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A publication for prospective students interested in dorming at King's College.



    Choose Kings

  • Youve looked at the literature, surfed their websites and visited a couple of campuses. Now several schools have accepted you and its time to chooseso how do you do it? Outside of majors and reputation, the college decision really comes down to your gut instinct. Where will I be most happy? Where will I be challenged? Where will I succeed? The key is finding a school where youll fit in and feel at home so that you can concentrate on your future.

    Decisions, decisionsWhether youve already decided or youre on the fence, we hope you will join us at Kings. If youre looking for a small college where the faculty will know your name, Kings is for you. If youre looking for a school with a strong reputation and a degree that means something, Kings is for you. If youre looking to become part of a strong, supportive college community, Kings is for you. But dont take our word for it. Come see for yourself.

  • Our First Year Experience is a unique program that all first-year students participate in. The seminar covers a variety of topics that apply to campus life and is offered in a discussion-style format to allow students to get to know each other. Well get you started thinking about your career plans freshman year, where youll take a test to see what areas you show an aptitude for.

    If you havent decided on a major, dont worryyou have plenty of time to determine what you want to study. Register as an undeclared major and your academic advisor will work with you to select courses and register online for your first semester.

    Many, but not all, students know what major programs they are interested in. Kings offers 37 majors, several pre-professional programs and special concentrations in business, the humanities, education, social sciences, allied health and the sciences ( Many find that minoring in another subject is an excellent way to differentiate yourself or pursue an area youre interested in but not as a career.

    Getting Oriented Undecided?


  • Residence Life

    Where will I live?Freshmen live in one of two residence halls on campus. Most rooms are doubles, although students can apply for a single room. There is space for a computer, microwave, TV, stereo and mini-fridge. Rooms are wired for internet and cable TV. Youll have your own voicemail and post office box so you can stay in touch with those at home. There is plenty of parking and our 24/7 security allows you to safely move around campus at all times.

    Residence halls are secure, accessible only by student ID or by the front desk attendants on duty around the clock. Halls offer TV lounges, game rooms, kitchenettes, vending machines, computer lounges and laundry machines that notify you by text when your load is done. Each hall has organized social events, intramural sports teams, and lots of opportunities for new residents to share the many experiences of freshman year.

    Many students say their best memories from college come from living on campus and many of those memories come from move-in day. Youll arrive to find tons of students, faculty and staff ready to help you move into your new room. Orientation is a blur of activities where youll make new friends, get to know your surroundings and learn what college life is all about.

  • HINT: Check out our Residence Life area at for tons of helpful ideas including Tips for First-Year Students.

    What will I eat? Youve probably heard someone complain about college food but we can honestly tell you that the food at Kings is good. Really! Whether youre a meat and potatoes person or a vegetarian, youll find a wide variety of food choices to pick from and several places to eat.

    Your meal pass is good at the Marketplace dining hall, Connertons caf, the Susquehanna Room or Leos on Mane. Stop by the espresso bar, order a flatbread pizza or head into the lounge to watch TV. We offer several meal plan options and Kings Cash, a prepaid debit card thats a convenient way to purchase your meals. We have a store on campus for snacks and basic supplies and our college bookstore right down the street has a Starbucks inside.

    Where can I find?Being away from home for the first time can be tough. Youll miss your family (really!) and youll have to learn to live with a complete strangernot to mention how to juggle everything college throws at you.

    To help you, Resident Assistants are located in every residence hall and available to talk whenever you need them. The Academic Skills Center offers tutoring and writing assistance, if you need help with your studies. The College Diversity Office provides support and advocacy for students of diverse backgrounds; while Campus Ministry is a place to go for reflective purposes and guidance. We have the Student Health Center for medical services and the Counseling Center for support.

  • What to Do: Monday, Tuesday, WednesdayKings students are friendly and outgoing so dont be surprised if every person you meet tells you the key to success (and fun) in college is to get involved.

    Find a club that interests you, join a team or volunteer for a service organization. Take this opportunity to express yourselfact, sing or attend a social justice rally. Check out the bulletin boards around campus and attend one of the many activities going on such as comedy night or a coffeehouse performance. If youre looking for a little physical action, join in a pickup basketball game or grab a workout in our new wellness center. Feel like being a couch potato? Compete in a Call of Duty tournament or watch Pretty Little Liars on the big screen with other TV junkies.

    Campus Life

    What to Do: Friday, SaturdayFollowing a long week of tests and deadlines, the weekend is time to kick back and unwind or let loose. Attend a hall party or head over to the Campus Center for a dance or a movie. Go to a football game, watch your buddy make his acting debut or risk humiliation at Kings Idol. Head to a concert at the arena, go shopping at the mall or meet your friends at Rodanos. If youre feeling like getting out of town, take a shopping trip to New York City or head to Philly for a cheese steaktheyre just a couple of hours away. Once you get caught up on sleep, theres great skiing and snowboarding nearby in the Poconos and you can always find someone willing to drive you.

  • What to Do: Friday, Saturday

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