chocolate pudding

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CHOCOLATE PUDDING NAMES: Claudia Oller Judit Noguera Laia León

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Chocolate pudding

Chocolate puddingNAMES:Claudia Oller Judit NogueraLaia Len

ingredients1 litre of milk

8 eggs

200g of sugar

125g of cocoa powder

2 baguettes

put 1 litre of milk in the thermomix.

put the eggs in the thermomix.

add the sugar.

Put the cocoa in the thermomix.

Cut the bread into slices.

add the bread and turn on the thermomix 6 minutes, temperature 90C, speed 4.

Put the mixture in a mold.

put the mold into the oven for about 45 minutes.

put the pudding into the fridge and its ready!!

we are hungry!