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Hard enough thinking of original, thoughtful gifts for anyone at Christmas, let alone gifts for children who also have a birthday around that time.


  • Its hard enough thinking of original, thoughtful gifts for anyone at Christmas, let alone gifts for children who also have a birthday around that time.

    Tempting as it may be to extend Christmas to their birthdays, its not really in the spirit of things.

    My daughter has a friend who was born on Christmas Eve. While her parents have always recognized the importance of celebrating her birthday as a day by itself, its friends and relations who roll the two days into one.

    Happy birthday and Christmas! her gift tags read.

    You always get to have a party children laugh, not realizing sharing your birthday with the Lord Jesus Christ means the party is never really your own. Everybody else gets excited too!

    Presents tend to be Christmas themed clothes are green, red and gold. Socks bear reindeer. Bathroom goodies contain an insurmountable amount of glitter

    And while children with summer birthdays receive gifts that see them the whole year through, those with Christmas birthdays tend to be lumbered with highly seasonal presents. I dont mean to spit in the face of generosity but if were giving a gift, lets give a good one!

    I try to make it as easy as possible for you to select a fitting birthday gift for the kids in your life. Whether theyre your own children, relations or friends, the site is dedicated to providing unique, quality gift ideas the whole year through.

    It is tempting to head straight to the Christmas Gifts tab at this time of year, but if youre shopping for a birthday gift, try the Gifts for Girls and Gifts for Boys sections, or the Best Sellers.

  • Microwaveable Hotties

    A microwaveable hottie might do the trick its getting colder so this gift is useful but not too Christmassy.

    Science Toys

    Our ever-popular science toys provide endless fun and I absolutely love these pop up play tents. My kids were forever making dens out of sheets and blankets; these options are great for pretend play and very easy to store.

  • Kids Towels

    Maybe your kids have just learned to swim or are getting into a new sport. Towels and kids drinks bottles come in handy.

    Travel Pillows

    If youre fair away or travel is on the 2015 agenda, bags and travel pillows will be popular and practical in the coming year.

    If youd like to give relations a steer, a theme can be a useful way to group gifts around a particular brand or activity. Is your child into animals? Science? Pink? Blue? Building? Bugs? Make up? Take a look at our Brands page lots of ideas that allow you to easily theme a birthday and give those gift-givers a bit of direction.

    Have you got a child with a Christmas birthday? What tips have you got for unique gift giving at this time of year? I love hearing from you, so do let me know in the comments.