistrnas-aflpeal-2Q1Q