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  • ChristmasFather ChristmasChristmas treeChristmas presentsChristmas cardsChristmas stockingChristmas food

  • angelThey are decorating the tree with balls , lights, bells and so on.At the top of the tree, they are putting up a star or an angel.

  • a decorated house

  • a decorated fireplace

  • a decorated snowman

  • How do Jim and Lin Tao decorate the tree ?

  • How do they decorate the tree? They circle the lights around the tree , then put up the balls , at the top of the tree, they put up an angel or a star.

  • Listen and answer1. Where is Lin Tao?2. Has he ever been abroad?3. What does he think of spending Christmas in a foreign country?.4 Where did they get the tree?5. How does the tree look when they finish decorating it?In England with JimNo.Exciting/ wonderfulOn the farmBeautiful

  • Task One: fill in the blanks and put them in orderSet up the tree in a main ________of the house.Bring the tree back home.After_______, place presents under the tree.Cut down a tree from the farm or buy one from the market. ________ the tree --_____ the lights around the tree,then ____ ____ balls and stars or angels on the tree.placedecorationDecoratecircleputup

  • Five steps of preparing the Christmas treeCut down a tree from the farm or buy one from the market. Bring it back home.Set up the tree in a main place of the house.Decorate the tree--- circle the lights around the tree then put up balls and stars or angels on the tree.After decoration, place presents Under the tree.

  • Task Two: Look and guessWhat festival is it?You can tell lies. You can trick. And your friends will never be angry with you.April Fools Day

  • . For all that God in mercy sendsFor health and children, home and friendsFor comfort in the time of need, For every kindly word and deedFor everything gives thanks Thanksgiving Day

  • It is one of the Chinese traditional festivalsIt comes on the 15th of the 1st lunar monthMany lanterns you can see in the park or on the streetChinese usually eat something round with sweet inside.Lantern Festival

  • Dear,What are you doing at this time in China?I think you must have a get-together. If the weather is good, I guess you are outside in the open airAnd watch the full moon. I wish you enjoy yourself!Midautumn DayLily

  • Halloween

  • Easter

  • Task Tree: Topic--talkingHow do we Chinese celebrate our Spring Festival

  • happinesscoupletslanternsfirecrackersfireworks

    Decorations Activities Food and clothes Other things

  • Make a report:Spring Festival is the most important festival in China.It usually comes ..

  • 1.Collect some information about the different festivals and culture between China and western countries.2. Finish Exercise book A Lesson 29


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