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  1. 1. Simple practice, profound results.
  2. 2. #TheSquad Hello my name is Marissa, and I am the Content Creator Hello my name is Jessa, and I am the Account Manager Hello my name is Marcella, and I am the Social Media Manager Hello my name is Segen, and I am the Community Coordinator Hello my name is Jasmine, and I am the Creative Director Hello my name is Chelsea, and I am the Analytics Specialist
  3. 3. #ChrisShelton Chris J.Shelton Speaker, author, healer practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Tai Chi. Simple practice, profound results!
  4. 4. #ChrisWho
  5. 5. Categories What to post? Fitness, Health, Qigong, Meditation, Diet, Supplements, & Herbs Background, why he started his business, growth of brand, events, classes, & testimonials First book, second book,appearances, conferences, book snippets, & events Wellness Chriss Story Media ?
  6. 6. #Organize Chriss story Wellness Media & Events Published Post #Teamtwitter: Jessa, Marcella, Marissa #Teamfb: Jasmine, Segen, Chelsea
  7. 7. @ChrisJShelton_
  8. 8. 0 Tweets 185 retweets favorited comments #StartedFromTheBottom Following 1428 Followers 804
  9. 9. #NowWeHere 5 7 0 Tweets 275 Following 1600 Followers 930 Tweets 275
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  11. 11. #0to100 BRAND POSTS PEAK: 3/29/15 - 4/4/15 MOST ACTIVE CHANNEL FROM PEAK WEEK: Twitter 14 new tweets 73.7 % 32.9% of all brand posts from peak week more than Twitters weekly average for this period
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  13. 13. #StartedFromTheBottom 309 0likes comments share We only had fans...
  14. 14. #NowWereHere 2,531 20Likes 431 Fans 22Shares Post reach
  15. 15. #RealQuick Total Audience Growth Twitter Faceboo k 103 123
  16. 16. #GoinUp Twitter Facebook 103 123 + 12.4% + 39.9% Total Audience 931 431 Audience Growth Rate
  17. 17. #OnAverage Twitter Faceboo k 4 17
  18. 18. Total Engagement By Day #ShowUsLove We received the most engagement throughout the week on Tuesdays for Twitter and Wednesdays for Facebook. We received the most engagement throughout the day at 11:00 a.m. for Twitter and 12:00 p.m. for Facebook. Total Engagement By Hour
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  22. 22. It was a pleasure working with the SJSU students this semester on our social media. They were able to capture my message and increase our social media platform. My only complaint is that the semester is coming to an end.
  23. 23. Join Our Qigong Family. Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter @ChrisJShelton_ChrisJShelton Special thanks to both Chris and Parisa Shelton for allowing us to join their family.