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Christian Peacemaker Teams in Iraqi Kurdistan IRAQI KURDISTAN NPR Slide 2 CPT is an ecumenical Christian organization dedicated to peacemaking working in places where there is violent conflict CPT is Slide 3 NONVIOLENCE TRAININGS WITH IRAQI KURDISH and ARAB GROUPS NONVIOLENCE TRAINIGS WITH IRAQI KURDISH and ARAB GROUPS Slide 4 Iraqis are already working on building a nonviolent movement within their country. Their efforts are in need of support and recognition. Slide 5 BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS ISCRUCIAL TO CHRISTIAN NONVIOLENCE Slide 6 FACES OF IRAQ I do not know the words of her story, but I do know that violence has not just broken her heart; it has ripped her in two. - Rev. Beth Pyles, Christian Peacemaker Teams: Iraq Slide 7 Slide 8 Said Ali Slide 9 Slide 10 Young Man with fruit Slide 11 Slide 12 Slide 13 Slide 14 GLIMMERS OF HOPE Slide 15 Sami in school Muslim Peacemaker Teams Slide 16 window Iraqi art is flourishing. The subjects are painful and the works evoke great emotion. Slide 17 Not all children have forgotten how to smile. Slide 18 Sharing a meal War happens on the large scale of human affairs. Small communities & human rights groups often address root causes of war on the small scale. Slide 19 Kurdish picnic Part of the work of peacemaking is bringing social relationships back to scale. The impersonalism of transnational relations contributes to war. Slide 20 CPTer, Tom Fox, martyred in Baghdad, Iraq, March 2006 Slide 21 ASHTIASHTIASHTIASHTI SALAAMSALAAMSALAAMSALAAM peace PEACEPEACEPEACEPEACE Slide 22 Victory/ peace For More Information Christian Nonviolence World & Middle East News Iraq News CPT