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  1. 1. AnalysisThe name of the song we are analysing is called beautiful by Christina Aguilera. The Target audiencefor this song is people roughly from the age of 12 to 40 years old because of the song can relate topeople.The genre of the piece is an easy listening/ romantic song, the music video shows a lot of dramashowing of different people going through hard times and being judged by other people just forbeing who they are.Beautiful by Christina Aguilera is massive hit on YouTube having a total view count of 31,000,000,also having a total of 126,000 likes and 2,000 dislikes.The video of the whole piece is quite dull, no bright colours what so ever. Everything seems to havebeen set in the night time or in dark rooms lit up only by heated lamps to lighten the room a littlebit.The performance in the video is just acting with cutting scenes of people looking down and sad all ofthe time, then you have cutting scenes of Christina Aguilera singing her song in a room.
  2. 2. The video recording in this music video is good because it uses a lot of different camera angles suchas long shots, mid range shots, close up shots. Close up shots Long shots Middle range shots